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  1. Hopefully Bennett has been chosen to attend the 2nd camp? Only have 8 d attending this camp, seems low? Dell was offered contract last year wasnt he? and turned it down to play 1 more year in NCAA He will also attend other NHL camps before deciding where to sign, and i would think Price may be a big factor (obstacle) in getting him signed? But would be sweet if he would sign and save a draft pick likely? I wonder how Nattinen will do, now with 1 pro year under his belt? Maybe he will be that defensive centreman the Habs cant seem to find or develop. Avtsin, Lefebvre, Cichy and Berger will likley never make the grade.
  2. Sure and maybe Wilson will turn out as good as a 1st rounder should, but i would take a Matteau/Samuelsson/Bozon in that range instead. Do you see Timmins/Bergevin making moves (picks/players) on draft day? Moving up to grab a player in second 1/2 of 1st round maybe (Samuelsson)? or Trading down with pick #50 to add later picks? Or will Bergevin be looking more to July 1st to put his stamp on team and stick with slots they have now (i know is somewhat dependant on Timmins favorites players sliding or not)?
  3. But would you rather have the Big Bird or Brisbois tutorin a bunch of young d-men. I dont say need a former all-star d-man as coach, but come on Brisbois could easily corrupt em and be in way over his head? Could they maybe get Denis Potvin to coach the d? And Gallant would be a good choice as forward coach i think? But i am a bit biased and always pull for Maritimers. McTavish is off the list for as a Muller replacement, good move for Oilers and unlikely McTavish would be considered by RDS Habs for employment anyways.
  4. Brisbois had little hockey sense on the ice, so just dont see him being any use whatsoever, cept negatively, but who knows.
  5. Kaberle trade was a good, if not a very good and smart one, so it would be hard to attribute to Pearn, but is just good he is gone and wont be running MAB out there for a regular shift ever again.
  6. He could be a super pick with Habs 63rd slot, and i thought he stood out at the U18s and i think you are correct and Wilson should be slotted much closer to Troock than 20-35th and Troock actually seems more of a player than Wilson to me, but really havent seen much of either.
  7. Grigorenko or one of other 4 logical choices at #3 are all very promising prospects, so 100% chance of getting a super looking kid. And if Timmins/Bergevin has determined Grigorenko worthy, that is good by me and he will end up being a big boy, not sure if Gaborick/Kovalchuk big, but quite similar no doubt 6'3" 220lbs?
  8. wouldnt touch with ten foot pole, nor Radulov.
  9. i have known (thought) this for a long time, but never had real stats, cept when noticed that the Big Bad Bruins and Small speedy Habs were identical average size 6'0" and bout 200lbs, but facts are boring, stay with old stereotypes pushed by Cherry the Clown. And also shows why i wouldnt pick a Tom Wilson till 3rd round, even if they were 6'6" and 260lbs, The type, like Boogards are pretty useless overall and tons of Penner sized prospects just flop, but size numbers really jump out on paper and many still think bigger is always better for some reason? I would bet an "undersized" prospect like Mike Winther will end up being better NHLer in long run than Wilson. Even Lucic looks clumbsy and lost most of time on ice, till he gets into the slot where he shines, and this is the role i could see a Lukas Sutter playing/filling for Habs, a slightly more skilled Ryan White.
  10. thanks, my french is poor and just pick up bits/pieces and dont watch antichamber.Kaberle is criticized by many (which i dont understand) and he would likely admit he isnt the most physical d-man, and unlike Cammalleri Kaberle is a team player who wouldnt ever whine.
  11. How many players on current roster had Crazy Mike harshly criticized on RDS shows, not expecting to ever be their coach?
  12. I would say Zero is not realistic; as we can exclude Yakupov we have 3 top forwards and 2 top d-men as options for #3 pick; so i would peg it at 40% of taking a d-man. If Dumba is taken, both Markov and Kaberle will be gone after 2013- 2014, before Dumba is likely even in NHL (fall 2014), so current roster is irrelevant; but if happen to pick Murray, then will likely see room made for him, on July 1st at the #6 d-spot. A deal of Diaz and Beaulieu to Oilers, or something of the like, could be easily done for picks-forward prospect. I expect Bergevin to make some deals to put his stamp on team on draft day/July 1st.
  13. Which 2 RDS guys are moving in behind the bench with Crazy Mike, to fill the 2 Randy's spots now vacent?
  14. I totally agree and wouldnt bother trading up to #1 at the cost of the #3 + a Subban/Kristo type player. I could see maybe trading the 32nd/63rd and stuff to try and grab a Gaunce/Collberg or the like if they are still available after 20th pick. But would be happy to just pick at 3-32-50-63 with zero trades. I also would be quite happy to hear Dumba's name called at #3. Should be interesting and Bergevin/Timmins have 1000 options to pick from.
  15. They say Yakupov is most skilled and #1 prospect. But Galchenyuk was the #1 OHL selection and only trailed Yakupov by 20 points or so when played togeather. So if take Galchenyuk at #3 and add in an early 2nd rounder like Tim Bozon (who was a 30 goal scoring WHL rookie of year canditate). I would argue it is slightly too high a price to pay, 2 skilled forwards for 1 who really isnt far and away that much better than #3. Commandant may see different, but seems everytime Timmins mentions his stockpile of 2nd round picks over next 2 years he seems quite excited to add numbers to farm system and restock, for first time in several years with 2nd rounder choices to make; and likely why he interviewed 65 prospects to see what will be available at 32nd-50th and 63rd slots. I would bet Timmins and Bergevin will make at least 1 swap of pick (s), but not for a high 1st rounder? Should be very interesting to see in 2 1/2 weeks.
  16. We all know an Englishman could easily do the job, especially if have a winning record, but we all know he would be chased by lynchmob much quicker than Therrian if not winning, that is a given. You say they dont need or want to be under the media gong show in Montreal, maybe true for some and maybe not for others, some would for sure see it as the greatest challange and take the job with both eyes wide open. How did Bowman get the job? But for me i argue just on principle, Hire the best coach period, fremch/english i could care less. And i could also care less if language thing has been beaten to death, it is wrong basis to hire a coach, if winning is priority #1. Sure they can find the best fit to appease media and politicians, as they just have done and get by with same mediocre results we have had for past 20 years. But; it seems french coachs are being shuffled on a fairly quick rotation through Montreal with no success at all. So maybe, just maybe a smart GM might have the balls to hire, simply the best person and media be damned, for a change. As Gauthier did when shipped out Halak, even when he knew the shit storm it would cause. It was the very tough, but likely correct decision
  17. What is an expert? A failed GM? An analyst? Don Cherry's? Out of work coachs? Ex-players? And i doubt you dont care, you may be a bit fed up with this or that but..
  18. Sorry to disagree 100% with info above. GM/coach of teenagers is not the same, Roy has zero experiance coaching pro athletes and we all know a player's career has little to do with coaching ability. And it is the grinders and plumbers of league who tend to be best coachs and all-star player are usually flops as coachs. So we dodged one bullet but got smoked by another in a retread.
  19. Great to hear positive spin and hope you are correct, but as the coaching polls i saw, Terrian was at bottom of list, even amung just the french guys. But maybe Berevin sees something the public dosent, maybe RDS is building him a new pool of some other kickback, or just blackmailing him? haha
  20. I appreciate you actually seeing as a super hire and somehow seeing the positive. And you could rant all you like, wouldnt change my opinion one bit. A sports organization managed to placate/pander to whims of media and politicians, as the first priority over team success; is doomed to struggle, or at best be handicapped to compete with 29 other teams who can actually have a rational and modern hiring process, unhindered by bigotry and 19th century language laws. My expectations for 2012-13 just took a kick in the nuts, but will hope for best as always, but seems just another Martin hire all over again, cept Terrian is a kookier dude isnt he? But, I really got nothing constructive to say on hire, so will get off my soapbox now.
  21. And who said Carbo or Crawford are good coachs? No one cares who loses finals; but to lose finals and then get fired the next year, with your replacement winning cup and not coaching since; maybe he is not a loser (defitinely a Cull) but he aint a coach at top of my, nor any of 29 other teams list for any of a couple dozen hires since he was fired.
  22. Bergevin "seemingly" has backbone of a squid ? very disappointing unless mediocrity is goal?
  23. Murray, McTavish, Sutter, Gallant, Wilson, Quinn, etc etc, the list of better canditates is actually quite long...cept the all-important cup-winning necessitity of pandering to media. Must be one big party at RDS today, what a joke. Hope tis a quick fire. With this hire the odds of drafting Mackinnon or Seth Jones just increased; but cant see many other positives?
  24. Back to back bottom of barrel choices, yee-haw. hopefully a quick fire JUst lucky the Habs got him before some other team snapped him up!
  25. Habs are pretty bare in goalie department and seems to be numerous good tenders this year. Will Timmins burn a 2nd round pick to pick one, or wait till later round most likely?
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