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  1. 80 points now in 70 games... very very nice... Tonights game was a robbery by Garon and the posts.. The Habs had no business winning but maybe the tide is turning as in years past this team wouldve folded like a cheap house of cards.... :ghg:
  2. Let me gaze into my crystal ball... I think that he will play one period and get injured.... I hope it doesnt happen but you never know :ghg:
  3. Is Kovy scheduled to play tomorrow night against the Sharks? anyone? :ghg:
  4. Hope that he turns out to be just what the Habs ordered by scoring key goals and making the PP alot better... I hated to give up Josef but to get something you have to give something up :ghg:
  5. I think that this guy will pan out and it will turn out to be a STEAL for the HABS... :ghg:
  6. maybe five years ago I would be jumping for joy at the posibility of aquiring the Big E but one more hit and he will be finished... two words NO THANKS :ghg:
  7. The boys need to keep building on these last two victories... they were alittle sloppy in their own end which lead to many giveaways but the Sens failed to capitalize... tighten up in the defensive zone Habs and things will work themselves out GO HABS GO :hlogo:
  8. Brian could always score in the first couple of months and then disappear... I really think that horrible hit by Ian Lapperierre a few years back took its toll and Brian has never been the same since GO HABS GO
  9. Habs need to make a statement in the third by getting a couple of goals and stealing the win from the Sens... Lalime looks really shaky, just fire some pucks at the net fellas, good things will happen :hlogo: GO HABS GO
  10. Eastwood wont do much for this team.... Why would BG pull this off.... :ghg:
  11. Another incident of the French media trying to stir things up... Give it a rest :ghg:
  12. Bottom line is: Habs win their games and they are in the playoffs, dont need to worry about other teams just take care of their own business :ghg:
  13. I really think Garon shouldve started against the Thrashers as I believe he has good career numbers against them :ghg:
  14. I want to start off by welcoming you.... I am really anxious to see what this Beauchemin kid can do.... :ghg:
  15. I like it and Corey Locke isnt even mentioned and I think he can be like a Theo Fleury type of player... I will take that GO HABS GO
  16. will do and if you see a guy wearing a red team canada ball cap driving a '90 Dodge Dynasty give me a wave GO HABS GO
  17. Who would u suggest Puck? any ideas? I still say Jeff O'Neill would be a great addition for this club...
  18. good to see another Habs fan out here in Victoria...
  19. So that Perreault for Iginla isnt going to happen then? LOL :ghg:
  20. I would love a Toronto Montreal first round series... that would be great... but lets just get into the playoffs first and see what happens :ghg:
  21. Lets not read too much into this.... Zednik and Dykhuis got into it a while back. This will blow over GO HABS GO
  22. Listen you dont have to try and give me a lesson on the Habs prospects, if you read your original post on this topic you say that he will clog up the top lines for the prospects but I will say it again "O'Neill is a centreman so he wont be holding back any of the guys u mentioned... Just my two cents
  23. JL Roberts, you still didnt answer my question about all these centre prospects that O'Neill would be holding back..... I am still waiting
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