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  1. I'm just saying if the best players on the team are playing like crap, why bother giving then more ice time. It might not assure the team a win as you said it but the rookies are jumping on the ice and are playing to try to prove something that they can indeed be scoring threats. Of course, Julien doesn't play these guys. He plays his best players that are doing jack shit on the ice.
  2. ah yes, but Tony...what? If I tell you that I'm going to have to kill you j/k Think of it like Madonna - just a one name person
  3. That's easy, my real name is Tony
  4. Lucky Luke got scratched because he seems to be having problems with his legs. Don't know the specifics but probably over the years of playing and he seems to have a hard time skating and keeping up with his teammates. Should be taken into account that Frolov and Cammelarie (that's definetly not the way you spell his name) are fast mofos.
  5. Edmonton was criticized when they picked Dubnyk. Dubnyk was rated in the lower top five of the goalie prospects in his year and he got picked ahead of some guys. At the time he got drafted I remember some TSN analysts were wondering why Edmonton picked Dubnyk (big in size) over Corey Scheiner (small but better than Dubnyk). If I remember right Pogge was drafted in the third round :|
  6. When I joined the board, I remember that only a few threads a day were active, now there's so many that I can't keep up Nice to see HW boards growing.
  7. Thanks buddies 1000 points, oh the memories
  8. Hall of Famer Tony:) Why thanks you You know where to reach me for PP help
  9. Holy crap Big Bert ? That's the type of stuff Gainey pulls out of no where like the Kovalev trade. The way the Habs are currently playing I don't mind if they get Sykora just depends for who obviously
  10. Awesome Welcome to the boards, always nice to talk to more Habs fans.
  11. Oh man something tells me Leaf fans will be trash talking soon :| "LOL POGGE GOT PICKED AND PRICE GOT CUT LOL"
  12. If you think that Ribeiro, Dagenais, Zednik, Ryder and Bulis are the Habs' best players right now then you are in for a shock. If anything, it's the freakin' rookies who are going on the ice and are busting their asses off to score goals or to make things happen. Like I said before, everything Perezhogin is on the ice for example you see him playing with his heart on his sleeve and trying anything to spark up some offence. Then there's guys like Dagenais who bitched and moaned for ice time in the beginning of the season because he was constantly being scratched and when he does get the minutes he had asked for what does he do? He sits his ass in the slot waiting for someone to make him a pass and does nothing else. Doesn't even move to make himself an opening for the puck, he stands right between the opposing defence. Edit: I didn't know if you heard this or not but last night during an interview Claude Julien actually called out Dagenais, Ribeiro, Zednik and Ryder (not sure about Bulis) because of their poor playing recently and said the way these guys have been playing is inacceptible in a time when their the ones who are supposed to elevate their game. [Edited on 2005/12/17 by Tony]
  13. When I was listening to the beginning of the Pens - Sabres game on TSN, one guy made an interesting comment. He said "The great thing about Michel Therrien becoming the coach of the Pens is that he was their coach in their minor league team in the AHL and he knows his players and knows who can cut it or not." Then it got me thinking, did Claude Julien coach the Habs' minor team at one point? Doesn't he know the players? He has Jarvis has an assistant, I mean common this doesn't make sense why they get so little ice time despite them actually producing.
  14. I like how some of the best players of the game got so little ice time and that the ones who played like crap played so much more than they deserved.
  15. Good news for Chipper. Price getting cut is a load of bullshit if you ask me.
  16. Good one...but it's so true
  17. Go Habs Go! Can't wait for Koivu vs Koivu I hope Marc Chouinard doesn't score a hat trick :|
  18. Tony_


    I don't get why he didn't like Gretzky =/
  19. I'm not hitting the panic button yet when it comes to Claude Julien but I am getting ticked off about the mis-use of the rookies. These guys barely get any ice time when Koivu and Kovalev are not in the line up. I doubt they'll get more time when both return. I'm sure most of you people have somewhat followed our prospects throughout the year, I know in my case I was high on Higgins, Perezhogin and Plekanec getting a shot in the NHL because of what I've heard or seen of them in the minors. It's now getting frustrating when I see Dagenais on the ice doing a whole lot of nothing when you see guys like Perehogin bolting on the ice and trying to split the other team's defense and trying to make something happen.
  20. I don't think that's happening if he's not on the roadtrip with the team =/
  21. I read that article this morning, nice to see his side of things. On a site notes there's a nice picture of him and his kid, you could see the enthusiasm.
  22. That's good news, but the cap will eventually go down. I doubt teams will spend near the limit.
  23. Should be interesting, Therrien doesn't take crap from anyone.
  24. That sucks :| Oh well good news if he's coming back in time to play versus Ottawa
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