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  1. Hunter Shinkaruk was easily best canadian forward for WHL. That Graham Black kid was a surprise and can really fly. Pulock does have one wicked shot from the point. Russians do have some talented kids, but their friggin names make it hard to sort em out? And sad to say, Morgan Reilly is just too darn good and Leaf fans will be very happy with that pick.
  2. I 100% with icing change needed. Might as well either eliminate the goalie crease, it is meaningless and irrelevant at present, or institute the international crease rule. Unsportsmen-like penalty for defensive trap. Go to 3 on 3 instead of shootout. 10 fight rule is a good one, but i would go further, be idealist and go with simple instant ejection for fighting, same as NFL/Rugby/Soccer/MLB/NBA (or most other team sports legues in world i think), i know it will likely take a fatality before this will even be considered, but its day is coming.
  3. Could start down a rat hole and discuss how the uber-rich, once see that end of life is a coming, they then seem to "do the right thing" and become philanthropists, as a life of greed then seems pretty shallow (a la Warren Buffett), Or that more public $$ could easily be dumped into healthcare, but who will vote for or promote increased taxs to pay for the funding required? But way off topic for sure, from one big business's MGMT vs Union bargaining mess.
  4. looked up some swedish stats crap and Filip Forsberg has 14 points in 19 games in same league, Collebrg has 2 in 6 games and vs juniors Collberg 5 goals in 6 games vs Forsberg with 3goals/4assists in same 6 games so both are fairly comparable and have to wait till world juniors to see how he looks. Alfredsson nor Sundin really tore up the SEL as youngsters neither and Alfredsson didnt start SEL till he was 19-20. Collberg is still of age for CHL next year, but is he more likely to stay in Sweden, or start playing in AHL as Zibanejad did this year?
  5. With Leblanc and Geoffrion out, Avtsin must surely be gonna play now? or will Fortier be recalled to play centre?
  6. i am a bit more curious why Collberg is still doing dick-all in lower Swedish league? Still limited icetime? Maybe Bozon'spitting incident is related to his recent performance And Thrower is just snakebit this year it seems.
  7. I still love Babe Ruth's quote, from a long time ago when asked about him making more money than the President, "Well i had a better year than he did!" Pro players/athetes are one elite section of society, and are treated/paid as such, has always been that way since beginning of sporting events and will never ever change, fact of life and irrelevant to CBA quagmire created by greedy owners.
  8. Not sure how Mayer wasnt a star of game, Quailer had a good one, but Mayer kept it close for along time. Bulldogs d-men are constantly both checking same man at same time below the goalline? Not a winning strategy. leaving front of net wide open.
  9. Hope he will be OK both physically and mentally once recovers. Bournival also got caught with head down and was very glad he wasnt nurt also and that Tinordi stepped in.
  10. At least Bournival seems to set up on faceoffs as most good centres do, and fights for a win; unlike, say a Plekanec (but all have to have at least 1 weak area and Tomas's is faceoffs) Anyways, just hope LL is back soon, he seems a very smart player and would really help Bulldogs offense i think.
  11. i am fine with pulling the plug on season, getting it sorted out by next fall is fine with me. TSN and Sportsnet are really getting very annoying and sounding like a broken record, especially that idiotic Doug McLean. Lots of other sports/hockey to follow and Habs aint got a chance in hell to contend this year, so what will really be missed? Could use another sweet lottery pick like the last one.
  12. Yes , too bad but some kids have all the parts and skills, but lack the between the ears part of a successful player. Which is the total opposite of a kid like Nathan Beaulieu, who surely dosent lack confidence and tries more funky moves/spinaramas with the puck than maybe even Subban did and joins the rush every chance he gets. Even his defensive game is much better than i thought it would be as a pro and has best +/- of rookie d-men (but Tinordi/Ellis are playing bigger minutes vs tougher lines i think)
  13. Were pinned and played alot in own end. Still seems Nash and St.Denis are the weakest d-men, when i had thought should be the opposite? Beaulieu is still impressive and fun to watch, similar to Subban's start in AHL, but he had a better (more veteren) supporting cast. Corbin seems to have a good shot, but he and other d-men are getting schooled a bit every game and beat to the outside, but too be expected. I know most crap on Mayer, but he seems to be playing very well in the games i have seen and could not be faulted on either goal. Gallagher is still getting his shots on net and Bournival's line still playing fine. But will likely be an inconsistant showing from game to game with this group.
  14. Hudon played very well, could of used some PP time, defensively he looks very good. Spitting? idiotic thing to do.
  15. Whose type/style of game would Galchenyuk be comparable to? Stamkos, Spezza, Perry or maybe Bobby Ryan?
  16. After watching the "Galchenyuk highlight show" from yesterday, likely neither Plekanec/Desharnais will be top centre for Habs for much longer, the kid looks quite impressive. But yes, as hard as Tomas works every game and the shut down role he has had to play the last couple years, he likely is allowed much more freedom playing with Jagr and is loving it?
  17. Thats is more like it for AG eh. Bennett up to 9 points in 7 games, he is off to a super start. MacMillan/Kristo starting well also. (i know not a prospect but) Plekanec had 5 point game 2 days ago and now 3 more today (so far), he must like home cooking or something?
  18. Holland's game seems very similar to what he showed in junior, smart player and both he and Beaulieu were all over the ice. Love that line with Gallagher and Bournival who seem to be getting up to speed and more dangerous offensively. Hope Leblanc is back sooner than later, he really could help the offense i think. Mayer played fine also. Surprising to see Tinorid lug the puck up ice and his confidence is growing for sure and his 5-3 PK play is quite similar to Big Hal's. Nice tip-in for Blunden, but he still is not as physical as could/should be? St.Denis had a bad game and wonder if all the rookie d-men playing key minutes and likely passing him in depth chart, is bothering him? He was bit out to lunch on 2 of 3 goals.
  19. yes it seems a super bunch of 1992 russians i was thinking of are now all too old. But that Slepyshev seemed a nice player this summer and Khokhlachev, Kucherov are rated fairly well i think? and likely several others, like the guy from the Sting/Knights and several other CHL teams and goalie should be good. Erik Nystrom likely just gonna miss the cut with Sweden eh? i think he is about 10th in scoring overall in J20 leagues (seems to be a southern and northern league there)
  20. Brady Skjei – Jacob Trouba should be a super pairing, but could they stop Huberdeau and Hopkins? The russians must be the favorite this year?
  21. Well, some thought Vail may have more offensive upside in him. Now up to 7th in OHL scoring, doubt anyone would of predicted he would do this well and be on pace for 85-95 points (and be ahead of AG, who has played a couple fewer games) Kamloops finally lost, bound to happen Nygren and Nystrom both seem to be producing and Nygren is now +5 which is encouraging also.
  22. great for some guys to get some action this year. Not sure why Price and some others havent gone already and some say they wont? Just on principle of not taking someone elses job, is that main reason?
  23. sorry, should of been more specific i guess
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