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  1. I guess you guys weren't fans of Roger Doucet?
  2. Why is RDS not showing the anthems? Also, instead of having the talking heads at the opening...please just show the walk on with nat sound up so viewers at home can soak in the atmosphere of the start.
  3. I don't want to pay for a bunch of games I won't likely watch. For $60...I can watch every Habs game....that's all I need.
  4. Where do you live? You surely would have access with Bell Fibe or Shaw Direct? I couldn't imagine not having access to all 82 games. We've basically had access to all Habs games ere in Timmins since mid-1980s...with SRC, TVA, and TQS until RDS took over.
  5. That's the thing...I thought that as well...but the sound does not come from the bench doors....because I have heard the annoying sound effect while the bench doors are closed. The sound effect is very loud and only hear it on RDS.
  6. If you live outside the Canadiens viewing region, like I do, your cable/satellite provider should offer what it called the 'french package' of Centre Ice for $59,99 for the season....which allows you access to all Habs games on RDS on an alternate feed. I also pay $3.00 a month for access to TVA Sports for Saturday night games.
  7. Is it just me, or does anyone else hear a swinging and slamming door sound effect while watching the games on RDS? I hear it several times a game and it is very annoying. I do not hear it happen while watching the games on TVA Sports or Sportsnet. I am sure it cannot be heard inside Bell Centre. Can anyone explain this or contact RDS and ask about this annoyance? Merci bien.
  8. Is it a sound effect from in house audio system? Why is it happening? I need to contact Canadiens game production people to make it stop.
  9. I watch every Habs game on RDS and TVA Sports...and during every game I swear I hear a swinging door slam shut several times during the game. I am positive that it is not the player bench door or penalty box door slamming shut. Am I wrong in thinking that the swinging door noise I hear is a canned sound effect? It drives me crazy. Does anyone else hear this?
  10. I have just seen a spot on RDS...they're showing all pre-season games...would be nice to see the RED vs. White game as well.
  11. Can anyone tell me definitively if the intrasquad game and all pre-season games will be televised?
  12. I used to work for the local cable TV station here...I still have a few friends working for the cable company...I like to think that my lobbying...as well as the large number of Canadiens fans in northern Ontario...convinced the cable company to provide the $60 RDS package for Habs and Sens games. I mean...this market has been accustomed to having access to all Habs regular season and playoff games since the early 1980's.
  13. I live in Timmins, ON...so I had to pay an extra $60 to my cable provider (Eastlink) in order to get all of the RDS games last season. Prior to 2014-15...we got all of the games on RDS on regular digital cable. TVA Sports sucks...I wish RDS still had exclusive rights. I would rather listen to 98.5 FM radio than watch games on TVA Sports.
  14. Does anyone know if RDS will be telecasting all of the pre-season games...including the intrasquad game on September 20, 2015?
  15. Thanks to my constant lobbying and my contacts with the cable company, Eastlink Cable is now offering the 'french package' of Centre Ice for only $59.99 for the season. You get 60 Canadiens games and 54 Senators from Centre Ice using the RDS feed. It is a one-time lump sum payment added to your next cable bill. The games on RDS will be available on Eastlink channels 464 and 465. Now we'll once again have access to all 82 Canadiens games in our viewing region.
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