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  1. please tell me this does NOT mean that CJAD will stop its internet radio broadcasts of Habs games.
  2. I don't want to split hairs but the NDP are part of the Socialist International. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Democratic_Party BTW, I'm from a time when "socialist" and "liberal" were good words! [Edited on 12-9-05 by JeanLucPilon]
  3. JLP


    There is Crosby -- then there i severyone else (christ what pressure that kid will have on him this year!) Serouusly though, it is great that we have young talent, and btw did you realize our oldest player right now is Kovalev at 32?! With the cap the teams that have the right mix of skilled vets and good cheap youngsters will be the teams that win, and I think we are that team this year. (and I agree with what you wrote, Habs mgm't will look closely at Latendresse the next coupla weeks and if he is delivering the goods I think they should and will have him start the season in the tricolore.)
  4. great news, important for team unity/morale that he will be at training camp from day one! everyone signed, so now does someone has our official salary total for the season opener? What are we, at about $36 mil?
  5. I'm down with that. The Lotto machines in cheap bars, makes me sad to see welfare people pumping their money into those. Simonous, didn't know you were a socialist! But like I wrote above, the Habs generate a lot of spinoff tax revenue, we should look at the big picture. BTW, I also bemoan the recent emergence of a two-tiered health care system in Qc. But I blame the CMA for capitulating to loud and greedy doctors. They get their medical school training dirt cheap in Quebec, since university education is so heavily subsidised, but then they turn around and want to get paid like Americans. Anyway, back to the Habs -- I still believe the Montreal/Qc gov'ts should look at the big picture, the Habs are, end of the day, damn good for Montreal, and a cultural tradition as well. How much government money has been pumped into, say, Bombardier, or Place des Arts for the same reason? The Habs are a part of the soul of many Montrealers/Quebecois. :que::ghg::que:
  6. :?- why make a personal attack and accuse a poster of beating his wife, I don't think the forum profits from this sort of post.
  7. JLP


    Great news! I think it's pretty well a sure thing that he will be at training camp next week, Green has already said he should be invited. I would love to see this guy start the season with the Habs. I know there's the 'don't bring him up yet, must let players develop in the minors' way of thinking but isn't that somewhat old-school, from an era when an organization wanted to grow their assets slowly with a mind to keeping them around through their entire careers? These days players switch teams much more (just look at our roster from 3 years ago, as someone posted!) and they become UFAs younger, so why not use Latendresse now if he fits? Look at Bergeron in Boston last year, fans love young players. He could get 12+ minutes a game on the third or fourth line, bring some get-go and a big physical presence, and if his offence shows promise and Dagenais isn't finding the back of the net, Latendresse could even be bumped to the second line, I mean why not? (oh, m&k, I can't figure out why you would take the time to type out "sorry for the spelling" instead of just backspacing and removing the extra "p" in "develop." I'm not trying to be a smartass, I'm just curious?) [Edited on 11-9-05 by JeanLucPilon]
  8. Well, I understand that Montreal and Quebec have high taxes and it's not only the Habs who have to pay them. But I think to be fair the city should look at what other hockey teams in the NHL are paying and make the Habs' bill something similar, to ensure the Habs' health. Consider that there are so many spinoff benefits and revenues generated by the team, everything from sports bars to parking to merchandizing and so on. Plus with no other major league sports team in the city the Habs are the main sports ambassadors for Montreal elsewhere in North America and the throughout the world, so this has to help with tourism as well, which provides an important source of revenue for Montreal during the otherwise slow winter months. By crippling the team with abnormally high taxes Montreal risks shooting itself in the foot.
  9. Well, in the past I've been really the only one around to report on Montreal live events for HW. Unless things have changed (not sure they have) the responsibility rests on me again, and honestly this year I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it out to every (if any) practices. If I can, I'll definitely goto what I can... Starting next week for the prospect camp & tourny. Thanks puck, just a few days until camp opens, I guess the preseason games will be our best chance to see what possibilities are being experimented with, hope CJAD broadcasts some of those, anyway anything you do is appreciated!
  10. Old problem now goes to court. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?ID=135781 All I can say is, the city of Montreal is NOT using this $8 mil to repair its roads. It appears that with the cap all teams will be spending about the same, so the Habs won't suffer on the ice -- who gets hurt is George Gillette, right? I read once that the Habs pay more taxes than all the other NHL teams combined. Hope this gets reduced somewhat, because what's bad for Gillette can't be good for the Habs.
  11. thanks guys i was worried there was something wrong with me but now that i know it is natural and even healthy to hate the leafs, i feel much better! (man i hope they sign czerkawski)
  12. doctor -- i am worried that my perspective on all things leaf may be becoming increasingly unhealthy. naturaly, as a habs fan, i am pleased when my team makes a smart move. but i find myself similarly pleased when the leafs make a stupid one. and so the mere rumor regarding czerkawski and the leafs has me shiverling with anticipation. now, first and foremost i am a habs fan. and if we win the stanley cup this year i'm sure i would be thrilled. the thing is, if the leafs finish dead last in the east this year i believe i would also be just as thrilled. in fact my ideal season would be just that -- habs win all 82 regular season games then win 16 more to take the cup, and the leafs lose all of their 82 regular season games. there is no limit to my feelings on this matter -- for example, if the leafs finished the season with a record of 1-0-81, i would probably say "damn, they won a game" and my joy would be diminished. i think this is called 'schadenfreud' doctor, is there something wrong with me?
  13. I hope we can get some reports on HW! :ghg:
  14. http://thefourthperiod.com/news/mtl050831.html According to Journal de Montreal Gainey and Theo are somewhere up to a million apart on a long-term deal. Training camp opens Sept 13, first preseason game Sept 18. [Edited on 1-9-05 by JeanLucPilon]
  15. "stop taking photos of Jose with certain other individuals" :?-:?-:?- -- pray tell, most of us here don't live in Montreal.
  16. Nothing wrong with groundless speculation I guess. But maybe it's not as quiet as you might think -- training camp is opening and we still have our Calder runner up second line forward and our Vezina/Hart goalie to resign. If that's not going well then things are anything but quiet behind the scenes. If not overjoyed, I think Gainey must be at least happy with the team, because it's clearly the best we've had this millennium!
  17. well, shortcat beats me by a decade, looks like I am running close to second though. sigh...
  18. says 800,000 above. make-or-break year for Hossa
  19. Lower than expected, maybe Theo should sign for $5 mil on 3-5 years and be happy already!
  20. hey if anyone knows where and when the public/media can go see the Habs training camp please let us know -- I will be in Montreal from Aug 30-Sep 6, and I'd love to check it out as it will probably be my only chance to see the habs live this season..
  21. i'll weigh in and say he should be investigated if not outright arrested for making a clear threat and arguably instructing/ordering his followers to murder a statesman visiting the usa, which does seem to fit the constantly expanding definition of 'terrorism' But he's a buddy of and brought a lot of votes to bush and bush and his regime are hypocrites, so don't expect old pat to be picked up anytime soon.
  22. One thing about Theo and money that hasn't been discussed is his endorsements. I know Theo does a number of ad campaigns in Quebec -- does anyone know how much these are worth? And would he be able to pick up the same coin in, say, Florida, where hockey is not the social glue, where he isn't seen as the homeboy made good? I have a hunch there are millions involved in Theo's endorsements, and that he would never make the same amount if he played outside Quebec.
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