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  2. LMAO.............Captain Planet? Vigneault was the guy from the start. Nonis is only trying to put his stamp on this team so that's why he let Crawford go. Vigneault did an awesome job with what he had in Manitobe seeing how many times his best players were called up due to Vancouver's never ending injuries to basically all our star players and yt managed to get his team to do so well. I am pretty sure you will see the same Canucks team next year except letting Jovo walk. He's not worth the 5.5-6.5 mill that he'll get as for the past 3 years, he's been out for lengthy periods of time and his overall play has been ok..... Bertuzzi is likely to stay. Unless Nonis can improve the team he's staying. Our best player down the stretch and it's his contract year next year. Back to Vigneault....... He is perfect for this team. This team wasn't listening to Crawford anymore and was out worked countless times(Though it probably also was due to the excess injuries). Alain is perfect here. Gizmo is dead. No one (except me ) can escape the wrath of Hippie. One less Avs fan to worry about.
  3. Bad luck. Sucks for him because his world cup is over if Italy wins.
  4. Agreed. The ref is whistle happy.......... Then again, these are two very physical sides.
  5. You actually believe what HF says? They've been off countless times and NJ is a great drafting team. Vrana I think will be a solid second liner but Bergfors and especially Zajac could surprise. You still have lots to learn BTH. Reading Hockeysfuture articles and rankings isn't the way to go if you want to learn about prospects. There is a lot more to it.
  6. Looks like I did teach you some stuff afterall. Looks like you have been doing your homework as you've pretty much nailed a perfect pick for each team. I expect Florida to take a defenseman at #10 though. I'd also think Atlanta would draft Little over Berglund and after that pray the Laffs screw up. :king:
  7. What Jets says is true. Theo played quite well for the Avs. Made some great saves and kept his team in the game numerous times. The rest of the team basically were floaters out there. All this is coming from a Canucks fan as well. We have a huge rivalry eh Jets? B)
  8. Nice. Same should be said about Tampa Bay. Hippie has abused the rules enough with the constant intake of pot and weed. He's too "high" to be GMing a team.
  9. Look around. Today almost all canuck fans are praising Nonis. Look on Canucks.com and HF. Also the same could be said about Kipper at the time he was traded. Nabokov, Toskala>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kipper Now I'm not saying Noronen is the the next Kipper, but who has the potential to be pretty good for us.
  10. Noronen is the backup to Auld. He has potential to be a steal as well. So I'm quite happy with it. Carney is an awesome trade and so is Weinrich. Brown is also a pretty good depth d-man so I'm happy.
  11. Noronen, Weinrich, Carney and Brown...............NONIS IS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :king: :king: :king:
  12. I wasn't going to post but today I changed my mind. Nice Kitty Kaptain_Kitty_Kerplunk.
  13. I really have no clue why they didn't give Bert a chance. I know why Crow went with Ruutu but Park must have done something in practice. Don't worry. Bert and Ruutu aren't going anywhere.
  14. I can definitely see some team in the northwest division not named Minnesota taking him. Hopefully Vancouver.
  15. Lots of blues fans would disagree with you here as I've talked to a few. Doug Weight is a UFA at the end of the season and would most likely leave giving the organization nothing. Rather than get nothing, they got a 1st rounder(still a 1st rounder), two 4th rounders, two depth players, and Kahnberg who still has potential. He's worth the risk. Also, this was done because of ownership. The team is trying to be sold so instead of just throwing money away seeing how the season is done for the team, clear the salaries. Buyer's would be more interested then. The key to this deal was the 1st rounder. That's what St.Louis was looking for and they got it. I also feel Kahnberg is very underrated seeing how he is already 25. This guy can still come over and be a pretty good player for the Blues if they can sign him.
  16. Lets just say as a Nucks fan, you see too many close games. Especially vs Calgary etc. They are awesome to watch though. It's been hard for the Canucks to score and they were predicted th thrive in the new NHL but haven't. As of late, they are starting to score more and I'm happy they are having some success. The 2nd was much better. Kosts looked really good too.
  17. I don't think you'll like him....................... :king:
  18. It's been a while since you've posted anything...................
  19. GO CANUCKS GO! Should be a good game tonight. :king: Nucks lineup: Naslund - Morrison - Bertuzzi D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Carter Burrows - Kesler - Ruutu Bouck - Green - Linden Ohlund - Allen Salo - Baumgartner Bieksa - McCarthy Auld Canucks are 8-1-0 vs eastern conference teams, won 6 of their last 7 and have won their last 4 games at home. Awesome game day threads Spider-Man.
  20. Ning was a LightNING fan. I say we bring him back...............
  21. Kitty, you should know better. This is what fans do. Souray maybe should have gotten a suspension for that, but he hasn't and Colin Campbell knows what he's doing. I just want to add that the Canucks are better than the Flames so don't you dare start thinking the NW title is yours.
  22. Actually Bourdon will most likely be with the Canucks next season. He almost made the team this season, but they sent him back down to develop more. Guys like Bryan Allen and Ryan Kesler are going nowhere. Especially Allen as he is really the only stay-at-home type guy we have. Guys like Bertuzzi and Morrison won't be dealt either. Forget Jovo too. Nonis most likely won't even make a trade...........especially not for Theodore.
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