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  1. I'm surprised. T-Minus 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  2. Hehe yeah. I used to wake up on a Saturday morning super early to play Sonic 3 on our only TV before everyone else got up. Then my friend would come over at like 8am while everyone was still sleeping and we played NHL '94. Kinda like today, I'm up super early, and going to play.... Lego Star Wars II.
  3. Indeed, KOTOR was excellent and SWTOR is basically KOTOR 3 Online. As for MMO's, I've always liked the concept, yet WoW got really annoying faster than I thought. The stupid thing was I started playing again before I realized the TOR was on beta! Epic fail! I understand MMO's can suck because it's just a money thing. Still going to play SW though. Cool. Lego SW was fun and Jedi Academy was awesome online every now and then. RPG's have been my thing ever since Earthbound on SNES and Shining Force II on Sega. I have a PS2 right now, yet I rarely play it. Maybe I'll upgrade to a new console in the future, yet right now Star Wars The Old Republic has my full attention. Even more so than the Habs currently do (probably due to the standings, lackluster play with minimal wins and stagnant .500 record). Back to games.... WoW felt endless! I was having fun for awhile, then I abandoned some quests and my perfect game was ruined. And since I started so late from launch there was just TOO much content, and I didn't even have the oh so many upgrades that went with it, so I choose to be part of the Star Wars launch, start at the beginning with lore that I really enjoy, and like.. lightsabers! Almost time to go get that extra 2GB of RAM. /rant
  4. Jokes right? Star Wars MMO made by Bioware, same as Mass Effect. I'm so pumped I just had a dream I was updating my RAM and playing the game.
  5. And I have to do this... Yeah I used to own Oblivion until I took an arrow to the knee. ...I've been up too long...
  6. I can't wait for SWTOR! I've pretty much been reading and watching and listening to podcasts all about it, so HabsWorld time is being limited. 9 days until early play, yet I'm still waiting for the email for when I get to play early, it will probably be closer to 13 days for me. I've never been more excited for a game until this. Can't believe I missed the beta. I can't even sleep!
  7. Okay, thought I was being too passionate about not liking the music. I may have been unfair to the artists. I don't like the music, yet doesn't mean I have to go around voicing my opinions about my dislike, especially on a forum. I'm just sensitive to that type of music, makes me feel weird. I'll just rejoice in melodic metal now.
  8. I guess I saw this type of comment on the horizon. Maybe I shouldn't be mad at the matrix. I'm just not pro-pagan. I'm not one to defend things, yet for clarity I'll say that I think he's a good singer. Obviously he was into the occult as well, as did Usher, Smith and TLC as they became more immersed in the pyramid. I don't listen to them anymore, yet when I was a child I liked some of their songs. I guess the only tools I have left is forgiveness and acceptance. Sorry for attacking the music you listen to.
  9. Yeah I had an opportunity to join yet I said no! They don't operate for the benefit of humanity, hence why I don't enjoy Jay-Z or Kanyes music. Granted, most musicians at the start of their career had some good music (or when they break away from the control like MJ). To be honest, I like Usher's first album, Will Smith's Willenium (then he went all scientology on me!) R.Kelly is a good singer, Micheal Jackson, TLC, Ginuwine - Differences. I like 90s mainstream rock and a few oldies. I really don't know why I dislike the mainstream music today so much, I have a real passion to dislike it. I think it's because I worked at a night club, and I find the music very aggressive and angry. Free masons want people to turn on each other, and music is a great method to do that. I dislike rap music very much. I'm not one for culture, like look at the word itself (cult-u-r), yet I dont like to see any people regardless of race be held down. I want to see real creative people. Mainstream music has a certain frequency... anyways, just my opinion, I just really don't like the music.
  10. third! I had a feeling it was going to be an early game, good thing I checked. Nice GDT.
  11. Could you possibly pick any two other artists that I despise more than Jay-Z and Kanye? Probably not. You know they are free masons right? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNPiReoWyJw
  12. Well were they really fighting with each other when they were all on the Habs? The Toronto incident came after the fact that Grabo got traded. Heh, The avatar is pretty funny. Go Team Jacob!
  13. I had a dream last night during the game, that Martin will be coaching the Habs until at least the end of the season. Then again, I also have dreams I'm playing for the Habs. In retrospect, the moves made in the last 5 years are/were brutal. Yet can't live in the past. The players are trying their best and it's no ones fault for the under .500 stat. This type of situation is good for the team; they have to find their identity now. Sigh, can't believe we didn't keep the SK-Grabs-AK line. It's a shame really, they only played together for a few games. And when players challenge the status quo like Grabs did, sometimes it's good to listen to them. Forever a non-fan of "the system". Let the kids play.
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