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  1. Fair enough,but other than PK and our 1st rder,we have no one we could make a significant,team improving trade. Here's what I got: PK,1st rder , and either Eller or Kristo for Eric Stall.We have our big # 1 ctr after 20 yrs.Other than that,realistically Gill to Chicago for a 2nd Moen to Vanc or Pitt for a 3rd,I don't think he's ever got 20 pts for those dreaming of a late 1st AK to Nash or Minn for a 2nd and or tough prospect Kaberle unmovable bc of contract Keep Campoli to fill roster space Keep Weber for same reason and maybe he'll break out,or surpass someone here.
  2. Very small sample,he has 3 assists in 6 games. Earlier this year people were saying the same thing about Spacek in a 10 game sample.
  3. Gainey always said he wanted to surround Saku with big top 6 forwards. He never did.And every analyst,scout, former player and knowledgeable fan wknew we needed this size upgrade ever since we got took 7 games by an inferior,but physical #8 B's team and then k.o'd by Philly in the 07-08 playoffs,as a #1. And our last 3 k.o's have been by the B's or Flyers. Team hasn't been built to go all the way to the cup with the playoff gauntlet.Our defense is still the softest/smallest in the league.Size only matters when you playbig.Look at Gill and Enquist.Begin was much more physical than Blunden or Moen though not that big
  4. Actually they all have relevance for today. The Roy trade started the downward spiral of this organization,and all the other ones he listed are very relevant. I know some of you guys don't want to admit it,but PG was the pro scout and asst. for BG for all the trades BG made.We're turning as irrelevant as any team because of our lack of success the last 18 years
  5. Because right now it doesn't matter. I'm talking the off season/beginning of next year. We can't go sign a $6-7m dman if we're unsure about Markov's availabilty. It can't seem anymore simple then that. Only after he misses X amount of games does that LTIR open up,and by then our season could be sunk.like this year.How can you spend $6-7m on a dman and Markov pronounces himself ready to play.then your over the cap.It's a team game,you can't hold the team and season hostage for a false loyalty to an individual.
  6. When things are going good,Pleks is our best all around forward.Trading him would be a lateral or worse move,considering who we'd probably get back. Also one of the only Habs who play with a mean strek. He'd be a great fit in Philly or Boston
  7. All the "experts" rate our prospects and system pretty low.I rate it as middling.Too many #3 ctrs and small forwards.Beaulieu and Tinordi seem to be our 2 best,imo. I think our prospect depth has been poor since around 07-08. Just another case of Hab fans overrating our team and /or players.Like I've said,we have only 1 player to even get a sniff at the NHL over the last 4 drafts.
  8. Funny you say that. i feel the same way about Diaz,but I do like Weber. I think he's got a raw deal here,and hasn't been developed properly
  9. Well we got nothing for Saku,Souray,Komi and Kovy and they weren't coming off multiple knee surgeries.Now what happens next year? Do we lose another $5.75m in cap space hoping for him to return,and for him to be what he was. It will be basically be 2 full years w/o playing hockey.The defense will be even worse next year,b/c Gill won't be here.At the very least our PK will be worse. I don't like to hold this team hostage for 1 player. We've done that with Price already.It doesn't work,and the rest of the players know it also.
  10. The Gill proposal and Campoli scenarios are the only one's that have a chance.The rest are a little silly. We could have got Konopka for a cheap UFA,and Kelly for Weber ? C'mon
  11. Ribeiro got traded for Niniima,another great deal for this regime
  12. Anaheim would laugh in our faces if we proposed that.We may not even get one of those player with that proposal.And why the hell would you want to hang on to Darsche . I wouldn't mind Moen as a 4th liner,but definitely not 3rd line.Having a decent season(in UFA year) but look at his career and age.
  13. To both those trade proposals... keep dreaming. When people talk trade proposals you need to look at what the opposing GM would do. Too many list trading multiple players of ours who are either having a bad season,overpaid or just plain crap,for another teams star player. Other than PK,along with our 1st,we have no one on our team or system to pick up a player of that calibre. And no,Price won't do it as the trade value of goalies aren't as high as they should be.
  14. I've never questioned his work effort,i just think he's washed up. It's sad or funny that we are rooting for him and just cheering his effort like an underdog. $7.3m underdog,lol
  15. Why are we one of the few teams that can't have a 20 yr old in the line up,instead going for an inferior player because he's older. He's the only player in our last 4 drafts that has played in the NHL. In hindsight,which is 20/20, last night would have been a great game for him to play in
  16. You are right. Kab played 16min/gm Macquaid. 13min. He was 5th in toi,4 min behind Boychuk.He played PP and Mqu got hurt during a couple of games.But i stand corrected. Bruins didn't re-sign him despite giving up a 1st,prospect and having cap space. They went to Corvo instead.That's telling..One stat to point out. I get the 11 assists was a nice . But during the most intense time of year,Kaberle was credited with 4 hits in 25 games.25 playoff games/16 min./gm and FOUR (4) hits. Historical softness,LOL
  17. Gomez has no trade value. Put yourself in another GM's shoes. Weber I hope we keep,but if so will have to move 2 of Campoli,Diaz,Kaberle. You can't go through the playoff gauntlet with such a small/soft D
  18. I agree with the markov bad luck,but was there anyone who was happy with the Gomez deal and the contract.other than the "Gio and Cammi" wouldn't come here" fantasy story. I don't like the fact that BG gave JM the job when Lemaire was interested,and that Robinson never even got a return call when inquiring about being an asst. coach. We also never addressed the issue of getting k.'d by the Flyers or Bruins every year he got benched in a blow-out. I still wish we gave Leblanc the call up
  19. It's beating a dead horse though.Plans should have been made towards the end of last season,this off season to invest $6,7+M/yr on a stud Dman either through trade or UFA.I'd also put him in the top 20,not top 10 because of mediocre playoff performances,and he's never had a Norris nomination.
  20. It doesn't matter your or my opinions of PG which is 180 degrees different. the bottom line is he took a gamble,was wrong,and that is ONE,not the only,contributing factor of this lousy season.A big factor. Campoli was a weak signing,weak player.Betts was a small gamble,but another mistake,since we could have done much better than Enquist/Nokie. Not having a good 4th line is another contributor to this season.if we were 2 pts out of 1st instead of last,I wouldn't hate PG as much,but I blame him,BG and basically the whole management. You have to be held accountable.
  21. One of the reasons for our bad season is the early season failure of PG to put together a 4th line capable of playing 10min a game. There were so many cheap UFA's/and avaialble players to do that.Weber should be on 3rd pair defense and 2nd wave pp.No business on a 4th line. Darsche,Blunden,Enquist,Palushaj and Nokie. There's a reason no one wanted the 3 vets,and the 2 rooks are ill-equipped for NHL 4th line duties
  22. What a patronizing prick.We signed Markie this year to a 3/yr $17m contract. I know that helped kill our chances of acquiring a dman worth $6m/yr in the off-season..And then we got Campoli for insurance and then Kaberle because of that failure. So basically we have $11-12m tied up in that spot. I know you admire the habs management,but I would rather have used that money for an unmatchable offer sheet to a Weber or Stamkos,who would be worth 4 1st rd draft choices.
  23. Maybe the most embarrassing moment to the Habs ON ICE this year was when Orpik smacked Enquist in the face,he did a mini turtle, and skated away at about 100 miles an hour.Demoted a game or two later.
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