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  1. I would assume Bitton will be the only one selecting the "1-14" option.
  2. Pretty good actually. What about you? Don't worry Faerie, I didn't forget about you.... Welcome back.
  3. I hate them too but meh, it's not that big of a deal. The fact you brought up Maca and achievements, though, is priceless.
  4. I think the Regina Coqks are dead. Or are they?
  5. Alright we suck, are stupid and have no offense. We are run by monkies that throw their own shit, and a team that can't make an offensive play to save it's life. We will finish very low in the standings.
  6. Who gives a shit if they're not goalies? There's the rule that scares teams away from doing such a thing but the Nucks are just having Luongo recognized as the captain. As long as he's not leaving his crease to argue calls, there's nothing wrong with it and there's nothing stupid about it.
  7. This is just ridiculous.... Luongo is THE leader on the team. The Canucks are announcing that he's their captain and that's it. Ohlund, Mitchell and Kesler will be assistants and handle all the stuff no problem but it's a gesture to him that he's the real leader. It's like Iginla and the Flames, Alfredsson and the Sens and Sakic with the Avs. Luongo is being recognized as the leader of this team and even though he(goalies) can't wear a "C" does not mean he can't be recognized as one.
  8. Maca and me were at it this afternoon and we dominated every single match besides one game. Even beat the HF Habs team 5-1. Too bad you couldn't join us Mike. We'll probably be back at it later on if you're interested.
  9. So you got the PS3 eh? Then you might be able to take on Stream. You'll own him because he sucks. We await the day you get a 360 because the more the better(yea I know it'll never happen, lol).
  10. You're telling me I'm still alive and I have my crappy mighty mouse stats? Crap.... so not fair. Or maybe that's a good thing? Anyways, no probs on the friend. The more the better. Are we going to do any more gaming tonight or...? @Stream: Don't you have some EHM newbs to rape?
  11. The Canucks, Flames and Oilers are holding one in Camrose, Alberta this year.
  12. Ok.... nevermind the PM I just sent to you Mike.
  13. Well Maca and me took on some Ducks this morning. It was 5 on 2(we were the two obviously) and we won in a shootout. We lost the second game despite tying it late. Every goal scored against was the same type of goal. Player would come in the slot from the left and would beat the goalie above the blocker. Stupid midgit goalies........ This weekend, the three/four of us have competition to destroy.
  14. That game was frikkin awesome! Not to mention we obliterated their Leafy ways with bone crushing hits throughout the game.
  15. Alrighty, back down I go. Oh, and forget checking the Rangers scores. They suck.
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