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  1. I agree, and the Habs should be able with just the d-men they have now. I know the lack of an OByrne seems to be an issue, but a major upgrade up front should be priority with cash left after Price/Subban and the rest get resigned. Yemelin and Subban are both physical and although the d-core is smaller, it is much faster than was with Hammer/Spacek/Gill/Sopel/Mara, so signing a Bryan Allen may work well, you know he will clear the crease and fight; but, will also get beat to the outside as a Diaz/Markov/St.Denis wouldnt. Pick your poison. The bigger d-bodies will be coming, just likely not till 2013-14 for a couple of these dudes; Ellis/Pateryn/Tinordi/Nash/Beaulieu.
  2. I dont disagree on Gallagher one bit; on Cammalleri though?, i watch a few Flame games and there he is every shift, floating coasting till gets puck and gives it away if anyone challanges him, wont go near a corner nor fight for a puck, etc etc. I have said before, i would stop criticizing him if he produced, but he didnt for past 2 years and i was one happy camper when he got yanked in that game and was gonzo. With both he and Spacek gone, i am Gauthier's biggest fan.
  3. i concer with gdt comment and NHL.com is just another Toronto-centric group isnt it, so they just look strictly at Prices stats or wins to decide if he is doing well or not, cause they dont follow non-leaf canadian teams. So, just ignore likely ignorant (uninformed) views of Habs and their players as "white-noise" and i would guess you likely know more about Price's play this year than that author. Has there been a month he hasnt be the best player? Is there many other teams who wouldn't kill to have a solid steady young star netminder like him? If Price ever went down with injury, then you would see his importance, and same can be said for Subban.
  4. No matter, cause i cant see that Habs fall lower than 7th or 8th pick and same as mid-late first rounders who will end up somewhere else. But Collberg, even though i know is older than Forsberg, was much more a stand out at world juniors and seemed like s Swedish Skinner with quick release and Aberg is a similar but bit bigger forward playing in SEL. ISS and McKenzie have em both in teens, but if discount habs need for forwards, they could be a top ten for Timmins? But is funny how few Swedes the Habs have drafted? cept with late pick or 2.
  5. i think Gallagher has mentioned St.Louis as an inspiration, but Gionta i think is more like him and if all goes well, he will have similar #s. But i dont htink he can be near as good as Fleury, who was over point/game in NHL, so no slight there, but Gallagher does have his "fiestyness". I will likely check out some of his game tonight after Habs game. He is always entertaining and non-stop on every shift, and is like Ovechkin used to be and shoots from anywhere and often.
  6. Bout right, i might slide in 2 swedes, Collberg/Aberg as close to top ten guys? and i might even put Maatta ahead of Reinhart/Reilly(but Reilly i havent seen play at all). I thought Maatta has looked good/smart all-round in London games. But i dont think Habs will fall that far and at worst take a Murray/Dumba/Forsberg/Girgensons at 7th or 8th. Habs just look too good lately and i think will win more than lose for next couple weeks.
  7. I like his defensive play (better in own end than Diaz, Weber, Kaberle, Campoli) and with another club, like Oilers or Hawks, he might have a spot and is likely just a bit too good to stay in AHL, but with Hab make up he dosent fit so well, unless Kaberle and Weber are both traded, both of which i like as well. Will be interesting come July 1st to see how all shakes out.
  8. A young Cammalleri? you have got to be joking, one thing Gallagher isnt, is a gutless floater with a huge ego (sorry i just have developed a strong unliking for that player over past 2 seasons). But i guess like Cammalleri, he is a shooter/sniper and good around the net, but Gallagher has balls, unlike the Tyrell Owens of hockey.
  9. Not sure who oBryne is. But Ryan OByrne is a solid d-man, if that is who you meanand is the type of d-man the Habs could use till Tinordi is ready. But Bournival was a good trade-off for him. Be kind of nice to see a losing streak; but the way they are playing, is unilkely, so if finish with 7th pick, so be it and will still get a super prospect, just the options will be a little more limited than 3rd or 4th is all.. Last 2 #7 picks are both likely to turn out very well (and both would look good in a Hab jersey), Skinner and Scheifele. And the last 2 #8 picks also are very good ones with Couturier and Burmistrov, so if Habs go about 6-3-2 till game 82, wont be end of world by any means.
  10. Yup, he should be a super pick, see how he does this week and then in playoffs. Whomever the Habs end up taking should be a quality prospect, even if slip to 6th or 7th pick (worst case i am betting).
  11. i have seen Gallagher play plenty and he is a top player almost every game, causing shit around the net, running oveer goalies and shooting from everywhere and i hope he can be a point/game guy in AHL (like Desharnais) and through his tenacity and nose for the net, make the jump and be a producer for the Habs. But will need to wait and see how he does next fall and hope he is not a Cory Locke type.
  12. That is the fear i have for Gallagher, but not Holland who is average size and seems destined to make it as a 3rd/4th line winger, time will tell. Saw Dietz play last night, he went end to end and put a wrister top corner, not a Coffey-type rush by any stretch nor tough competition, but still good to see he has some puck skills at least and also got tossed for fighting near end of game.
  13. Not to be smart, but, was there any indication Ellis or Holland would be signed before they were? I would guess 70+% chance he gets signed. Also Commandant posted this, "Pateryn named one of three d-men for CCHA d of the year award" so i would guess almost a sure bet?
  14. Holland was a +5 in the last game, which is also a hard stat to get i would think? With he, Bournival, Tinordi, Pateryn, Ellis the Bulldogs defensive #s should be quite a bit improved over this years.
  15. They are televising Saskatoon game tomorrow, and one guy that stands out on that team (along with Thrower), Button has him at #45, is Lukas Sutter who almost has same offensive production as most of top forwards, but has 150 PIMs to go along with almost 30 goals. I saw play last week and had a goal and also lost it near end of game when got cheapshotted from behind. He could be a bit more skilled Ryan White type of forward, which the Habs are lacking in the system and might be a good choice at around 35th?
  16. Mark MacMilan seems to be settling in at ND and i think he had more icetime than Kristo did on weekend? If he can add 10-20lbs over next couple years, he could be another good pick and looks good even as a freshman.
  17. I really see Subban finally playing the way he should and Markov is a leader, plus Pacioretty and Cole are both not going to stop playing great, so i can see them picking 5th at best and maybe 7th at worst? But WTF do i know, just a hunch/best guess and i think 5th to 7th will still have super options to pick from, so might as well finish with a few more wins for Price, he deserves that much.
  18. However you line em up, i like the d-core and depth prospects, i wouldnt waste another dime on signing another Campoli/Sopel/Mara type "Vet d-man" and would put all "extra" cash in adding an all-star scorer up front on July 1st if at all possible.
  19. Got a feeling Habs will be passing Carolina and Isles in next week or so and either Minni or Ducks with battle it out with Habs for 5th to 7th pick. to the end and the Leafs are looking as bad as ever and could challange for a top 5 pick the way they are losing. With Markov back and i assume Moan and Desharnais arnt too far off neither, i can see the Habs winning more than losing these final games. But who knows maybe a Faksa or Gaunce my turn out just as good a pick as Galchenyuk?
  20. I dont mean to be smug, disrespectful or whatnot; but, if you read my comment, i said "1st picks" not 1st rounders, because Habs never had a 1st round that year. I knew Kristo was a 2nd rounder. In re-reading i would of assumed the same mistake though. Sorry i also skipped our newly minted 30 goal scoring winger, because not "1st pick"
  21. I would say 6 of last 8 of Hab 1st picks could turn out very fine and 2 were busts for sure. Beaulieu, Tinordi, Leblanc, Kristo, McDonagh, Fischer, Price, Chipchura were last 8 years. Just a guess, but is likely above NHL average success, time will tell? 5 of the 8 could be in Hab lineup in 2 or 3 years? Again i admit being too being overly optimistic with prospects, but i think the only one with a questionmark would be Kristo and he seems to be maybe 50-50 of making it?
  22. Draft is a crap shoot, many seem to go GaGa over Red Wings drafting, but they took Datsyuk in 6th round in 98, but they also took 10 others that year who didnt even play in NHL, cept a Jiri Fischer. then the next year they got Zetterburg in 7th round but every other guy drafted by Wings that year never made it to NHL. Hab had similar "luck" with Markov/Strait/Halak/Gallagher (still to be proven) And lately Habs seems to have done very well and i also and would be happy with Timmons picking again this year.
  23. i love every part of that deal, Bourque is big body, physical/bit dirty, great skater and good PK guy at fair price, a likely early 2nd round pick, Holland and best of all shedding a major overpaid underachiever with a huge ego and less grit than even Kessel.
  24. I remember either last year or year before, Pierre McQuire was saying how bad Grabovski trade was and "the Habs got what.. a Greg Pateryn!" and he had a good chuckle bout that. Just out of spite, i hope Pateryn is Norris winner in 6 or 7 years,. Is there a more friggin annoying "Hockey Expert" than McQuire? Well i suppose Glen Healy, Don Cherry and Mike Milbury are all just are as bad.
  25. That is the hope, and Markov/Gorges/Eller and Leblanc have a healthy summer training, not recovering from surgeries, and actually participating in training camp should be a big boost and a bunch of other positive stuff i hope will all get the team back in playoffs, but first things first and a top 3 or 4 pick would be darn sweet and even a #5 pick like Price can turn out pretty well also.
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