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  1. I was just about to post the same question.
  2. Gotta be ready for Ovie tonight. Price is going to have to be good.
  3. http://habsinsideout.com/ Says he's aiming for an early January return.
  4. Tonight is looking like a night where the work ethic is there, but I think its gonna come down to a lack of talent. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. Mike Boone says Andrei's foot is reported to be broken. See ya in 4-6 weeks AK46
  6. I am at a loss for words. This is insane!
  7. Yeah I guess core was a poor choice of words there. Maybe this whole country club mentality I've been hearing so much about lately would be a better term to describe it.
  8. A little excerpt from this story. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/blogs/frenc...article1375622/ Former teammate Frankie Bouillon, who now Predates in Nashville, recently said the single most devastating thing we've heard about Latendresse: that he should spend less time talking to opposing players and worry more about his own game than making friends on other teams. I didn't know Frankie said that. Maybe Lats was part of the problematic "Core" that had to be replaced in the offseason.
  9. I am shocked he did not get the job. A hockey mind as great as Pierre McGuire should not be forced to waste away as a colour guy for tsn. After all he did commend Brian Burke for the way he "rebuilt" the leafs. I'm amazed teams aren't lining up to hire him as a GM, or at the very least Special Adviser.
  10. Yeah I can see it now. I'll show them, how do I put up better numbers? I've got it. I'll park my big ass in front of the net.
  11. Lats also said he had communication issues with Martin. I guess he didn't understand Go to the net.
  12. Hmm, sounds like it was welcomed by Gui. from habsinsideout: In an iunterview on CKAC, Latendrese said he was "relieved". He saw the emergence of Tom Pyatt and Ryan White as ominous developments for his future with the team. "I like the organization," Latendresse said. "I like the fans. I live here, my partner is here. "But that's hockey."
  13. Same situation. They were drafted in the same year, both coming to the end of 3 year entry level deals.
  14. From Hockey's future: Pouliot is a very talented player who has yet to put it all together at the pro level. An explosive skater with a good handle on the puck and a hard, accurate shot, he has the tools to be a top-line forward in the NHL. Questions about his attitude, commitment to playing defense and consistency have dogged him since turning pro however. If he can master the mental side of the game and learn a more disciplined approach to the game, he could be a top talent. If not, he could find himself playing in Europe
  15. Yes it did. Nothing Pricey could do though
  16. And Laps takes away any momentum we had with a stupid play...
  17. Speaking of missing top guys, anyone hear anything about Gomez? I know he was to be a game time decision, is it just DTD or something worse?
  18. I don't know if Ovie looked tired, I was nervous every time he touched the puck. And he did attempt something like 14 or 15 sog. Spacek and Hammer played him well. He will likely light up the leafs tomorrow.
  19. He was sent down for a 2 week conditioning stint, because Laraque is back tomorrow.
  20. Staal is out for the Canes too don't forget. I think this is exactly what the Dr ordered for the Habs. After getting embarrassed in the last game on the road, coming back home against the worst team in the league who I'm glad ended their 14 game losing streak in the last game. Hopefully this means they wont be as hungry as they would have been if it was 15 straight.
  21. Relax dude, it was a joke. I did not say Price has been perfect all year. He certainly could have played better in previous starts. It was more or less just a continuation of the running joke that is we would have won if Halak was in during any given loss. It's interesting though that your views have switched to everything but the goalies, instead of everything including the goalies. What a difference a week makes eh?
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