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  1. Carey Price was stellar in the shootout! Here's hoping the offence can follow suit from here on out... something tells me we'll need to win a lot of 2-1, 3-2 games.
  2. Mirtle touches on the subject of injuries this season... an epidempic! http://www.fromtherink.com/2009/11/17/1162...injury-epidemic
  3. Habs should bring back Richard Zednik and Oleg Petrov! I miss those guys. Habs will win tonight, but Price will let in some weird ones... 4-3 Habs.
  4. Yeah, here's a good site to follow up on prospects: http://habsprospects.hockeyhq.net/
  5. How bad is this game? Seriously... I'm not watching... so any info would be good
  6. 5-1 win for the Habs Gomez with 2 goals!
  7. Poutine and Ketchup chips... awesome. Dude, just put ketchup on plain chips... seriously, its not the same, but it tastes good too! I do it all the time. BUT... I'm a total Ketchup freak and put ketchup on everything I eat. I don't like the taste of food, I only like the taste of Ketchup. True Story™.
  8. What? They don't have Ketchup chips in the States? What? WHAT? WAHTATHAT!>!>!>!?
  9. I kept Koivu there for awhile, but changed it up to Tomas Plekanec about a week or two ago.
  10. I was half right... maybe if Mara didn't try to decapitate Price we would have seen the shutout.
  11. Yeahp, according to Habs I/O: http://www.habsinsideout.com/main/24015
  12. oH sHoot! I forgot about him. *changes vote to Metropolit!*
  13. Magic Maca here... guaranteeing a Habs' win and Carey Price shutout in the desert. Reason: New poppy mask. Post away!
  14. Cleaning up. Happened to a friend of mine actually He had a modded X360
  15. The ones controlled on d-pad? I accidently hit some and nextg thing I know I had all my guys attacking haha
  16. My online time is sort of scattered... I was only on yesterday because I skipped out on two of my classes because I was too sick to go in, lol. Lol yeah, you wrecked havoc on my guys, and I still don't know how to score, but still managed the win . Good thing I got that second goal, haha, when you got your goal I was getting worried.
  17. So, anyone like these Jerseys? I'm watching on a crappy video of the game, but they look good so far... anyone watching in HD? Still look good?
  18. Anyone know where I can watch this one..... online ? PM me
  19. Just played against Hannes online, fun stuff!
  20. My guess is that with as much school work I have right now, I'll be doing most of my playing in December... so yeah
  21. Maybe the $2.5M calculation includes the "extra incentives" in its calculation.
  22. Sooo, I just got NHL10 in the mail (Finally) via Goozex. Who has it? Who wants to start a team?
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