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  1. Just drove out now to EB and they had it. Time to give it a whirl....
  2. Nah, I didn't say anything about what you said for your sake.
  3. Yep. I'm talking to him right now in fact.
  4. Pierre would never just leave. There's just too much politics to debate and crazy explanations to make.
  5. Don't worry, he's still alive. There have been sasquatch sightings here in Vancouver lately.
  6. I know. That's why I warned everyone not to ban him. I miss sawing him in half....
  7. Awwwww..... You miss the big lovable furry giant, eh?
  8. Might be smart for me to see if I can pre-order it tomorrow....
  9. GT: CStealth17 Position: D Time Zone: PST
  10. I'm up and running again. Sort of.... Feels very weird.
  11. This was initially reported last night. It was rumoured to be Tampa that had sent an offersheet to the Sens but, because the team wasn't announced it was speculated something was up and the fact that the Bolts traded their 3rd in the upcoming draft to the Pens in order to aquire the rights to Malone seemed like a legitimate reason. Had they agreed to a 5 mill per contract, the Sens would have received the Bolts 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks. Instead, due to failure of re-aquiring that 3rd, this is what they settled on. From the looks of things, it may have been better for an offersheet because they're now getting a late first in the Sharks 1st, yet Picard still possesses good value. Kuba is nothing special and from what I gather from Bolts fans, they don't care that he's gone. Meszaros wasn't great last season but if he plays to his potential, this is a solid move by Lightning management no doubt. Certainly showing that they're serious about competing.
  12. You get owned when you play online right?
  13. Sounds like fun. As for when I get back up, I have no idea. It's no fun beating my imaginary friend Bo Bo countless times at a game of blank screen Halo. I tried to run away with my uncle's xbox yesterday since he never uses it but, no luck.
  14. I'm quite sad that Tamby had to go but he's deserved a shot with his own team for quite some time. I couldn't feel any happier for him. I wish him luck but not too much of course. Makes getting over the Nucks a little easier now if that's even possible....
  15. You mean to move Nazzy and Morrison before the deadline? If that's what you mean, then of course it would have bettered the team in terms of adding future assets but the thing many people don't realize is that the Canucks only were eliminated from playoff contention in their second to last game vs the Oilers in a game they should have won. A craptastic game with our no show offense like usual led by captain Nazzy. The thing I've begun to realize is how underrated Vancouver's defence is as people make it sound as if Vancouver is some bottom feeder that would be nothing without Luongo. Now I'll agree they'd be so without Luongo but it's how the team is built and Vancouver's D when healthy is excellent. Last year was just an unbelievably frustrating season in terms of injuries, to the backend especially. Our centre depth sucked as we had ahl'ers playing in our 2nd line centre spot for half the season with Morrison being out on top of having a injury ravaged defenive core. At one point our entire starting defense was out. I mean not only is it the focal point of our strength gone but we're missing a second line leaving the Sedins to produce with the likes of Naslund(only) who obviously wasn't happy here anymore. Pyatt was blossoming on that line half way through until a puck to the face had him out a bit and he never regained form the rest of the year playing with them. Not to mention Luongo's wife with the difficult pregnancy. I know, I know, but he wasn't himself and our torn apart blue line didn't make it easier. That was basically the same core group(aside from Bulis ) that won the division the previous season. I'm making excuses, I know but I'm trying to stress where things might have gone wrong for them last year and believe me, a LOT did. The fact they were even in the playoff picture at game 81 of the season says something. Daniel - Henrik - Bernier Raymond - Wellwood(Hodgson, but that's a pipe dream at this point) - Demitra Burrows - Kesler - Pyatt Hordichuk - Johnson - Pettinger Shannon, Krog Mitchell - Bieksa Ohlund - Edler Krajicek - Salo Davison Luongo Sanford That team there with the likes of Michael Grabner and Jannik Hansen ready to step in for offensive support is a big boost over last year. That team is better than last years as far as I'm concerned. How they'll play together and how the season unfolds is unknown. Bottom feeder or playoff contender or even possibly more, we shall see won't we? On the Sundin topic, it's not such a big deal on my end. Hopefully he signs with you guys and puts you in position to win it all. It's been a difficult time for Habs fans with all the free agents turning their backs on you guys as I'm well aware. Here's hoping Mats changes that for all of you.
  16. All games are televised and last year they lowered the number of PPV games to 17 I believe if I remember correctly. Their current sellout streak dates back to November of 2002 as well. To Bitton, they want Sundin to show the fans and Luongo that they are serious about winning. Obtaining a Sundin you'd think would make the team better overall and a lot more appealing for players to want to come here. If Gillis can't make stuff happen, there's no doubt in my mind Luongo walks in 2 years time. Sundin's free and allows the organization to keep it's future assets as well. All I'm going to say is even without Sundin, they're heading in the right direction so far as letting Nazzy and Morrison go was certainly needed for the team to move forward.
  17. The Lightning seem to have Lecavalier signed to a 9 year, 77 million dollar deal. Canucks claim Wellwood.
  18. I can't remember where I heard that deal of Prospal's rights being shipped to Nashville but I suppose it was sportsnet being stupid as usual. He re-signed with the Lightning for 3.5 mill per year over the next 4 years.
  19. Spain seems to always find a way to screw up. With Arshavin back now, it should hopefully propel them to victory this time around. They're going to have to do it without Kolodin and Torbinski though.
  20. Terrible news. R.I.P George.
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