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  1. this true if he was our goalie we would end up in 28th next year. Price is a good goalie but you should get over your man crush and take off the blinder and see there is other goalie out there. Washington is by far not a d first team he is a good goalie Nash is washed up? that is ridiculous
  2. Trade a second pick and weber or diaz to washington for neuvirth then deal Price to the jackets for nash.
  3. Diaz is a good d but when our line up is soft and small on the back end he doesn't fix our problem. If we needed a puck mover he would be just fine but with markov pk kaberle and him being under 6 ft and not a great hitter that is what i was getting at.
  4. Don i agree with you. when he made a mistake he was nailed to bench and not allowed learn from his mistakes and had to play in fear of being benched. He skates well hits and has size which we need at this time. Maybe he would have been no good but who knows Ron hainsey was treated the same and he would be in our six now. This being said was he the second coming of pk now could he play 10 to 15 mins a night for us i say yes. Kaberle with the right partner can really help us. Bourque we hope will turn into the 20 to 30 goal man again.
  5. Next time i will ask you what my opinion is homer. so u r comparing 7 games to 18? Did you send price a fruit basket and a thinking of you card? I made valid points and the backup canuck is pushing for a number one job there and there number one is better then ours!!!
  6. And why are you talking about halak?
  7. All goalies start as as a backup and price has proven nothing yet as well. Price yes is a very good goalie but until we make the playoff year after year price could turn out to be nabokov we don't know yet. schneider is an nhl goalie and is pushing to be a number one. Prospects are just that till they can prove it in the nhl. That being said i am with you on drafting him first.
  8. Like you said you build from the net out. Would you guy's trade price for Yakupov? I wouldn't we know what we have in price is yakupov the next daigle?
  9. I agree with you don Scheider is a very good goalie not sure were i would place him on a goalie list but he is a 1 one goalie in the making or is now. Columbus does need a goalie so it is very well though out. Ask the canuck fans what they think of him this is his second year of playing well and i bet he will see some playoff time this year.
  10. IF we end up with him it doesn't sound like it will be a bad thing. Looks like either way you look at it we are getting a very good forward. our biggest need is center first but forsberg will be a great option
  11. Dominant is a word you will often hear when conversing about Forsberg. He is being touted as the “next big thing” to come out of Sweden, and with good reason as he has made a name for himself at every level of competition. Forsberg (no relation to former Swedish superstar Peter Forsberg), was born in Ostervala, Sweden, and has been soaring through the draft ranks, currently projected to be chosen in the top five. Forsberg has been referred to as a power forward, due to his six foot two, one hundred and eighty pound frame. However with the way he plays the game it’s been suggested by few scouts that he plays more of a complete style, and is more of a two-way forward who loves to initiate contact. http://www.allhabs.net/canadiens-prospects/christmas-in-june-filip-forsberg/
  12. I would prefer a c but forsberg would be a great as well. We need a forward we look very set with what we have coming in a few years.
  13. Well i do think he did a better job then bob did. he was only here three yrs to bob's 7 and started a a very good rebuild for us. If savard had 7 yrs i think we would be in better shape.
  14. Anyway you look at it we are going to get a great forward pick!!! it is to bad we were shit this year but on the bright side we just might end up with a star or superstar player. I think we all are excited about next year with a fresh start and a good chance to right so wrongs that were made this year.
  15. Well he did do some good moves and some bad as well i don't think he sucks as a gm. i wish he was our coach again
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