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  1. hehehe -- anyway how long do we have to wait for the Halak trade? Days? Weeks? Trade deadline? And does the public declaration that he's "on the block" raise or lower the probable return?
  2. D'Ago scores on Habs' first shot of the 2nd . . . .. Fleury was surprised!
  3. "Encouragement" Pass it On! Scores of slogans and jingles in every ad-packed FSN King's Restaurant Dodge Intermission! Go Habs Go! Better turn it up in the 2nd or this will get ugly fast! Pac to the box :puke:
  4. Everyone hiding? Boozing in the basement? All Pens so far.
  5. Halak deserves to be a starter and that's not going to happen in Mtl, so makes sense that he may go. hope we get a good return 'cos he's a good goalie!
  6. Ireland is pissed at France, stadiums not quite ready, i know only that but I am pumped for this!
  7. Patrick Roy gushed about Gionta in his Centennial game interview . . .
  8. More literal video this time Montreal's Men Without Hits
  9. breaking .500 would be good right now! Habs win 5-1 with a Cammalleri hat trick
  10. CJAD commercial: "...fresh sushies and cold sakes" sushi and sake are countable nouns in Canada?
  11. HWL is quite competitive, although the Reigning and soon-to-be Repeat Champs are the Oil, , , just saying.
  12. Un-fuggin'-believable -- missed the game but saw it did go 5-1 with the Cammi hat trick -- who'd have thought such a wild prediction would play out, and I am pretty sure we all feel fuzzy and warm too hehehe . . . Anyway delighted the team pulled of a good win on this auspicious day, for others who missed it there are are some good highlights of the ceremony at the Habs website but seems the servers are overloaded it won't stream properly for me. Any other online place with the ceremony and game? (update) Streaming better now, wow!! Must-see for Habs fans!!!
  13. Habs win 5-1 with a Cammalleri hat trick and we all feel fuzzy and warm . . .
  14. 7:30 pm Tuesday Dec 1 Habs play the leaf Canadiens (12-12-2, 26 pts) Maple Leafs (6-12-7, 19 pts)
  15. ouch where's the love? ok I don't get it I thought BGL was a 'gentleman' who would not fight unless the other player RSVP'd, but he puts the stick into Helm's face then puts the knee into Kronwell on the same play?? (basically costing us the game and a chance at some momentum) and we're stuck with him, yeah? or what are our options?
  16. wow, well the changed Habs keep on changing, that's ok with me I still don't feel a connection with our guys might as well shake it up some more and hope for the best!
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