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  1. Linden is awesome.... just watch what he does this year. In other news, the Canucks have aquired Drew MacIntyre from Detroit for a 2007 conditional pick. Our goaltending problems are gone..... B)
  2. Don't worry Jets, the Canucks are always there to make everything worse. I can assure you they won't be easy to beat either.
  3. What are you talking about? I'm in the playoffs. You're the one who tanked.
  4. Oh I will. Big screen down there. :king:
  5. This is where I come in. :king: Prepare to eat your words. I'm damn serious too. All I'll say for now.
  6. Malkin To Stay In Russia Too bad for the Pens. (updated thread topic by KoZed)
  7. jeffy nailed it. Wade Flaherty will most likely be the backup and as for the farm, Julien Ellis looks to be the starter down there right now. Expect someone to be signed. On Cloutier, it's possibly two 2nd rounders. One this year and a conditional 2nd in 2009. B) It was a waste of a 2nd rounder on Noronen but at least we have three this year and hopefully Nonis can keep them all.
  8. I originally posted UFA, but then someone said RFA so I changed it...then I didn't bother changing it again.
  9. Sabres have walked away from Dumonts arbitration ruling of 2.9 million. He is now a RFA.
  10. Too early to make a statement like that. Lou's got something up his sleeve. B)
  11. Ozzy.... however Jimmy Howard is highly touted my the Wings management.
  12. Anyways, I'm sure Bulis_The_Hammered would be pissed to see he's a powerhouse. :king: Welcome soon2b25. B)
  13. Amazing man! Could you make me one with Naslund and Luongo in it. Have Vancouver(night time) in the background and have Captain_Stealth centered at the top in some cool shadowy lettering?
  14. Old news... He'll be a decent #7.....especially the rate Bourdon is developing. :king: Nonis is done but he said he'd sign another dman or forward if he can fit it in financially. Like I said, it would be funny if Carter crawled back(he might have to now) but I doubt it.... Expect another dman to be signed I'd say.
  15. HOW!?! Schultz and ...... shoot... who else...... I guess that's it. He isn't even a done deal. I doubt it happens but it looks like Carter may be crawling back... As for Jets....... who cares about Marlins, that's a completely different sport. I don't care if it's footballl or whatever.. we're talking hockey. We didn't ever ice teams with guys like Sakic, Forsberg, Blake, Bourque, Foote, Hejduk, Tanguay, Roy etc etc... we've never had a group like that and that could be pointed to the lackluster drafting and and determination of management over it in the past. Nonis is changing it so who knows. All I'm saying is it happens in sports and we'll get our chance soon but right now the past doesn't matter, it's about the team this year and how we fare. It is indeed a New Era and the past means nothing now. B)
  16. No clue. Haven't been paying attention to arbitration.
  17. They have a few others the are awaiting cases so say if Afinogenov is the last one to have a ruling, the Sabres have 48 hours after that one to decide on all their cases.
  18. TSN will report stuff.... what r u talking about btw? Gomez or Briere?
  19. Gomez WILL NOT be traded. Lou has stated he will not trade him. Buffalo doesn't need to make a decision as of the CBA stating that a team doesn't have to make it's decision until 48 hours of it's last case. Buffalo has a few guys they need rulings on so that's why Briere's case has yet to be accepted/declined.
  20. We've only been in the league for 35 years(not counting lockout year). :puke:
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