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  1. My roommate is a major Edmonton fan and I've watched a few games with him. They just COMPLETELY lack a defense. Its brutal to watch, people are always open in the slot, their last game against the Islanders all three of the goals against were scored in the middle of the slot from a behind the net pass. That shouldn't happen three times in a game. They have no net presence at all. And they don't have a goalie who is able to bail them out of their poor defense. Duby had some crazy 45 save games last season single handily winning it for them. In my mind Dubynk isn't the problem, he has no confidence because his defense is so bad 80% of the goals are completely beyond his ability to save and because of that he is letting in weak ones since his mind game is now shot. Mc.T has actually been a big improvement over Tambo, ie actually pursuing trades. Thing is Vancouver and LA didn't want to trade Bernier or Schnider in their division. Also they tried to get D-men. Andrew Ference being the better of the 3 additions, but he couldn't get another NHL D-man so he tried signing KHL guys Grebeshkov and Belov (they haven't been playing that great either - Grebeshkov been "injured"). That means half their d-core is new to Edmonton, 2 new to NHL ice/been a long time, J.Schultz is a sophomore, plus the rest are learning a new system. Plus they have tried bringing in vets like Ryan Smyth and Boyd Gordon (who has been great). Hell David Perron is a vet by Edmonton standards. They are trying to improve right now. Honest to god if they get a legit #1 D-man the trickle down effect on the roster would be HUGE once they learn the system. There are better goalies than Dubnyk but he is not their real problem.
  2. Desharnais made some sexy plays/passes that game. Great vision on display tonight,
  3. wow... there are barely even 6 top 6 quebec d-men in the nhl atm :/
  4. Wasn't he advertised as a defensive specialist?
  5. Just wanted to say that these articles were why i originally joined the forum years back
  6. DD-Patches have played together since the AHL and have always had good chemistry. I think giving them a bit of time to sort it out early in the year isn't a problem.
  7. Underrated by Habs Fans: Gionta. He picks up a lot of flack all over the internet, even on here. He has been "washed up" in many peoples minds for years (even when he was leading us in scoring). He works hard every night, scorers, brings a lot to the table. Never have had anything bad to say about Gio and I don't think I ever have said man Gio misplayed that or Gio mistake cost us that goal in his entire time here. Though I have to say Moen is a really close 2nd. He gets so much needless hate. People say he doesn't hit.... but leads the team in hits at points during the year. Makes no sense. Underrated by Non-Habs Fans: Tomas Plekanec. Yes right now he isn't doing that special but I mean over the past few years Pleks has not gotten any recognition for his stellar play. Overrated by Habs Fans: To This Point In The Season.... Tinordi. He really under performed and cost us big goals in his first few games after a lot of people were hyping him maybe even to crack top 4 this year. (I mean he did look very good at times during the pre-season). Note: A lot of people say Markov but I think there has been an equal amount of skepticism around his knee to balance out people seeing him as the old Markov. Overrated by Non-Habs Fans: Alex Galchenyuk. i don't think I've seen a 3rd overall get less press coverage ever. (He is tied for the league lead in points atm anyone notice that ). Not saying he will be a lead leader in points in a couple months or anything but he has played great but Eller, Gally (the smaller one ), Subban draw the headlines so far. Most Divisive Player: Rapha Diaz. Ask people their opinion on Diaz and you'll get... COMPLETELY different interpretations of him from solid #3 to Barley a 7th and the reason we won't compete. For Staff I agree that Therrien is overrated and I don't like much that he has done tbh. Not that I overly dislike him I just don't think he had much to do with Montreal's season last year. Underrated at least in the league (at least by fans) is how good Trevor Timmins (aka montreal's scouting over his tenure) has been. Its just hidden by how many guys he drafted who have been shipped out or left.
  8. I don't think that this injury impacts fighting at all. The injury came from the fall not the actual fight. That play could have happened with a scuffle in front of the net, a hip check, or anything else that could upend a player. Yes Orr "pulled" him down and that is more likely in a fight but it was just a freak accident caused by Parros having his eyes closed and not see Orr falling putting him off balance giving him no time to react. So I don't see why this would change anyone's opinion on fighting. Hope Parros recovers.
  9. my god this fourth line creates so much pressure!
  10. Also I really believe part of the trade was due to his off ice issues. We all know Montreal's zero tolerance in this regard.
  11. Gallagher is going to have a really bad year. (I DONT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!!!!! LOVE THE KID!!!)
  12. About Patches, most our team under-performed in the playoffs. I'm sure its not that any one of them is a "bad" playoff guy, but the amount of cold streaks fed off each other for sure.
  13. How about he is the guy who got Komiserek that contract he never deserved.
  14. Georges is my guy for the role. Though he'd have to raise his level of play compared to what he showed at the end of the season. I love his game and think that that kind of willingness to put it all on the line is what holds the most respect. He also handles the media well and gives solid captain-esque interviews already.
  15. Fucale's development looks like it will move in line with Price's career. I mean we have had Price for 6 years already, probably got another 7-9ish years. Fucale will have 2 years in Q (i think), probably 2 in AHL as there won't be the need to rush him. Then he will be treated like Rask was in Boston for a few years.
  16. I just think that Edler is massively overrated. Watching Cancucks games I really do not see what he brings to the table. What he does bring is normally outweighed by a brain numing AWFUL play each game. And I don't just mean that pathetic fumble in Game 7 or the hack on Staal. Most the time he is on the ice nothing seems safe.
  17. I am really happy about this.... please release Mayer.
  18. Would've been better for no one to say anything
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