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  1. Not sure what firefly approach is? But till Tnordi/Beaulieu/Ellis and Dumba develop to NHL readiness i wouldnt dare trade Subban, he is about the only "Core" skater on the roster i think and it would have to be a sceaming good deal. There are alot more good centremen out there than there are Prices, i would guess? Also whomever is picked at #3 this year will have no bearing on 2013-14 roster and likely only a relatively small impact in 2014-15, so retooling/rebuilding plan should totally disregard some saviour riding in from draft on a white horse for next year. In the same way Timmins has to pick from 2 possible choices (given Yakupov goes #1) and i bet he will simply take best player left after 1st two are chosen, no matter of position he plays. I mean could you really lose with either Galchenyuk or a Dumba?
  2. Wilson certainly didnt fill the net this year, with 9 goals in regular season, better in playoffs but will go too high i bet due to fighting and size, but i am biased and already have a better choice, in my opinion, for 33rd pick, in Lukas Sutter, who has shown much better offense than Wilson and likely will never be Lucic's size but has the grit side covered (similar to his father Rich), could be similar to Ryan White.
  3. Somehow dealing away a young franchise goalie is low on Molson's priority list and rightly so, I have said only 2 real needs, big d-man needed till Pateryn, Ellis or Tinordi ready and i would aim for Bryan Allen (or a similar d-man, even an OBrian maybe)? And a switch of one of top 2 centres, Thorton, Marleau, Getzlaf or Stastny, for Plekanec & stuff maybe? Or failing to get a upgrade at centre, find a top quality winger like Parise, Iginla, or Kane. Other than more offensive production and a crease clearing d-man, no big issues at all.
  4. At 33rd there will be quite a nice group still availabale to pick from for sure and even at 55/64 should be fine quality as well and Timmins has done super with later picks, so fairly confident it should be a good haul in June.
  5. thanks, i am still not sold that he will be that good a NHLer anyways (i know he was team MVP, had OK numbers and some are fairly high on him), but was looking forward to see how he stacked up vs pros and suiting up next to Bournival, Holland and Gallagher this coming fall. Oh well next year.
  6. Is this unusual for NCAA guy to be offered contract and turn it down? Is just maybe finishing school and possible NCAA title likely all there is too this? Not doing the above and also, maybe at suggestion of his agent (are they allowed to have? "family consultant" maybe?) that to hold out, he could have some sort of bidding war next year and also may not be sold on Habs and would maybe prefer to stay and play for USA based team??
  7. Hey, that is exactly like Cammalleri, cept the talent part.
  8. I would also toss Glen Sather in there, he offered Redden huge money and he is now the highest ever paid AHL player. Chara also had good genetics, both parants were world class athletes and Chara didnt even take up hockey till relatively late (if i remember correctly), Tinordi's old man was a solid defensive d-man who could fight. So we shouldnt expect a Chara/Pronger/Blake type d-man, but more a better skating,shooting, puck handling and tougher Hal Gill.
  9. I know MacKinnon is very good; but several others CHL forwards could challange him possibly?; Sam Reinhart/Curtis Lazar/Shinkarak/Monahan and Anthony Duclair are all promising kids eh? Darnell Nurse and Josh Morrissey must be couple of top CHL d-men for 2013; but Jones seemed as advertised at U18s and will likely be in a class by himself as far a d-men go.
  10. i watched Chara play junior in the WHL, he was very rough and like he is today, not one prone to initiate trouble, but was still a freak, in a good way. And he was just another example of why Mike Milbury is doing TV and not in hockey, as he traded him away to Sens (who i guess you might say were just as dumb in trading him to Bruins, but all in hindsight is easy to criticize). I commented that Tinordi looked very good and all i said was his skating needs improvement (which goes for 80-90% of junior players). But you are correct in being patient, for sure, I am just hoping for him to make the jump ASAP.
  11. I think your assertion about botom 6 has some merit for sure. I admired Kostopoulas's heart and willingness to lose every fight on behalf of his teammates, but he has no real skill, like Darche, who i also admire for work ethic and being a team player. But the Canucks lost the last 2 series because their highpaid stars didnt score (+key injuries), not because of LaPierre or Malhotra's play. But bottom six guys can be the deciding factor for sure, when 2 teams are fairly equal, but if the stars are the game stars you are going no where, Habs have zero all star forwards and that is and has been their biggest weakness for a few years. Could they use some more scoring from 3rd and 4th lines, for sure but, when highest paid d-man and all your highest paid forwards (cept #72), dont score (due to injury or just sucking) you end up in 28th place. If had a couple snipers who can score in shootouts, Price wouldnt have a bad record in shootouts and If #11, 13, 14, 21 could of managed 60+ goals between them, Habs would be playing the Bruins or Rangers right now. I see a bit more depth coming for bottom 6 in next year or 2 and with Bournival/Holland/Leblanc/Kristo/White/Blunden/Moan/Geoffrion/Shultz/Engqvist they should be able to scape togeather a solid bottom six group. I am tired of a new 4th line every October and hope one of the bottom six group can just learn how to win some more facoffs and fill the void.
  12. He is younger than a washed up Cole or Iginla. But yes he may be on downside? But i would make the deal as long as SJ not asking for too much. I see moving either Plekanec or Desharnais and adding a bigger top 2 centre (or simply moving Desharnais to wing) as a necessity to really revamp forward group. But if not Marleau, i have said Stastny/Getzlaf may also be a good fit? And i had included Kopitar but i doubt he is going anywhere now that L.A. has righted the ship.
  13. Marleau is exactly what Habs need and would trade Plekanec and whatever else is needed to get him.
  14. One pile of top quality d-men this year, Pouliot had 4 assists in last game. Dumba's 12 points must boost his stock even more eh? Could he go #2? Henrik Samuelsson had 5 points in last 2 games and is a nice big agitator. Forsberg did look like a super prospect, even with no production vs USA, but i was very surprised he won Best Forward of tournament, when he wasnt even a top 3 player picked on his own team (who picked Dansk/Lindholm and Collberg). Hunter Shinaruk had a sweet goal and he is just another of a super looking crop of top 2013 prospects. That Seth Jones looks like he will be one dominant d-man and will go very high in draft next year.
  15. Holland's 1 line team just coming up a bit short vs a deeper Portland team, but 5 points in 2 games, he is doing his part. Tinordi looked very good, even doing the Hal Gill special when killing 5-on-3. His skating is good enough for junior, but for sure something he will need to improve over summer and in AHL. But he seems like a nice big smart defender and he handles puck better than many big guys do.
  16. CSS has Sutter 39th and Bozon 42nd, but like you say, some would have Bozon almost in 1st round and Sutter near end of 2nd round. I just have my own bias towards a bit more physical centreman at 33, when many would prefer a bit more skillful winger. However works out, even if ignore every d-man and 2nd tier Europeans (which I aint got a clue about), there still looks to be a bunch of very promising North American forwards in the 33+ to 63rd range. But given Timmins track record, i would be surprised if he dosent make at least 1 swap of picks. Whether he trades up or down is another impossible question to answer, but i would somewhat prefer moving down and adding picks as he did last year, but as with Tinordi, if he really likes, say Aberg or Girgensons in the 20-25 range, i doubt he would hesitate to toss in a couple picks to get it done?
  17. What would make you believe he might ever be let go?
  18. Bozon seems to have better hands and skating, but Sutter is a Sutter and his toughness, "Truculence" (to borrow an idiots term) and front of net presense is a missing ingrediant in Hab prospect pool. And he almost had 30 goals and is a centre as well. And seems the rankings have these two anywhere in 30s to 40s. but unlikely either would last till 55th?
  19. Forsberg and Collberg led Sweden today over Finns. I would have to guess both Forsberg and Galchenyuk are both preferred by Timmins over Grigorenko and Dumba must be a consideration ( he seems to be a tougher version of Subban)? I am still sold on Lukas Sutter @ 33rd. And Tim Bozon if still available at 55th or maybe Matteau/Troock/Winther; at 63rd Coda Gordon would be a steal, a 30 goal guy who might be still available this late?
  20. Will be 2 pretty even battles in semi- finals, Portland is a pretty stacked team and Moose Jaw has one friggin big set of d-men, larger than any NHL team i would even guess.
  21. Dumba had another goal today and on top scoring at U18s with 9 pts in 5 games Teravainen has 7 pts in 4 games Forsberg 4 goals in 4 games That Scott Laughton seems like a very nice player and just another possible centreman 2nd round pick for Habs? Canada must be pretty big underdog vs USA tomorrow.
  22. I agree, cant see him being fired, even if lose in 1st round.
  23. If he comes into camp at 225lbs, he will not be long for the AHL before being called up i bet? May also depend on whether Habs pick up Bryan Allen or the like on July 1st.
  24. Whatever role he might have, it would make for super entertainment and the total opposite of Martin and Gathier/Gainey. Has there every been a superstar player who was also a great GM/Coach (Lamaire would be one eh)? Seems the grinders and plumbers of the league tend to make better coachs dont they?
  25. 2 awesome games by Schneider. Are there any takers for Luongo this off-season?, because i think if traded Schneider, the uproar over Halak trade would repeat itself on the left coast. Super win for Sens.
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