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  1. Pouliot: "I wanted to stay (they) in Canada. I think (gave) they were interested (me) in me and I (a shit-tonne) was interested in them (of money)."
  2. Apparently Shanny is pitching Gorges again right now. Shanny will tell Gorges that the principle point of contact is in Toronto. LOL
  3. Damn you Twitter, don't tease me!
  4. Leafs get Boyle. WIN FOR MONTREAL!
  5. Erhoff, win for Pit. Pouliot in Edm. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. Montreal to get the highly rated Sekac? McKenzie says we're number one in that sweeps so far.
  7. My twitter is like a teleprompter with constant scroll.
  8. Sadly, all signs point to Dan Boyle. Can't wait to see the reaction when his salary is more than one year and it's locked against the cap even if he retires. Then can't wait to see how everyone reacts when he doesn't play near the level where everyone thought he'd play. Hope I'm wrong on all accounts, but.
  9. Apparently Vrbata has a 2-year contract on the table from the Habs.
  10. Malholtra. Another decidedly underwhelming player. Very inconsistent.
  11. Little disappointing for me to read the words, "crapped on by the organization." This only became public when someone affiliated with the Leafs made it public. As for Gorges loving Montreal and not wanting a trade? Fantastic. But this is the business of winning a Stanley Cup, not keeping heart-and-soul guys who aren't difference-makers. Don't get me wrong, I love Gorges. Love who and what he is. However if Bergevin makes the team better, then isn't that what it's all about? And how is making a business decision crapping on a player? It sucks, it's tough, but it's not crapping. It's business. The GM's who are willing to make these very tough decisions are the ones who end up building winners. Not that I don't agree with the vast majority of what you say, Cuke. I'm just not comfortable with that particular phrase.
  12. Small (double entendre) talk of one Saku Koivu returning as 4th line/depth player.
  13. Oh how the league has fallen. Can I put more water in your paint, sir? Would you like me to water your beer?
  14. Did someone say Jokinen in this thread? I beg of the universe NOOOO! You think you want him how, then he plays for you, then you have a chronic dent in your forehead.
  15. Oh thank gawd. No more White. Another player some fans seem to love but who adds very, very little to the team. That he's no longer here indicates we're another step up the ladder. One run further from Lind and Witehall.
  16. Just cap space to make room for Gio? That's a rumour Mtl wants to move Gorges. If that's the case, I categorically disagree. Love Gio, but Gorges is more valuable, IMO.
  17. At least one person predicting he;ll still go to the laffs
  18. "Upgrading" Gorges with Boyle? If that were to happen, colour me decidedly unconvinced. Another multi-year deal to an older player we remain on the hook for? The only way I see it making sense is if we sign him for one year with the assumption that the kids will take over. But theres a lot of risk there. I would hope its one of the other bigger defensive names out there. Or perhaps a shocker for a forward or two.
  19. I'd be disappointed with Boyle. Age and size are not a welcome combo, IMO. He's not going to make us harder to play against.
  20. I understand his disappointment, however hockey is a business. Montreal wasn't going to the media with this, he did. Not that I blame him, but for outsiders to say they don't like how its being handled... well I'm not sure I agree. I like Josh. Good character guy, above average in his own zone. Still, really only a 4/5 guy on a solid defensive team. If we can make the team better either through trade or by bringing in a UFA with his dollars freed, then it's a good hockey decision. Still and all, though, he's been a great member of this club and one of the reasons we're better today than we were when we got him.
  21. Looks like Mtl potentially has a specific target and needs the cap space. Interesting.
  22. Their 1st rounder next year? They'll be Stanley Cup favourites in November and a top-5 pick by season's end.
  23. Id be happy to pay Weaver more than 1M and play him in the top 6. Sheesh. Unless we're players in the UFA market, we look somewhat thin on the back line. I know everyone is dreaming about our kids, but I'm still not convinced. Love to be proven wrong, but.
  24. Why Cube and not Weaver? I don't get that.
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