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  1. On this night? NOTHING AT ALL! Hail Kovalev and Koivu. :hlogo:
  2. Don't mind me, I'm just frustrated about the Sens game. The Theo contract is a concern. However, I remember when they signed him I was very happy. He is being over paid. But, with the way things go in the NHL, I don't think it's quite the albatross around our neck as some people might think. Thornton is making 6.6 million. At the beginning of the season, did anyone see that trade coming? Theodore is moveable and if Gainey plays his cards right he could pull off a trade that will shock us all. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? I do see Gainey making another marquee player move for defence and a RW right handiness player. Not that we necessarily want any of these guys but some possibly available players include Selanne, Nolan or Recchi. Both needs have been identified in the media. So, let me understand this. Gainey has to get Brendan Witt, Selanne and Aebischer. Or a similar deal. Well, I don't care how good a GM is. That's a bummer situation. If Gainey deals for any of the three at this point in the season, Montreal is probably going to get burned. Gainey might pull the trigger at any time. But, I suspect he is going to try to turn it around by employing an iron fist. I give it 4 games at the most. I'll wrap it up with this: ALWAYS REMEMBER - NO ONE WANTS TO HELP MONTREAL. That's a difficult situation for Gainey. On the plus side: WE DON'T NEED THEIR HELP. :hlogo:
  3. Yep, I think Gainey should be canned. Daigle for Theodore and Koivu would also be a good plan. Then, trade Plekanec, Higgins, Kostitsyn and Perezhogin to Toronto for Antropov. Maybe we should fire Carbonneau and bring in Pierre Page. Another great idea would be to leave the ceremonial rugs out on the ice during the game. We could even rip down the Bell centre and play in the street.
  4. I hope they didn't trade Jan. I had figured he was a likely candidate for trading due to his abilities. But after last night...hmmm? Good work guys - All Hail the Crystal Ball. Good goaltending.
  5. Yeah, this is certainly "sucky" for us Tricolour fans. I see myself as having more patience than the average fan, but this is starting to irritate even me! You see, I have faith in the "red hot" stretch run after the break. Historically, we have always come out after the All Star break with a vengeance. The only problem is that sometimes the abyss they are in is too deep to recover. Anyone remember the 1999-2000 season? Montreal lost 540 man games to injury. Any other team would have been dead dead dead with those numbers. As it turns out, and you may even recall, we missed the post season by 1 stinking point. That's the Habs - period. They always fail to make the playoffs in the 1st half. That's why the explosion out of the gate was a bonus because I knew they would funk. But now, I am growing annoyed with this. It's very possible that they will have the surge and make the playoffs. But for what? Another 8th or 7th seeding? Oh boy. What's the good of that? Between now and February 11th they have 10 games. They are currently 21-19-6. That's 2 games above .5. In order to qualify, they need to be .5 by the break. So, in a nutshell they need to go at least 3 wins before February 11th. Make no mistake, this will not be sufficient for me! So, now it's time for the team to wake up!
  6. When it came to technique, Victor Tikhonov called him the best hockey player in the world. He rewrote the book on defensive hockey and won the Selke 4 times and has 5 Stanley cups. In France, they call him Monsieur Bob, but his teamates always called him Bo! Bob Gainey. :hlogo: Thank you Bo. :hlogo: Cheers to all habs fans. Cheers to Captains and coaches.
  7. Also, let's remember the Habs have Pierre Gauthier too! Also, I must give a tip of the hat to Trevor Timmons. Gainey, Savard, Gauthier, Carbonneau, Jarvis & Melanson. I have no doubts about Carbonneau at all. It's a fact that in 2001-02 Therrien and Carbonneau as assistant upset the Bruins. They did it because the Habs were aggressively forechecking and they played spectacular without the puck. In 2002-03, Carbonneau left and Therrien was fired. Nuff said! Carbonneau made Therrien look good. In 2003-04, the magic was gone. The Magic is Back. I think we beat Philly . They do have Dean Lombardi, former Sharks GM as a scout. Edmonton has Lowe, Huddy and TMac. Canucks have Nonis, Tambellini and Crawford. I hate to even say it but Toronto has Ferguson, Quinn, Trapp, Maurice (it won't last, Paul will be hired) and Button. I'd have to check but when you start adding up trophies, Montreal looks pretty solid concerning the topic.
  8. Sorry, but I feel it is my duty to inform all of you that Toronto isn't "Canada's team". That would be "Team Canada". However, they are Canada's team in a way. That is, "Canada's Centennial Team".
  9. My prayer must have been heard. I've been hoping Carbonneau would be coach for sometime now. I'm not kidding, watch out - HERE COME THE HABS! If you don't believe me, just think back to 2001-02. Carbonneau was the assistant and Therrien was the coach. Does anyone in this forum remember how good they played without the puck? I know Carbo won't start but having Gainey in charge is fine by me. Between Carbonneau, Gainey and Jarvis, our present coaching staff has 9 Selkes on it - hahahaHABS! Hopefully Julien gets a job - I'm not going to blame him. He's a good coach.
  10. IMO - Calgary made it to game 7 against the Lightning because they plumbered their way there. Had it not been for that, TB would have closed out with the cup sooner. In today's new NHL the Flames would have watched their cup dreams slip away while in the penalty box. The better team that should have won, did so. Montreal must smarten up NOW in order to have a 4th seeding or forget it.
  11. I saw that about "CHOI" rumour too. Plekanec, Zednik, Theodore and a 2nd round pick for Aebischer and Tanguay? IMO - Both Plekanec & Zednik? No way. Take one of those names and insert a lesser value player if you ask me. Tanguay is solid but still. This is a stupid rumour. Pleks is injured. Hence, he cannot be traded! Bogus rumour.
  12. I've said this time and time again but I still hope Montreal keeps Zednik. He's one of those annoying players you must learn to put up with as an organization. He's a playoff monster (sorry about using that term, I can't stand McGuire myself, but it works). I think we should hang on to this guy for that simple reason. Maybe bring in another solid top 6 forward and tell Zednik to "get used to it". After all, what is the ultimate goal for any fan? Well, he's a good vehicle towards that prize. I hope we don't get rid of him. He becomes a totally different guy in April. Glad they gave the "A" to Souray. Zed doesn't strike me as the type to fill a leader role either.
  13. IMO the problem with Theodore is he is thinking too much. He's gotten away from relying on instinct. Instinct is a must in hockey. As a hockey player, and it doesn't matter what position you play. If thinking too much about the play overrides your instinct, you're doomed. All of the greats had instinct. It's magic. Lemieux Gretzky, Richard, Beliveau, Orr, Roy, Dryden and on and on...it always comes down to instinct. Theo needs a sports shrink or a positive motivator IMO.
  14. He has a summer camp too. 2 mentionables that attend annually include Luongo & Brodeur. Yeah, these 2 guys could go many places but instead choose Melanson's camp. I wonder why? Yeah, great idea - fire the guy - NOT!
  15. Yes, the utopia and euphoria that is Team Canada will no longer be a happy distraction. Habs will come crashing down and hit me on the head...thud!
  16. Excellent post. I feel better now. And, to make this even better I would like to add the following: Kyle Chipchura. It's crystal clear he is the REAL DEAL - Hail Captain :hlogo: IP :hlogo: URA Number 2: Introducing the point leader in the U20 Championship, Div I, Group B pool. - Siarhei Kostitsyn 5-GP 4-goals 5-assists. +6. Those are Evengi Malkin type numbers :hlogo: Maybe he can make CHL rookie of the year Number 3: Will Alexei :hlogo: Emelin or Luc Bourdon win the number 1 D of the tourney award? 5GP 2G 5A +4 1st place – 2nd place belongs to Bourdon 5GP 1G 5A +4. Thank you KoZed for the cheer up! HABS! :hlogo:
  17. Arnason is what the doctor ordered. I wish we could trade for him for a good habs price. I guess I just want something good to happen in general.
  18. I figure we'll know by Friday what is going on. On the other side of the trade coin, Gainey's plans originally were to evaluate the team as much as possible right down to the deadline. Then, get a potent veteran/superstar from a team that has no hope, this way the return would have more benefit versus now. For this reason I suspect he might give them a little more time to snap out of this...but I doubt that much longer. If this trade was true it would have been reported by now. I hope this "meeting" included Bob wearing his rings. I hope he addressed the team similar to Gunnery Sergeant Hartman talking to his "pukes" from the movie Full Metal Jacket.
  19. Someone has posted on HFboards that they assume Ribs is traded. Based on a TVA (Sports) interview about Crosby. It was clear in his interview he was upset. Not a reliable source at all. But, you never know. Also, Spectors had a write in with this: Some people at the game last night were talking about Mike Ribeiro and Pierre Dagenais. Supposedly they have been traded to the Chicago Blackhawks. - SPECTORS. Nothing more than a rumour right now. Probably untrue because the real reason reported for their scratch was their lousy play of late. However, Dags has been effective lately. Why scratch him when his game is on a slight upside right now? Edit 10:45: No mention on who is coming the other way. Edit 11:02: Ribeiro to meet media: http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/194995.html Edit 11:48: That article mentions no such meeting.
  20. Someone has posted on HFboards that they assume Ribs is traded. Based on a TVA (Sports) interview about Crosby. It was clear in his interview he was upaet. Not a reliable source at all. But, you never know. Pittsburgh? I'm gonna start sounding like Hudson (Bill Paxton) in "Aliens"..."this can't be happenin' man...this can't be happenin"
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