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  1. Tinordi isn't too slow to cover his mistakes, Tinordi's footspeed is impressive for his size. Plus Gill PK used to be a solid pairing... Tinordi can skate circles around Gill.
  2. I bet its all fat and he'll bust.
  3. I think its because of attitude (or perceived attitude) someone who is a defensive stud is seen as a great team player. Also the Offensive Defense-man while not "new" is still thought as non-traditional. Forwards who play d are seen as character guys, defense-man who score are sometimes seen as puck hogs or a liability. If a player scores a lot it looks like they care more about their own achievements. If a player blocks 100+ shots it looks like he is putting himself on the line for his team. Realistically they are both doing what they are getting paid to do based on their skill sets, but someone who isn't making the glory plays gets less flack because fans understand they do not have the talent to score forty goals. But at the same time they see defense as something that can be learned more so then offensive prowess, like a 40 goal guy should be able to learn how to backcheck, position defensively, block a shot, that kind of thing since fans see that as a character decision and not a skill thing.
  4. The main reason for this is because his career will be over shadowed by the trade that brought him to Toronto.
  5. Even top three picks don't pan out
  6. Awh close. edit: my next guess was damphousse which wasn't right either
  7. Man I was so pumped when we traded for Torkarski... what is this teams love affair with Mayer about????????????????
  8. Beliveau... which you approved haha. Could it be Yvan Cournoyer and Toe Blake?
  9. by stop gap i mean that they aren't likely to be with the team in two years I am just hoping that they, and Bourque, will keep us competitive enough and with the young core we LOOK like a team that could contend and therefore become a destination for a big name.
  10. Agreed. We also have what could be great complimentary pieces in Gallagher, Eller, Pleks (if we get good fast enough for him to still be a quality player), Prust, Emelin. Plus Tinordi/Beaulieu depending on how they develop. I think our biggest need more offense. While we are lacking on the back end in some peoples opinion we won't be in 2 or 3 years with all our young prospects. What we lack is strong 2nd line options. Bourque, Briere, Gio are stop gaps. If Eller becomes a serious #2 and Gallagher continues his strong play we might be okay but... in an ideal world our lineup could be (in say two years). Top Line: Galchenyuk, Paches Second Line: Eller, Gallagher Third Line: Plekanec 1st: PK-Emelin 2nd :Tinordi-Beaulieu 3rd: Diaz-Georges (ignoring sides more talking about depth.) This is also assuming Pleks play deteriorates with age. X:Factor on our current roster is what will happen with DD's career. Unless guys like Collberg or Leblanc have a great couple years we are short 2 top six forwards from being serious threats. I also think we can easily fill out our bottom six with Prust/guys in our system/fa
  11. I second that.... who came up with this division name? Has anyone step forward to claim this bastard child?
  12. David Ling from Halifax led the UK league in scoring. A friend of mine is like his cousin or something so I knew that... but I didn't know he was an ex-hab! After Google Search: 1 Game in 97-98 nice Brian I know I showed this to Brian and it was on the front page for a while... but... Which ex-Hab had more Stanley Cups then he had birthdays when he retired?
  13. just curious... why don't people like goal celebrations?
  14. HFboards tend to be hilarious when a trade happens
  15. There is a lot of hate going towards him right now but I don't think its justified. He isn't getting more money (i believe) and I am pretty sure he is doing it only for his family who must have felt more comfortable in Russia, might have helped his relationship with his wife. Its a big decision and I have respect for the guy.
  16. Hasn't he been going threw a hard time in his personal life? Divorce and stuff?
  17. Ryan White? What is he trying too get? Also, about Winnipeg is it that these people just don't like being in a small city/high pressure market? I mean Atlanta to Winnipeg is a big change of scenery... or is it a bigger problem within the organization and how they handle players? Anyone know anything?
  18. imo Ryder would have been resigned if not for that playoff "showing"
  19. Knights aren't just any OHL team of course. Hunters have been amazing in London and I'm sure will do just as good or better job with him. 2 Great organizations, i don't think there was a wrong choice.
  20. While going from undrafted to 30 goal scorer is impressive... the lack of character people talk about is how hot and cold he is. When he is hot he is scoring, winning battles, making plays. When he is cold he doesn't score, avoids contact, doesn't backcheck and completely vanishes from the game having no impact at all. Compare that to someone like Patches who was cold in the playoffs but still won battles and played both ends of the ice. and I don't think Beregevin said anything either... thats one not smart and two does not seem to be the kind of thing a notoriously good natured person would do.
  21. Gauthier was the true architect of the Great Gomer Saga Houle = Complete destruction of Stanley Cup winning team... leading to the longest payoff drought in team history. Edit: Okay wasn't the longest ever. Tied with the three year absence from 1919-1922. Course I'm pretty sure the year before this started was when we had players die from influenza....
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