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  1. Maybe it's something to give him extra activities so he doesn't have the time to go out on the town.
  2. Caught me by suprise, but I must admit it looks good on him and he does look happy (I know it's an EA sports jersy )
  3. I know Kane's from Buffalo, but I highly doubt he recognized him. I've stood outside many rinks near "avid fans" when they are looking for autographs and 75% of those die hards have no idea what a player looks like without his helmet on (or has to ask who they are). Add to that all the circumstances I listed and the odds are quite low. I'm not saying Kane actually did anything (maybe just his cousin, and I'm sure not over the reported $.20 cents owed) but you have to admit, it seems pretty bad for Patrick at this point, circumstantial or not.
  4. Yeah so he cut up his face, broke his glasses and called the cops because he recognized a CHICAGO player in Buffalo that looks like he's 12 years old in the daytime, at 4 am
  5. Thanks for the questions guys. Look for the interview Wednesday on the HW front page!
  6. I'm argumentitive today so, I think it's a complete waste of skill to have S. Kostitsyn on the 4th line. Not only is he not an energy type guy but anything he can create offensively will never go into the net with those two pulling the trigger... for that role he might as well be on the farm , traded, or waived. (obviously the last two options is just me being a dick) Also, I'd waive Metro before I left Pacioretty off the team.
  7. Ok, since I am doing the interview today, I'll call an end to the questions for Mac. Look for the interview on the HW front page monday morning. Last call on D'Agostini questions!
  8. Thery are one in the same.... a script contains the plot. If the plot/storyline holds water the script can be manipulated by the studio to make the product they feel is necessary. It's apples and oranges, not Brain Surgury and tying your shoes.
  9. I didn't look for it and I assumed if it was there somewhere, another poster would show me the way. As for the 360 thread being multi-consoled, I had no idea. I usually didn't bother because I don't have a 360.... but this changes everything.
  10. I know that since Chips signed a one way deal that he will stay but IMO Pacioretty and S. Kostitsyn have proven way more then Chips or D'Agostini have at the NHL level and have "earned" more as a result. Unfortunately it won't play out that way.
  11. I know you consider yourself an expert on movies and the details involved in the making of films, but I can't agree with anything you said there. If plot means jack and it could still become a good movie (and assuming "good" means also a box office draw that doesn't lose money on the project) then studio's wouldn't have to reject thousands of screen plays every month nor would they feel the need to be as picky when choosing a project to work on. The reason for this is the general public not only wants to be entertained, but they also want to have something to follow, not a pretty way of filming a scene, or a dramatic use of lighting. The people who want to see that are few and far between, and that doesn't turn a profit, making the movie a flop. The entire idea behind cinema is to entertain through story and do it in such a way that you can still apply the visuals that you want to portray. Many fans appreciate and notice the style and cinematography involved in scenes (myself being included) but that isn't enough to warrant the prices charged for theaters, dvd's or even rentals unless there is something else to it. If it was all about imagry and perception the internet has billions of stills, clips, and projections to keep those few I referenced earlier satisfied.
  12. Even though this was likely posted in another thread already (Likely Xbox360 thread, I'm a PS3 guy ) I'm going to post this anyway..... All I can say is WOW. http://nhl.easports.com/media.action?video...Oe83bD8ByaOdb1H I can't wait for that one!
  13. I think he meant that the comparison is actually magnified ecause scoring in junior is slightly easier then in the NHL
  14. That will likely be an off the record question and never make it into print. I am also curious for the answer even if I am the only one to know it.
  15. Ummm yeah! Until we see the on ice product we are the Rangers from 96 until the salary cap.... look good on paper.
  16. I loved From Dusk til Dawn. Not in my top 10 or anything.... but Fun and entertaining
  17. Matt D'Agostini has agreed to do an interview with me later this week, so as per usual, ask the questions you want answered! Where to send the questions?.... 3 ways to do it. PM me, post here, or send them to my email : m.godbout@habsworld.net To save a little time and duplicate questions I always ask Personal Profile questions like the other interviews I have done. they are usually as follows: How do you like to spend your free time? What is your favourite Music group? What is your favourite movie? What is your favourite food? What’s your biggest pet peeve? What do your teammates tease you about the most? Do you have a nickname? What was your first hockey related Christmas present? Are you superstitious, or do you have any pregame rituals? Who is your best friend in hockey? If you didn't play hockey, what would be your dream job? Who was your favourite NHL team growing up?
  18. Granted, but after replacing almost 50% of your team, does "a lock for the playoffs" sound like a feasable assumption at this point? It doesn't in my views.
  19. I know the waiver issues that face some of the players, but the team needs 2 big bodies with actual scoring potential. One on the top line (as Martin has said numerous times) and one to play with Lappy and Moen or the 3rd line. Right now, those two guys are Latendresse and Pacioretty. Do you hurt the teams performance or potential by letting waivers dictate your lines?
  20. hmmm, the line up is Martin's guess but I'll give it a go Pacioretty-Gomez-Gionta Cammalleri-Plekanec-A.Kostitsyn Latendresse-Lapierre-Moen Metropolit-Chipchura-D'Agostini Laraque (injured as usual/always) Injury call ups....S.Kostitsyn, Stewart Markov-Mara Hamrlik-Spacek Gill-Gorges O'Byrne Price Halak Moen with Lats and Lappy is a scary 3rd line that no one will want to play against.
  21. What? So because we teach every kid to shoot they can all score the same? This is a fundamental of the game and one that is focused on in prctices and training at every level. I can't actually believe there is someone who follows the sport and doesn't realize it is one of the most important aspects of the game. After coaching for a long period and being involved in hockey for a very long period I can safely say there isn't a coach involved in the sport that will agree with you.
  22. There are no "suck" questions. Ask what you want to know
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