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  1. Nice! He doesn't even need to bring equipment on the road, since Gionta isn't using his.
  2. Looks great, but eventually it turns to.... well, look her up now. :puke:
  3. Now if you'd just learn to read the rest of my post.
  4. Pouliot does play centre and it is his preferred position. Maybe that's why he has had a hard time to find his way so far playing out of his comfort zone.
  5. I was in the same boat a few years back with a Theodore jersey, so this season I decided with the cap shrinking (possibly) and Gainey allowing 10-13 guys to walk away I would be safer to go with a classic and I bought a 1915 (CA jersey) with #9 and "Richard" on it
  6. Well there's a big centre with an elite talent level. Big question is the same that followed Lats.... can he do it in the NHL? Oh.... and SK gets the call up !!! YAY!!!!!
  7. It is true though. Gainey is responsible for Losing Streit because the salary cap is his fault. ryder didn't score because Gainey wasn't telling him how to do it. The prospects aren't being developed well because he isn't helping them on the ice or getting accustomed to the pro life...... you name it, it's been said.
  8. I hear ya there. The Habs are the most penalized team in the league and have the fewest penalties called for them.... almost time for a conspiracy theory or two
  9. If you're implying seeing 2012.... yeah I was unlucky enough
  10. That isn't the way you can build anything except for the Leafs farm system.... a full 23 man roster of big non-talented players. Why rely on luck just to get a 3rd-4th liner, they are the easiest to sign UFA.
  11. So Vinny for Plex, both Kosty's and a Weber/Subban type? HAHAHAHA! Are you insane? Plex is scoring more than Vinny and has more use as well. Best case scenario considering his contract and performance is Plex and SK (or Carle) with a pick, or Plex and Weber.
  12. No different than Pittsburgh and the Fleury, Malkin, Crosby, Staal, and Gonchar contracts though.
  13. You can't consider him damaged goods no matter how bad he plays this year after just one season anymore then we did with Plex having one horrid year.
  14. Well if Plex's value is high then the "with" would be lower. Maybe S.K or a pick or Carle who knows.
  15. Sure I agree there, but only in a perfect habs world could that happen. You need to give to get in the NHL and no one wants Gomez unless it is for free (almost)
  16. Old horse but Plex might be at the highest trade value of his career. Couple that with Vinny getting less ice time then Ryan freaking Malone and you have a possible move that could be made (assuming of course that TB will actually take salary back which is unlikely). One worth exploring at least.
  17. You can argue this both ways. The team was a first seed, then came in well under expectations with all but the same team in the final year. That year wasn't a bad year, it was a bad half year and that is all. You can blame the 100th anniversary or the young party boys or the Russian mob, or a few NYC jagoffs, whatever, the point is that something happened there that is a truely uncommon event and that would have been year two of contention. There is no way you start a seaon off like they did and completely melt down any other way.
  18. "The guys on defence did a great job, I didn't have to face too many shots," Rinne said. "Obviously you have your good saves and your moments, but it was one of the easier games that we have had this year so far." Nuff said. :puke:
  19. No scout EVER gets it right 100% of the time. But it's nice you have thrown Kostitsyn and Pacioretty under the bus so quickly.
  20. This thread is the reason this board is dying Disgusting
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