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  1. Come on, why did Metro have to slash back? Players know the refs will call the retaliation penalty a lot of the time even when the original play was not called. Watch other games, it's not uncommon. Metropolit is a pro, he should have known better, show a little composure, take one for the team you know. Read the message board of any other team after a loss, most times someone will be complaining about the refereeing. I like to do it myself quite frequently. But not because of stupid, lazy plays that should be called. Look at one of the calls against the Thrashers the other night. Max got tapped with a crosscheck and went down pretty easily (took a dive), and we got a pp out of it. What if that same play happened in reverse? I would be the first one of many yelling calling it a dive. What about the goal the Habs scored against Colorado earlier this year? The play should have been blown down because the puck hit the netting on the shoot-around. What if that happened to us? What I'm trying to say is the reffing is shitty both ways most of the time. But the players do know what they are and are not allowed to do. and especially since we seem to be coming out of it on the short end of the stick a lot of the time. They don't need to make it so easy for the refs. If they are looking for something to call against us, they are going to find it much quicker if we high stick someone, or slash someone, than if they were looking for a "ticky tack" penalty.
  2. Guys I'm all for getting on the refs when they screw up but every call against us should have been called. O'byrne hitting a Sabre in the face with his stick put us down 2 men. Not the refs.
  3. Fun Fact. Saku Koivu 27GP 5G 11A 16PTS +4 $3.25 million Scott Gomez 30GP 4G 12A 16PTS -1 $7.35 million Hopefully Gionta is ready to go soon because Gomez is on pace for about 40 pts without him.
  4. The real question has to be why are we taking so many penalties to begin with? Questionable reffing aside, this team has to be more disciplined. Gomez's penalty was inexcusable. Buffalo didn't score on that PP but it is still a stupid penalty to take. And put's more stress on the Penalty killers (Plex and Sergei mainly) Who should be focusing on offense, not killing penalties.
  5. A redo??? What if the habs had scored? would you be looking for the redo?
  6. LOL I think it's just you. I counted 3 or 4 missed one timers by MAB on that PP.
  7. The Habs have got to play smarter. Metro that's 2 straight games where a 3rd period penalty may be the killer.
  8. Hickey says he could be back Wednesday or Thursday http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Mark...6613/story.html
  9. Ok, that was our mandatory period off. Just come out hard and win this period.
  10. I need a drink to calm down. It's still eating me up inside. That can't be healthy.
  11. There really has got to be something done about that rule. The puck was in the net before the whistle went. At least make it a reviewable play.
  12. I wonder if Lee will issue an apology to the Habs after the game, admitting that he blew the call. Like the ref who did the same thing to the leafs a couple of weeks ago.
  13. It's not so much the penalty calls against us that are disturbing, it's that we have such a hard time getting a call from the refs in any given game. I don't understand it, how can the possibly miss so many obvious calls against us? Especially since they just finished giving the pens 3 straight powerplays in the third period of a tie game. After our third penalty in the third I said to my wife well the good thing is we will probably get a pp or 2 near the end of the third to even it up. No such luck. Not only did we not get a pp, they waived off the tying goal that clearly should have counted.
  14. I understand the whole "I was going to blow the whistle thing". But Fleury was not even close to having the puck covered, nor did he even pretend to. Who the hell blows the whistle when the puck is bouncing around in the crease????
  15. LMFAO. He was going to cll a penalty with 4 seconds left.
  16. And Georges gets held up and no call.
  17. I hate chris lee. He was going to point in the net, before changing his mind and waving it off.
  18. Here we go. The whistles were put away for half of the game, now they're calling everything.
  19. Nice to see more of the same play from the boys. Standing around watching the Pens go to work.
  20. Cammy doesn't miss those too often. He is the anti Chris Higgins.
  21. Hammer time. Nice screen by Andrei as well. 2 goals on 3 shots this period
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