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  1. The team that'll probably offer the most and need Petry is Toronto. And unlike Ottawa, I'm perfectly fine with in division trading. I'll even hold a chunk of cap back if Toronto makes the right offer. They got quite a few high draft right handed defencemen and forwards like Grundstrom and Korshkov who might struggle to crack their top nine just due to a logjam of forwards. Give up some quality, I'll be fine moving Petry to the Leafs.
  2. Technically he's ready. But there is zero point to play him as an 18 year old. Give him his tryout games, send him back to Finland, he can come in next season a little heavier with a shot at the Calder.
  3. Yeah, and a lot of those players sucked, were out of the league in their 20s, and wouldn't have cracked other rosters. Again, if you are trying to make this about the GMs trading second round picks away you are only arguing with yourself. Timmins actual picks between 2008 and 2014 have been extremely weak. 2003-2007 was strong with exception to 2006. 2015 on remains to be seen and could save some face for him but it doesn't change the fact he isn't irreplaceable. The last time he drafted a legitimate number one centre? Jason Spezza, who is now close to retirement.
  4. I guess you missed the words "I doubt" when you were rushing to reply. And clearly he didn't quit. He was proud of the Tinordi pick.
  5. I only focus on the picks he made. It would be unfair to criticize him for things he had nothing to do with. The exception being Jarred Tinordi, who they gave up a 2nd to move up and select. I doubt that was Gainey doing it all on his own while Timmins screamed and threatened to quit if it happened. He wanted Tinordi and likely suggested it was better to select him than what was available with our first and second.
  6. I don't take away his good picks nor do I act like everything has to be a winner. But he has been at this for 15 years. He has had a lot of disappointment first round selections. He used to pick college players to have their rights longer but that didn't mean he got the best players. His record at centre for the first decade is straight up atrocious and a big reason why we struggle down the middle is the lack of quality centres drafted in our system. Since 2003 the best right wingers he has drafted have been a 5th round pick gem and his first ever first round pick in 2003. But hey get a load of the defencemen and left wingers and goalies! I review the good and the bad. Too many try to blame the bad on the GM. They can't just say we got a flawed draft master. And yeah I want him out because again, after 15 years, I don't feel like we got a guy who cannot be replaced. That isn't to say he hasn't done a great job at times or that he didn't have a legendary draft in 2007. I just don't believe that his 15 years is so good we can't move on.
  7. I was sure he was going for Shinkaruk, not Rychel. If he gets moved for Freddie Gauthier I'll giggle.
  8. Which was the right decision looking at that pick, unless you think he was going to take Aho (which after drafting Scherbak the year prior and Timmins in interviews admitting they look at positional needs just as much as BPA I highly doubt) but it has seemed to be historically true that Timmins and now Churla get to pretty much operate on their own with only input from the GM. It is just comical to me that Timmins is mostly celebrated for the 2007 draft and otherwise has a mediocre first round pick record overall, and anytime you point out his mistakes, oh that must have been Gainey or Gauthier or Bergevin. Meanwhile none of those guys will ever get credit for the good picks, not even Gainey who was given the choice of Marc Staal and Carey Price by Timmins and took Carey. It's always look at the great job Timmins has done... except when he hasn't, which must have not been him.
  9. Same Timmins who drafted Fischer, Tinordi, O'Byrne, Conboy, and Thrower among others. Are we gonna claim GM on every bad pick he makes? We have reports of the GM wanting a guy and Timmins not taking him, like Galchenyuk instead of Reilly. But hey, let's keep the mythology of Timmins going?
  10. I had been saying that for years but people act like the difference between a 25th overall pick and a 34th overall pick is a franchise forward and a bottom six grinder. The McCarron pick was too early, DLR was bad draft philosophy (you don't take the guy who has trouble scoring with good defensive IQ in the top 50), and Fucale was a goalie gamble. Crisp was a terrible selection based on a single mythological story. Lehkonen was a solid pick, Andrighetto, and Reway were acceptable picks. Gregoire was a late pick. I care less about hindsight drafting and more what the draft philosophy was at the time. And in 2013 we felt pushed around by Ottawa, not needing D due to Tinordi and Beaulieu, and after Price was shaky in 2013 they wanted a just in case high goalie pick. Timmins draft philosophy that year was weak.
  11. The other problem is that the original plan was to draft De la Rose there. McCarron was going to be a 2nd round pick but they heard he was high on Anaheim's list and felt they had a better shot at DLR in the 2nd round.
  12. I said he had the skill to be, not that he is. I would agree that Drouin has the highest ceiling out of anyone offensively. But I love Lehkonen's drive, and I put a lot of stock into how he played against the Rangers in 2017. He would take shots, go after his own rebound, get in tight and pay the price, all while retaining skill and offensive awareness. If he can grow into that, he could become one of our best wingers. Or we mess with him and he plays elsewhere. He also stays out of the box which is an important and overlooked trait in today's game. Hudon is low key good too and I honestly think they should put him at centre. Once we get better centres he can still play wing but I like his game down the middle. I certainly prefer him at centre over Domi or Drouin.
  13. Been an important preseason for Lehkonen. Too many wrote him off after a cold sophomore season. He has the skill to be the best forward on the team. Julien needs to find him a spot and keep him there
  14. Lehkonen from Kotkaniemi. That's what happens when you put the Finns together.
  15. Wait, the Leafs signed Jordan Subban!? I totally missed that. He's been absolutely terrible but hey good luck to him. He was drafted right before Habs picked in the fourth round and took Martin Reway. Probably for the best he never played here.
  16. Armia was Kotkaniemi's idol growing up so I think he's gonna try hard to get Armia on the scoresheet. (Which is still not the weirdest "player grew up idolizing a non-superstar" in Habs history. That goes to Pacioretty, who idolized Jed Ortmeyer. Yup. Jed Ortmeyer.)
  17. Find a friend who has a cell phone with Rogers but doesn't watch hockey and ask to use theirs.
  18. I, like John Lu, am disappointed they didn't go full Finland with Lehkonen - Kotkaniemi - Armia. I haven't seen a lick of Chaput but this is a big shot for him to be the first callup. Shinkaruk... man this is your last shot. You haven't done a thing to get off that fourth line. Better do something big tonight or you'll be for sure in Europe next season.
  19. People are desperate for the Habs to have a 100% win again. The team has had a shadow of doubt for the past couple years. They just want something everyone can agree with was good for this team*. People are exhausted from the punching. Which I get, but we're not responsible for the decisions. I've said it before and I'll say it again, boy would I love to be 100% wrong and have to eat crow every night for dinner. Aside from thinking Nathan Beaulieu would thrive in Buffalo I don't think I've had to eat it very much. Most of my doubts have been confirmed. *Even though I would say the hirings of Bouchard and Ducharme were universally praised by the fanbase, and the trade with the Jets that got Armia was a complete steal.
  20. Personally I prefer Reilly - Petry and Mete - Juulsen as the pairs so I agree with you. Not so much on size but more that Reilly is the new shiny "did we just pick up a top four defenceman for nothing?" and we might as well see what he has before he either flames out like Benn did or does show some mustard. As for size, I personally don't care about size. I just know that's the logic as to why he may play top six in the lineup. He's kind of a Lars Eller/Dale Weise hybrid to me. Probably belongs on the third line but they will see what they can get out of him. He definitely plays though, since he's actually a natural righty. With this current team, my ideal lineup on opening night is probably Byron - Peca - Drouin Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Domi - Hudon - Scherbak Lehkonen - Plekanec - Armia Deslauriers, Ward Reilly - Petry Mete - Juulsen Schlemko - Benn Alzner Price Niemi
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