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  1. Patches x 2 Outstanding play from the Habs since the end of the first.
  2. Goal counts. Maybe a bit of the missing luck is coming back. Knock on wood.
  3. In response to some of the above posts: 1) I don't expect Gautier or Martin to chill. They have jobs on the line and are in a position to actually make changes to the organization. We are not. The chilling refers to us. No need to get all up in arms less than 10 games in. 2) This notion that something radical needs to happen is true...if we miss the playoffs. That means getting to the point where it's mathematically impossible make the post season. We might know that in March, not October. It's only been 8 games. When the Habs turn this around ( and they will ) all the fire Martin rhetoric will seem just as ridiculous as it did last year. When I watch the games it appears that we have lots of scoring chances but no luck. This team is solid.
  4. Yeah, you got me. It's Price here. Just put on a George Strait record and relax. The season isn't over yet.
  5. When we actually miss the playoffs. If that happens, burn it down and start over if you want. Until then just chill.
  6. The guy's a sports writer and needs to write about something... If the Habs were winning right now we'd be enjoying write ups on how great Price is, or how Eller's coming along or how Subban's the best thing since indoor plumbing. But because we're not banking those precious 2 points every night Martin is the scapegoat for every problem in Montreal. It's a gross and unprofessional article that comes off like a whining 5 year old. The Canadiens are a good team getting off to a slow start. Nothing more. It's unfortunate when things get so venomous that they degenerate into public hissy fits. Nice one Jack.
  7. Kosty!!! Knew we could put one past Gus. ...didn't expect it so quick though.
  8. The boys will get it together tonight and begin to string a couple wins together. In banana we trust...
  9. As a few others have said, great info ITHOF. Your post is one of the best I've read in a long time. Very insightful.
  10. I think Markov just had a string of really bad luck. Not sure that it's indicative of his future durability. I mean surely he won't injure that leg a third time??? Way I see it, if Markov gets hurt again his leg will simply fall off... Subban will have to skate over to pick up the pieces, the Habs will get out of whatever deal they have with him, and we'll move on like we have for the last 2 years.
  11. I assume with Markov's injury history so far management will be cautious about when he returns. I wouldn't be surprised if it was December. I'm less concerned about when he plays, more interested in how long he's around for.
  12. Getting the first goal seems to be instrumental in helping the Habs keep their head in the game. The difference in form tonight vs the last 40 mins in Toronto is like night and day. The stock piling of injuries...wow...will this team ever catch a break? I look forward to watching a full 60 mins free of injury.
  13. Well said Soops. I'm not expecting a win in Winnipeg either. As great as those two points would be for MTL, I wouldn't be upset at all to see the Jets get their first win at home... Then lose every game to Montreal after that.
  14. I knew I should have added the dancing banana somewhere in my last comment to take the edge off. Good talk BTH. Here's one for the road
  15. MTL needs to even this out quickly. No way Reimer walks away with a SO in game 1.
  16. Agreed that Price will make the difference tonight. Reimer might be all nerves on opening night with a city scrutinizing his every move. The Habs have better offense this time around, but Toronto will have the crowd. Hope we get the crowd out of it early. 3-1 Habs
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