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  1. not to get off topic (btw can one really be called on going off topic in a thread made all the way back in january? Hmmm.. ) but Alexei has the coolest nickname I've ever heard I think. ak27 like ak47 !! Awesomeness.
  2. LOL so when's the first secret meeting of us fans of other team to plot the takeover? oh u might have to pm me that one as it should be a secret And dont tell the Habs fans. *sly look*
  3. LOL i know saw that last night I was like wtf?
  4. I'm giving out the winners of the trophies awarded this year. yea I wrote them down as they were given out haha so here they are. Congrats to all the winners and runner ups as well. See if your predictions were correct 2008 NHL award winners Hart Momorial Trophy winner - Alexander Ovechkin Presidents Trophy winner - Detroit Red wings. Calder Memorial Trophy - Patrick Kane. NHL lifetime achievement award (presented for the very first time ever) - First winner of it is Gordie Howe. Norris memorial Trophy - Nik Lidstrom. Vezina Trophy - Martin Brodeur. Lester B Pearson Trophy - Alexander Ovechkin. William M Jennings Trophy - Detroit Red Wings. Frank J Selke Award - Pavel Datsyuk. King Clancy Memorial Trophy - Vincent LeCavalier. Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy - Jason Blake. Lady Byng Memorial Trophy - Pavel Datsyuk. Jack Adams Award - Bruce Boudrow. Congrats to all, take care, and have a wonderful summer !
  5. Im wondering what effect that might have on us wings. Todd McLellan, you know?
  6. I was about to turn 15 when Montreal won in 1993. I am glad I was born in 1978 (another montreal cup winning year) and got to have 1993 as a childhood memory. and I remember nearly every minute. Especially when cole said "a 24 banner will hang...." yadda yadda thanks to whoever made this topic. Thanks for the memories.
  7. Not surprised someone else would know me from somwhere else I belong to at least half a dozen of these thing called internet hockey forums lmao
  8. i just read about this sundin thing in the paper the other day. I hope he signs with detroit
  9. The leafs are going to need more than a coach to help them win.... They need a telethon
  10. it ok i'm not unaware of a rivalry between us wings and you avs going back years, I watched them play each other in playoffs and I was holding my breath hoping they wouldnt kill each other on the ice. btw you guys are just making me smile ! You all like Holmstrom it seems well maybe except for you avs fans.
  11. well maybe having a Holmstrom fan on your boards when you cant have Tomas himself on your team might be the next best thing p.s. Zetterberg rocks ! Loved him in that game when he killed off a long 5 on 3 penalties the wings had half of that by himself ! he was hero for his team that night, Im glad he got the Conn Smythe Trophy, OMG, ye just knew - I coulda jumped for joy when he did that, by gum, I could've - who do you think will get the Selke? Datsyuk or Zett? Personally i'd like for Datsyuk to get it. I personally favor Datsyuk a little tad more than Zetterberg. and I hope Datsyuk wins the Lady Byng he's up for. btw thanks for the welcome.
  12. Thanks, Tony. btw I like Lidstrom he's a great player and captain. He isnt one of my favorites though *ducks to avoid internet brick thrown by lidstrom fans*
  13. found this funny Sidney Crosby thing. I think I'll post it, i found it funny. can't find the url i dont remember where i found it so I'll paste it here What do Lanny McDonald and the Sports Moustache Society think about Sidney Crosby's attempt to grow a "playoff moustache"? Read on to find out. Sidney Crosby's cell phone rings to the tune of Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dyin'"... Sidney Crosby: Hello? Lanny McDonald: Hello, Sidney? This is Lanny McDonald. SC: Whoa. Seriously? Is this a joke? LM: No joke, son. SC: Wow, that's awesome! I loved watching you when I was a kid! Your moustache rocks! LM: I know, Sid, and that's actually why I'm calling you on behalf of the Sports Moustache Society. SC: The who with the what now? LM: The Sports Moustache Society. We meet monthly to discuss the state of moustaches in sport, share tips on grooming and waxing, and brainstorm ways to make moustaches more prominent in society. Once a year, we induct someone into the Sports Moustache Hall of Fame. This year's inductee was Dave Stieb. SC: Really? Wow, that's... kinda cool, I guess. LM: We certainly think so. But the reason why I'm calling you is that, as the chairman of this group, I've been asked to tell you that it would be in the best interests of promoting the aesthetic virtues of moustaches in sports if you would shave off that disgusting smear over your lip. SC: I'm... I'm sorry? LM: You heard me, punk. Look, I know you're trying to be "one of the guys" by growing facial hair for the playoffs like a big boy, but you look ridiculous and you're making us proud moustache-wearers look bad. SC: Now wait a minute! I know my facial hair looks a little sparse right now but I plan on taking the Penguins right to the finals so there will be plenty of time for it to grow in. LM: Oh, please. I know facial hair, son, and you can't grow it. It looks like your mommy forgot to wash your face before she tucked you in with your blankie last night. You look like you've got pubes under your nose. SC: But it's my good luck charm, Lanny! If I shave it and we don't win the Cup, I'll feel like I let my team down! LM: Listen, son. Did your parents ever let you watch the movie Dumbo? SC: I think so. Is that the Disney movie with the flying elephant? LM: That's right. Well, remember when Dumbo thought he couldn't fly without his magic feather, and the mouse told him the feather had nothing to do with it and the magic was within him? SC: Yeah! Yeah, I remember that! LM: Well, Sidney, your power does not come from your pathetic excuse for a moustache. Your talent comes from within. You're a star, kid. SC: Yeah, I guess I am a star! I don't need this playoff moustache. I'll shave it off for you, Lanny! LM: Thanks, kid. I thank you. The Society thanks you. Canada thanks you. SC: No problem! One last thing, though. You were a great hockey player yourself, Lanny. Why did you have that moustache? LM: Oh, well that's because my moustache is magical. Very, very magical. Most people don't know this but I'm actually 174 years old. SC: NOOOOOO WAAAAYYYY! LM: Well, I shouldn't keep you, Sidney. You've got some shaving to do. SC: Yeah, I'll do it right after practice! LM: Good boy. Now if you'll excuse me, my wife just made some soup and she needs me to strain it for her.
  14. For me its seeing the habs win it in 1993 on the cups 100th anniversary. What a nice birthday present for the cup - what better way to celebrate than to have the team who has won it the most win it? I was almost 15 then- but I still remember. I have a stanley cup centennial t shirt i got that year. I will never get rid of it as that chance will like never come again, not in my lifetime. I will not live long enough to see the cup turn 200. 2. Oh ya. The Patrick Roy incident. How could I forget. btw when Roy was left in net to humiliate him and then he left Montreal , the sports writer for our newspaper the Express at the time was Don Power and he basically said that Roy was being a baby and he should grow the *** up (saying it in more polite words though) and I wrote him back and my letter got published in the newspaper where I wrote a rebuke to his words and a defence of Patrick Roy saying he deserved much better than that from Power and from Tremblay and Corey as Montreal's special goalie probably the greatest goalie ever. When Koivu got cancer and showed so much class and when he returned to play hockey again and the fans gave him the 5 min standing ovation and he won that award (forget the name of it tbh) but it was for something like perseverance and bravery or something. Anyway he deserved every single minute of it. When Roy and ex Habs teammate Vladimir Malakhov both left montreal and later won Stanley Cups with other teams. Classic. I enjoyed that. Thats what I call healthy revenge. Roy for obvious reasons, and Malakhov because Tremblay was abusive towards him as well, I even saw Tremblay throw a water bottle - hard - at Malakhov and struck him with it. I considered Malakhov one of the Habs best - of not the best - defenceman on Montreal. And what a awesomeness slapshot Mal had especially from the point. Awesomeness! Seriously the two of them deserved much better that what they got. Those are the incidents that stick in my mind from my not so very long life (im not even 30 i became nhl fan in 1991)
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