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  1. Not sure we want to reference Edmonton as the model for success + Lowe's made some enemies with offer sheets and most likely didn't want to risk it - having said that Eberle is well worth it but agree Halls injury problems make that questionable. Canes threw $7MM at Semin - again maybe not the best franchise to follow but Skinner was an all star as a rookie and is getting paid for what he's done not what he might do. I don't think MB is 100% convinced PK is a can't miss star - either that or he's really sticking to the 2 year deal post ELC otherwise I think a deal would be done by now unless he's not finished finding work for his unemployed Hawks alumni
  2. Seems like the rest of the GMs are making their premiere RFAs sweat too with the new CBA hopefully coming sometime... I'm with the 2x $3.5MM and let him earn the long term/big money deal
  3. Leblanc has scored at every level, yeah he only had 10 pts in his rookie year but that was only in half a season in a limited role Seguin only had 22 as a rookie over the full year I think Louis is either the answer at left or 3rd line centre this year or he's better off in the minors like Pacs did cause he's top 6 potential
  4. Emelin's put up decent points elsewhere, even led the 2006 WJC in D scoring and at this years WC he had 4 pts in 9 GP Think paired with a healthy Markov 20-30 points isn't out of reach
  5. All depends on who ends up as his wingers but with the addition of Prust & Armstrong taking over some of his defensive duties and coming off a couple of subpar seasons I'm looking for a strong bounceback year from Plekanec If he can return to 70 points I think we'll be in good shape
  6. They've got best offensive/defensive forward trophies, boggles my mind they don't have best offensive/defensive defencemen trophies yet to end these debates that have gone on 30 years to Coffey's days and probably even before I hate the Bs but hard time calling Bourque overrated, I'm a big PK fan but if there's one thing I wish he would learn from Ray is importance of getting the puck through to the net, even if it's only a wrister - like a golf coach once told me, stop trying to be John Daly with your backswing - the 300 yard drive looks great when it happens 1/20 times - same thing for Subban, his stick to the rafters windup looks awesome when he slams it home but the rest usually miss, get blocked, and no doubt scare the hell out of teammates trying to screen the goalie. That might come with maturity - it hasn't with me and my golf game, hit 2 fairways last week...
  7. Sweet thanks for that! Money well spent if there's no NHL and still probably if there is and Galchenyuk is back in Sarnia
  8. Most I've looked forward to a season to start to answer all these questions in a very long time but dumb & dumber are looking to screw that up with a lockout At least you guys got junior and minor league, without NHL Game Centre all I've got down under is rugby and cricket Managed to stream the Memorial Cup this year, anyone know of a site that carries CHL regular season?
  9. Doubt many had Karlsson pegged for a Norris before his breakout last year and Phaneuf should've had a few on his mantle by now according to the experts so hard to predict Not a stretch for the Habs to pick up their PP and Subban get and extra 20-30 points as he develops. If Karlsson comes back to earth nobody else was running away with it.
  10. That's huge if it's true, to turn down a chance to go to a perennial contender and 1st class team like the Wings would be tough regardless if you felt you were getting jerked around by your current team If I was MB hard not to reward that kind of loyalty
  11. If PK refuses to sign maybe you trade him but that's highly unlikely and I'd want a boatload in return RFAs don't have any options except sitting out and even that rarely happens anymore cause it just hurts their development or they end up traded anyways like Turris, if Subban likes Montreal as much as he says doubt he risks being exiled to wherever MB might choose, Edmonton for example - no offence to the Edmontonians, great mall you have there but insanely cold winters Maybe an offer sheet comes out if another GM wants to take advantage of the feud but if it hasnt yet with Phillys blueline looking like the Habs in 2010 its also unlikely I see MB sticking to the 2 year deal the rest have signed but upping the $ some to $3.5
  12. Hope you are sitting down cause I agree with that As for Gagner and Paajaarvi tough to know, Sam stuck cause he was the SO specialist and Paajarvi probably got lost in the numbers last year and regressed, maybe a change of scenery would help both
  13. I've got zero issue with Galchenyuk playing in Montreal this year if he's ready, just saying if he's not ready enough to crack our not-so stacked centre ice position why move him to the wing just because he's our best option there when we are not expecting to compete and he's touted as the centremen we've been waiting nearly 2 decades to get. Different story if he hadn't missed last year, by all means have him up and play wherever if he's out grown junior to get him exposed to the NHL, I've never seen him play outside of highlights so no clue where he's at in development. As for the Edmonton comparison their best fwd played an extra year junior and it didn't hurt Eberle while Nuge & Hall have both missed considerable time, Gagner has never fulfilled potential and Paajarrvi will probably end up back in Sweden after being rushed. Different for all players
  14. I dont think it will ruin him but Seguin also didn't miss a year of junior If they at least gave Alex some spot duty at centre maybe but don't want him to go nearly 2 years of prime development without playing there and then hope he can flick the switch
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