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  1. I find it funny that before the PK Weber trade all the experts at TSN loved poking holes in Pk's game, always saying he was dynamic but to inconsistent and prone to errors. Weber was always highly praised and there was no way Subban could be better than Weber. Now since the trade, it seams that PK's stock at TSN has skyrocketed and there's no way he isn't better than Weber. Not saying I agree or disagree but just that the media seamed to really change their tune fast after the trade.
  2. He only just turned 21 and has already played in the NHL. Should we be so quick to dismiss the possibility of offensive improvement. He was and early 2nd rounder.
  3. Could you imagine if this happens at the bell center? Funny how nobody on the bench even reacted. Just a lil glance from a single teammate.
  4. That is exactly how this looks to me. Patrick Roy 2.0. I wish we could hear the truth from players like Pacioretty, Gallagher and Price instead of the constant stream of BS from Bergevin.
  5. Make me think they are likely to sign Lucic now too.
  6. I know larsson was highly touted but from what ive herad he looks more like a 3 or 4 at this point. If I was an Oilers fan I would be not be a happy camper. Makes we wonder is Habs couldn't have put together. Emelin, Beaulieu and next years 1st?
  7. If the AAV was 3.6 everyone would be really happy with the deal so i don't think that 300K takes it from good to terrible. He is better than Prust and Prust got 2.5 four years ago. Age 24-30 should be some of the best of his career.
  8. I would have preferred Jost, I have not hear a single bad thing about him.
  9. This is really just a feeling on my part but I feel that it is easier to get good D men in the later picks then it is to get good forwards. I would have preferred to see a forward picked. Should the russian factor be a concern?
  10. I hope he gets asked about this when he is on TSN 690 later.
  11. So what do you guys think, would it be worth it / possible to trade Juulsen and the 9th pick for the 4th pick? or are we just as well of keeping Juulsen and the 9th pick?
  12. Assuming we don't trade up and the predicted forwards go in the top six, I'm thinking Jost is our best bet? I haven't heard anything bad about him so far, he would be my choice.
  13. If Bleackley goes unsigned, does he re-enter the draft or become UFA? If he re-enters the draft where would he likely be picked? Any particular reason he has not signed yet?
  14. I think they were happy to let Mccann go because they know they can draft a better forward in a few weeks. Also the fan base in Vancouver is very fickle so they get a d-man that can play now instead of waiting for a prospect to develop and the team should stay a bit more competitive.
  15. No. It was a longer than normal shift though, maybe 1:15, but if anything they were out there to get an empty netter for Chuck.
  16. Admittedly I have never seen Danault play and I know basically nothing about him but based on looking at his numbers and TSN bio I am disappointed. Weiss would have been an ideal player to fill a spot on the third line. Maybe after a brief chat they figured it was going to cost way to much. If he wasn't injured, Mtl should have thrown in the third member of that line as well, since they started the season so strong together.
  17. too bad the review had to happen after the Jackets ice the puck and were gassed. Galchenyuk and Gallagher belong together, they should be the new Patch and DD.
  18. We'd better not see another single shift with Galchenyuk on the wing, he's going to have to figure it out eventually. Much of the optimism at the start of the season was because DD was supposed to be THIRD line. Patch Chuck Gllagher DD Pleck Weise Fleish Eller Ghetto Flyn Mitchel DSP I admitt I haven't watched every single game, but this was the worst that I've seen. It really looked like a group that has given up The status quo cannot continues something or anything has to be to shake up this team or at least give the impression to the fan base that management is awake.
  19. That last 7-8 minutes looked like a team that has quit on the coach and the season.
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