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  1. Like I said in my Top 10 today, it all happened over a turtleneck insult. heh
  2. or maybe he'll think he can do less cause he's already set up for years? heh.
  3. yeah, we got a top ten for that too: http://puckbandits.com/2012/01/02/top-10-reasons-the-habs-signed-gorges-yesterday/ and thanks bbp!
  4. I had to share this: http://puckbandits.com/2011/12/30/gerns-tern-habs-resolutions/
  5. gern

    Georges Laraque

    Well I obviously don't feel as strongly about this as you two, but I do think its a bit strange, and worthy of poking a little fun at: http://puckbandits.com/2011/12/13/httpwp-mep1ux3s-mh/
  6. So he apparently doesn't liek that this new Enforcer series uses blood in its graphic. It seems a bit strange to me to be pro-fighting but against showing blood, what do you guys think?
  7. gern


    I hope that's true. I like Gorges and I love when players are loyal, like taking a bit less money to stay on a team they like. In these salary cap days creating that type of environment, one that makes players want to stay for less money is crucial to building a long term winning team, I think.
  8. What a collapse yesterday. This coach makes them sit on leads and then they lose them anyway.
  9. gern


    Exactly, pointless to speculate about a fully healthy D-Corps right now, we may never see it.
  10. Looks like it took 2 periods for JM to realize the practice lines weren't working. It too longer for the Habs to realize it wasn't a practice.
  11. Who's watching the game on RDS tonight? http://puckbandits.com/2011/12/06/httpwp-mep1ux3s-ay/
  12. Time to fire Pearn again I think. Get the team going again.
  13. gern


    You may be on to something habs rule.
  14. Moen is 2nd on the team in goals. I think as long as he's scoring he shouldn't be on the 4th line. Leave Black Snake Moen alone!
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