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  1. Leblanc's goal was a beauty. I really think Eller's going to pretty damn good for us. Any news on Weber?
  2. I swear if you take out any emotional attachments to the games it makes them easier to watch. Expect screw-ups, expect losses, and you won't be disappointed. They almost become entertaining. My hopes for this team were so high. When we had trouble at first I kept thinking it was due to growing pains and that in a short time everything would click and everything would be fine....little did I know. I remember one of the writers from THN (Proteau?) put the Habs at 8th. The guy got roasted for it. Now we'd kill to be there.
  3. God I hope so. That's my Christmas wish this year. To make me feel even better Santa, let Boston pick him up. If only.
  4. You are sadly very wrong. "And with the second overall pick, the Montreal - excuse me, there has been a trade - the second overall pick goes to Toronto along with a second round pick in 2012 and a third round pick in 2013 and in exchange Montreal gets Michael Komisarek." Oh would we all love to see the press conference after that one.
  5. I'd take him as well if given the chance. He seems to really love this city so maybe it would work out? Another guy I'd love to have here is Eric Staal.
  6. Ah, but look on the bright side...that means we are now in the Age of The Empire and soon "A New Hope" will be upon us. Hopefully that won't be a 20 year period like the films were. I
  7. I'd rather be in the thick of things than where we are now believe me. I'm just so disappointed in this season that I can't take the heartbreak anymore. When you've gotten yourself away from the connection, it does make watching our games easier for me. I still find things to be exciting, but sadly for the wrong reasons. I keep expecting some other horrible thing to happen this year. As for the disgrace part. Yeah it is a disgrace that this has happened at all. But at least (hopefully) this is a turning point and from here on it will get a lot better. It may not be soon, but good stuff is coming.
  8. I was at the dentist a few years ago and he worked on a cavity and did the work then he noticed I had a small cavity on another tooth. He said "ah, let's just do this right away". No freezing even. It wasn't a big cavity but my god was it painful. It only lasted a few seconds but I felt like Dustin Hoffman. The whole time he was laughing and saying "oh it's not too bad..." Uh, yeah it was. Another fun painful moment was when I was teen I landed on a metal pipe. My full body went straight down on it and what was inbetween that metal pipe and my body? Yep. Talk about pain. I rolled around on the ground screaming and my cousin was laughing his ass off the whole time (although I would have laughed too if it had been him). I could not sit down normally for a few weeks and I had a bruise the size of dinner plate for weeks that turned every color you can imagine. The worst was sometimes forgetting about it and floping down on the couch. I'd then get a nice little jolt of pain that went through my whole body.
  9. Why thank you. I'm a big Star Wars nerd and I love the Habs so it just felt natural.
  10. Don't you find that liberating? You can really enjoy games that way. I'll watch hockey whenever I get the chance (regardless of who is playing) and I find when you take that emotional attachment out of it you can appreciate the game even more. It's at the point now where if we win it's a nice little treat. If we don't, oh well. When Price let in that first goal I knew it was going to end bad (although I don't blame Price for the loss). His body language after that goal almost said he knew it as well.
  11. I would love to see Crosby as a Hab. I wish we would go out and make a play for him when the time comes (as long as it doesn't cost us too much). I'd be curious to know what Pittsburg would want for him right now if a team were to try to make a trade for him. Not just from us but from any team. Since there are big health concerns you would think his value has diminished somewhat.
  12. Pierre is a bit of a nut sometimes but I'm willing to take a chance on him. We can't do any worse than we have for the last 20 years. I know that could be famous last words but at this point I'm willing to try anything to get this team to turn it around already and get us back up there as a serious contender. I am so tired of mediocre hockey in Montreal. PM may be just what we need.
  13. Well at least this time if he scores he won't be benched after it. Least I hope so.
  14. That's really lousy on their part (Xbox). I can understand the reasoning behind it but doing this just seems like a real dick move. I wouldn't get an Xbox right away anyways because god only knows what will be wrong with it. My worry is that discs will be eliminated completely (on whatever system). I don't want to download everything. I want the actual disc in my hands because I don't trust them to build a machine that will actually last.
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