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  1. Give it up Mr. P. Not happening.
  2. Should, got nothing to do with reality. Alcohol is a poison to human body...no one 'SHOULD' drink it ever (has zero redeeming qualities)...BUT...
  3. Petry, he may have, but i thought he played 'better' at least...baby steps to a big finish for him, i hope anyways.
  4. Again, kinda wondering how new mgmt will treat prospects, will it be much different than what we have seen since 2012-13?
  5. Bergevin likely made more trades than almost any GM during his time (and big ones), hasnt he? But, no he hasnt dealt away many 1st round picks as stop gaps, which i am OK with, again we all saw Rangers/Sather deal away every 1st pick for 4 or 5 years in a row with a 1 finals appearance...Then Gorton had to blow it up and have fire sale. SO, it aint quite as easy as you make it out to be, thats all.
  6. Obviously need some of both. Romanov-Edmundson-Savard-Petry likely will be Habs next year, so only question is, who will be the other 2? And key one is, add a top 4 offensive d-man who isnt a black hole in own end. Harris-Guhle, will both start in Laval? Will see how new mgmt handles prospects i suppose, more patience/slower to promote? Will Gorton or Hughes make any big pronouncements today?
  7. 51 shots against, no matter how "lucky', he played awesome. And i can even say i didnt see Petry have one bad turnover, for a change.
  8. A frickin 'W', good for them. Fairly entertaining game.
  9. Should they try and get Caufield some AHL games after allowed to play again?
  10. And an Anderson goal? possibly?
  11. A 3rd goal, sweet, will it be enough?...and a 4th, holy moly. Now an empty netter at the end for a Dvorak hat trick. Boo Stars goal.
  12. #55 snipes another! Awesome.
  13. Just 3:14 for Poehling...Boo. 14 saves, well done.
  14. No place to put this, so why not jinx us big time. Drouin-Pitlick-Anderson;Toffoli-Suzuki-Evans;Pezzetta-Poehling-Lehkonen;Dauphin-Dvorak-Hoffman;Chiarot-Savard;Clague-Petry;Romanov-Wideman. Montembeault.
  15. 18-17 Dallas today, how will this one play out. Hope Poehling pots a couple and not sure much hope Caufield will score but has to sooner or later.
  16. Sorry, i just have zero hope or faith that Struble will amount to anything; but, what do i really know. January 18 games Khimik Voskresensk at Omskie Krylya 8:00 am - Watch online Dmitri Kostenko - Prince Albert Raiders at Edmonton Oil Kings 9:00 pm Kaiden Guhle - Northeastern University at University of Vermont 5:30 pm Jordan Harris - Jayden Struble -
  17. Dvorak on 32.8pt pace, career just 39pt/82gms, so i guess not crazy low, for him. Thought he had more offense in him, is the tire-fire in both Arizona and Montreal partly to blame?
  18. Just glad it isnt another ex-Hab player being gifted the post, thats all.
  19. Better than 1g on 70 shots anyways, no matter sustainable or not. (Chiarot 5g 70shots must make Caufield even worse) Great to see Pitlick/Poehling score, would love to see Poehling get more icetime than 13minutes. Caufield-Anderson being gone today should help that I hope. Dvorak? Has he made a good play or had any offensive chances all year? I hope he has a nagging injury ot something to explain him crapping the bed all year.
  20. Why note this? Pitlick is blond, has as much relevance as weight, unless doing a tug-of-war i suppose.
  21. Early game 7-29 Habs vs 8-28 Arizona...who the heck knows what kind of game this will be. Sunday, January 16 Practice LW C RW 68 - Mike Hoffman 14 - Nick Suzuki 17 - Josh Anderson 32 - Rem Pitlick 28 - Christian Dvorak 92 - Jonathan Drouin 62 - Artturi Lehkonen 71 - Jake Evans 40 - Joel Armia 55 - Michael Pezzetta / 45 - Laurent Dauphin 25 - Ryan Poehling 22 - Cole Caufield 13 - Cedric Paquette (No contact) 42 - Lukas Vejdemo 73 - Tyler Toffoli (No contact)
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