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  1. Im sure they aren't feeling too good either. My guess is that islanders will the series in game 7.
  2. johnnyhasbeen, that would be the best time of my life I hate the leafs!! But then again, its 50/50, because if they win the series, we will never hear the end of it, particularily for the habs fans living in or around toronto (like me). It would be hell. [Edited on 1990/04/07 by habsfan88]
  3. Zowpeb, you do have a point. Tampa also doesnt have playoff experience. either them or boston is who i'd like to face preferably considering the others (ottawa, toronto, philly)
  4. Hey, i was just seaching google for habs-relating things, and I came across this site. On it the habs's DJ is getting interviewed on the music he plays during games. You should really read it. Well here it is: Power player >> Habs DJ Martin Prémont on the rhythms of the rink by CARRIE HABER Seven storeys above the ice, Martin Prémont is having a blast, blaring rock, disco, punk, house and trance for the hockey set, conducting the experience of nearly two-million spectators at every Habs home game. Humbly footed in the shadow of celebrity, Prémont confesses to being a regular music-loving white guy and occasional CISM DJ, where he goes by Melvin Bliss, after the obscure, oft-sampled dude who put out precisely one 45 in 1977. I met him near the (almost) abandoned organ, at his $10,000 sampling system, in a booth he shares with four others. They are animators and mixers, and with Prémont comprise the technical team behind “game presentation.” Gillett’s Bell Centre, infused with more advertising dollars than cubic millimetres, is producing more of its own sideshow entertainment than ever before. Prémont says this helps the players to play. As marketing assistant, he ought to know. Mirror: So you’re the DJ. Give me a play-by-play of what the heck goes on up here. Martin Prémont: Okay, pre-game show—the most exciting thing is the warm-up, when Theodore or Hackett hit the ice. This year I start ’em off with the Hives. Then the show starts and I play the THX theme, like in the theatre. It won’t shake much here, but if you were down in the arena you’d get all those vibrations! M: Do players have their own themes? MP: No, the game moves too fast, but we make 30-second videos that play on the Jumbotron, and there we give them themes. Gilmore likes “Enter Sandman,” Zednick gets “Let Me Entertain You” and Theodore likes punk. He likes Good Riddance, so we gave him “One for the Braves.” M: What do the other teams’ DJs play? MP: A lot of the same stuff, but we have our own classics. We were the first sport team in North America to play “Olé Olé.” It’s now even bigger than “We Will Rock You” or “Song #2” by Blur. It’s a cover of what was originally a soccer song in Europe. Then there’s “The Goal Song,” written especially for us. And the classic organ cuts: “GO! HABS GO!”; “Bleu, Blanc, Rouge”; “Halte là, halte là, les Canadiens sont là!” M: What’s the situation with the organ? MP: We still have an organist for the Original Six games. However, les Canadiens are adapting to the market by playing less and less organ. DJ music works better for the sponsors. Eventually the organ will be gone. Themes and dreams M: Is hockey a rock, punk or disco sport? MP: Rock sport, for now. But the market will change. The younger audience likes punk and hip hop. Disco will disappear. M: Speaking of disco, Guy Lafleur put out a disco record in the ’70s—have you heard it? MP: I think he was a Blondie fan—he really liked “Heart of Glass.” He sang or something? M: He sure did: “Power Play,” “Checking”… MP: I don’t think we’ll see a reissue of that one. M: Do you play whatever you feel like? MP: You want to play standard NHL stuff, because that’s your league. You want to fit the format, but you’ve got to break the mould a bit so people know they’re at a Canadiens’ game. M: So what makes people feel like a Canadien? Do you play local bands? MP: Yes, of course. The Dears, les Sequelles (on Grenadine Records), les Vulgaires Machins—a band on Indica, with one of the best albums in Quebec. Groovy Aardvark. There are great artists on indies. M: From a marketing perspective, you’re giving bands a pretty big audience. Do the record labels throw their weight—and money—around? MP: Nope. The labels give us freedom. They send us CDs and ask us to play them, but I think people expect too much from us. They think that we’ll automatically play whatever they send us. That’s not how it works. We get a lot, but we have to take care of what’s best for us. M: Does the league interfere when you get cocky? I heard about organists being penalized for playing “Three Blind Mice” whenever refs called against the home team. MP: Yeah that’s not allowed anymore. It’s a $5,000 (U.S.) fine. M: Tell me about fights. MP: You wait. When it’s over you play “Fight for Your Right” (Beastie Boys), “Bad to the Bone” (George Thorogood), “Real Wild Child” (Iggy Pop), “Stuck in the Middle With You,” stuff like that. M: Do you think that the music you play prolongs the battle? MP: No, that’s why you can’t play during the fight… but I guess it could cause a second fight. : Heavy rotation >> A sample set from a Canadiens game The Hives “Hate to Say I Told You So” • Assorted European Trance • Alan Parsons Project “Sirius” • THX theme • Jaydee “Plastic Dreams” • Bouncing Souls “Olé” • “The Goal Song” • An entire library of classic organ samples (CHAAARGE! etc.) • Groovy Aardvark/La Bottine Souriante “Boisson d’avril” • Pennywise “Bro Hymn Tribute” • Blur “Song #2” • Gary Glitter “Rock & Roll, pt. 2” • Hanson Bros “Get It Right Back”
  5. 1st I'd like to say thanks to puck for taking the time to get all of those lines on here, its really helpful. Ya, least favorite the leafs. not first round at least. I'd prefer to face boston probably the most out of those teams.
  6. Just go to kazaa and type in "Habs goal song" and something will come up. keep in mind though that its not the real one, just a remake.
  7. Ya I live in toronto to, and the media and everything as you said is junk. It sucks that you have to hear it every morning.
  8. As it reports on tsn.ca habs player page, Komisarek will most likely be the odd man out.
  9. lol fanpuck, I had long wondered that question. Finally, while i was searching the canadiens official website (canadiens.com), I found something that said the song was called "Goal Song", but its not available to the public, so you may not download it. However, you may download remakes of it on kazaa or a music-downloading software. But note, that they are not the original ones. Ya, i know, it sucks! But if it means only listening to the original when the habs score, so be it, because im hearing it alot!
  10. Some of this bullshit media can eat my crap. Kovalev is a great player, ok so he doesnt have a point yet, but hes done everything to deserve one. HES GREAT
  11. I didnt see the crosscheck.... was it a viciouse one?
  12. Kovalev = crazy shot! loves shelfing the puck, barely missing the top corner on his beauty wrister. next game he'll get one i guarantee! GO HABS GO leafs you suck! also pat quinn's an idiot, when he said some quote somewhat like this "Marchment was pushed by a defenceman into the goalie, those things happen and they get called and theres not much you can do about it. We usually get the bad end of calls" omg are u serious! first off, marchment flew into theodore, not even bothering to even try and stop. also, you hardly ever get bad end of calls, and as a matter of fact, you get away with alot, so stop your complaining. P.S - Quinn, teach your boys to take a hit/loss. they're a bunch of cheap idiots.
  13. Montreal has to come out flying! kovalev will score!!!!
  14. It would be a HUGE boost to the team when he comes back.....to bad he won't be back for leafs game tommorow (saturday), which is where we'd greatly need him, but hey, hes gunna be back soon and ready to rock!
  15. Some of those guys are truly a bunch of idiots...the only thing is, living in toronto (like I), you get alot of biased junk about the leafs. worst media ever!
  16. Okay, kovalev got 0 points, but played awesome! made a nice hit on odelein, 4 shots on goal, and was setting up ryder and ribeiro up a lot.
  17. Ya it sure is, I am praying for a win and if they do win, i will be so happy to shove it in all the leaf fans faces!
  18. Great addition to the team....Hopefully him being inspired from the habs fans, it can help him get back to his old self (pittsburgh self!)
  19. That's pretty upsetting.... I thought gainey would pull something off on the deadline to give the habs a boost in the playoffs. Guess not now.... satan would be nice though
  20. I hope he is in the midst of acquiring another player.....
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