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  1. Ha ha. If you're happy in this teams direction then you are one of the reasons we've been mediocre to bad for 15 years.I wish the glass was half empty. It's about empty imo.
  2. Accordin to the "stand up" guys the organization,he should be back playing next week.PGs ast announcement was that he would be back at the end of January.I hope we just cut ties with him and use that money towards a stud dman.Even if you had to offer Weber $8-$10m/yr.
  3. Time will tell,we'll see what happens in the next month. I,for one,am sick of the yearly struggle for a low seed,with no hope of winning the cup.Trading picks for rentals,and losing UFA's for nothing.That's an awful way to run a team
  4. This team sucks this year,. Who TF are you to question anyones fandom ? You seem to be someone who never played the game and just wear pom poms for the home team no matter how they do. I admire the Flyers(and Bruins) organizations because they have a much better plan in place then we do.I hate the B's and aren't crazy about the Flyers. You do know those are the teams that has K.O'd us the last 4 playoffs ? And the topic went to the coaches were right for scratching O'B for Picard,and my counter was Emelin scratches
  5. He's a lawyer ? Oh then that means he's never wrong and his opinion carries more weight than anyone elses. I saw Lucic fight one of Philly "goons" today. I wouldn't call Lucic a goon.Would you ?
  6. Ok Molson DOESN'T want playoff revenue. Does that make you feel better. And PG is doing great and is the man,in tandem with Gainey to lead us to the cup,be perennial contenders.That's the 5 year plan.
  7. "We have eliminated checks "where the head is the principle point of contact" ". Really? Check the NHL concussion list and see how many were from fights and how many were from checks and/or hit to the head. Wouldn't want facts to get in the way of your opinion though
  8. "In any even, anyone who cites Milbury as an example to support his arguement isn't even worth responding to". Grow up and don't respond.Please. Holmgrem is a great GM and I never mentioned elite,just tough guys,many before helmets,who are doing very well
  9. We should eliminate body checking then,because that is where the majority of concussions come from. Look,I love watching fights,especially if there's no injury.So do 95% of players and most hockey fans. And once again,most concussions are caused by bodychecking.
  10. Agreed,but I don't think this organization is going to be sellers. Molson desperately wants that playoff revenue.
  11. I've seen some rumours,but the last player on this team we should trade is Pleks,especially if there's no #1 ctr coming back. he's an excellent two way #2 ctr,and head and shoulders above DD(no pun intended) and Eller at this point of their careers
  12. You're right about Gomez,but Blunden is a younger Darsche.He could have had a pair of goals last night with Gomez' setups. There are many 4th liners who can pot 10+ goals.
  13. Julien, Vigneault,Holmgen,Burke,Gainey,Robinson,Milbury,Cherry off the top of my head were really tough guys and seem to be doing ok. You can pick specific cases to support both sides of any argument
  14. Last I checked,fighting was a part of the game,the teams with the most fight are atop the East.And 95% of players polled want to keep it in the game.That huge.If it's allowed/even encouraged then you might as well be good at it. I didn't see any complaints when White beat Boychuk or Bourque won his fight. Why else are people so enamored about White coming back? Of course you're going to want fighting abolished if your team gets their asses handed to themall the time. Habs need to adapt to the NHL not vice versa.
  15. Coaches scratched Emelin for Campoli,Diaz and Kaberle at various times. The coaches and GMs on this team have been awful,which is why we are awful. So you're saying our goalies don't get run any more than other teams?
  16. Why,when comparing D-men are people only pointing out offensive stats/pt totals ? I'll take Seabrook over any of those(except Chara) and he's at 3 12 15 last I checked
  17. Most of the Habs played well/to their ability. These leaf/Hab games do lack passion and energy lately. They mentioned only 2 fights in their last 14 games.I thinks the fans are more passionate about this so-called "rivalry" than the players. Living in the US I don't consider TO a rival
  18. O'Byrne would make a mistake and then be benched by JM.You can be enamored by the shrimps like Diaz,Weber and Campolis 'puckhandling". BTW they suck as defenseman also and bring zero physicality with as many mistakes as OB.I'll take the guy who can at least get opposing forwards thinking twice about freewheeling around the net. he did suck as a 6'6" fighter,but would still beat anyone on this team and would stick up for anyone.
  19. How about both. Emelin is a great hitter,but intimdated no one from running our goalies.Do you see players running Thomas when Chara is on the ice ?
  20. I think you're right but the first thing we need is a capable management.We don't need a total rebuild as some suggest but we have some real deadwood and like you said,some rentals that could net us alot of draft picks.Darsche,Gomez,Blunden and Campoli all have to go and be upgraded.They are not NHL players.Markovs contract needs to be addressed,and then the UFA deadline dumps.
  21. He turtled against Florida too. I've played competetively. Slewfooting is chickensh*t. Dirty like Corson,Chelios,Nilan,Tremblay,or Neely, Tocchet,Ryan even Lucic is one thing,PK is falling into the Lemieux,Marchand,Linesman,Samuelsson category which is puke hockey. he has the ability to be a perrenial Norris trophy and even MVP candidate if he follows the right path. Yapping,diving and slewfooting isn't it. If you're gonna pull that crap then you should be ready to fight
  22. Never scored 30,his totals .. 26,23,15,20 and a whopping 11g 9a 20 pts this year.He's a 20 goal scorer,lazy on defense,no hockey IQ,inconsistent,disappears in the playoffs and gets as much ice time as any of the forwards,when he's not dogging it. Get what you can and move on
  23. 2nd and a mid prospect is the most you get for AK.His inconsistency and lack of playoff success coupled with being a UFA is well known
  24. 36 points in 27 playoff games is PROVEN PLAYOFF PRODUCTION. O'Byrne never got a fair chance and he would drop the gloves and clear the crease,two important things Emelin won't do
  25. That's greasy,slewfooting. it's not a facewash or punch in the head. Als Those 3 players fought many times,and with success. other than lemieux,they didn't dive and corson and Cheloios NEVER turtled. bad comparisons
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