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  1. Let's all pray that being in the NHL revitalizes him. Nothing would be more pleasing if he found his offence and his gaffes on D were handled by a good 2 way on his line. I've been waiting for this. GO ANDREI!
  2. Mike O'Connell - give me a break. Getting Brad Stuart, Marco Sturm and Wayne Primeau is significant but now the Tanabe for Scatchard deal looks ######ed. They could use Scatchard now. This makes Tanabe look like a bandaid solution...and for a week only? Now they are over inflated at the D position. Goodbye Joe. O'Connell equals Mr. Potatohead. Bruins are headin' for RUINS - AGAIN!
  3. Right on Howie_Morenz. It would be nice if Gainey called Zed into the office and asked him how he felt about it and Zed was OK. I agree that McLaren would be an asset. As a matter of fact, for a long time now I've wanted McLaren on the Habs. However, realizing that the Zednik situation would make it difficult, I usually have been known to sigh. In reference to Ozolinsh, it was mentioned on the Team 990 and is probably nonsense. I know I posted it but rumour or truth it was still relevant to Montreal. So I did. BTW: My gut feeling says that Gainey is going to pull the trigger on something. 4th period reports he's closely waching the waiver wire. Maybe Huselius might garner some interest. If so, let's pray he was terrible because he needed a change.
  4. McLaren eh? Better A) Ask Zednik how he feels or B) include him in the trade.
  5. I have a feeling this is legitimate because on many levels it makes sense. Mind you, I have a feeling the responses from this post will have angry emoticons.
  6. Sorry to Dave from Vancouver but in all honesty, what is your level headed, sober solution for replacing Bob Gainey? Name me 1 GM or former who can relieve Gainey. Now here's the clincher. Any of our detractors or opponents like Leaf fans would march down to the local pub and order a huge draft and smoke a cigar if we fired Bob.
  7. Yeah, I agree with Mont Royale. During the pre-season when shootouts occured regardless of the score, Dags was used very often. He scored alot too. I figured they would keep him around for this reason only. Last night he proved his shootout worth. Now, Dags do us all a favour and start pounding. I don't mind if he's useless beyond these attributes of the occasional goal or shootout. If only he would use his size he would become a bigger threat. This might free up the puck more often at the opposing blueline. This attitude would result in more Ginos and Apples for Pierre. GO HABS GO. #60-alie
  8. Excellent. Will be hoping Montreal shows their mettle tonight. Go Canadiens!
  9. les_glorieux - what are you doing, trying to upset the Hockey Gods? Maybe your not superstitous but man oh man, don't use the 7 letter "S" word! I forgive you this time. GO HABS
  10. Actually, Beckham should change his moniker to: "Habs glass half empty"
  11. Becham, have you been talking to Adolf again?
  12. Nah, didn't mean to come on strong. I'm just annoyed that people think the sky is falling. Look out Sens - THE HABS ARE COMING
  13. Disagree with you there Becks (we should all have a moniker like an on ice name-call me Ath) This is great. Tomorrow I go make my picks for the pool I'm in. Then we get a website with updated daily stats and a TRASH TALK forum. He he, I never thought that I'd end up on a site like this weher we are all allies but the trash is just as good. Beckham - you annoy. Keep up the good work.
  14. QUIET - we are starting to sound like silly leaf fans here. They always want this free agent and that free agent. When you add up the names it comes to 40 players or something crazy. Well, whining about this deal is paramount to that. Shame! We are CANADIENS fans and Bob has more hockey intelligence in his pinky than ALL OF US! ENOUGH!
  15. I'm not that worried about the trade. Any team in our situation would have to do the same thing. Look at poor Lou Lamoriello. I'm also not worried about Sunny.Keeping a veteran penalty killing Swede around at 30 years old is a good move. He's played well for the Habs. Excellent shot percentage and he was +3 both years. Year Team League GP G A Pts +/- PIM Shots Sh% 2003-04 Montreal NHL 66 8 12 20 +3 18 67 11.94 2002-03 Montreal NHL 33 5 9 14 +3 8 35 14.29 We have the same problem as the Devils for the right reasons. This is like the loss of Ward, but this feels alot worse . We can't keep them all. Hossa is a casualty of this situation. Plus he's the oldest. With all of the excitement surrounding our camp, would it be better if it was Plekanec, Perezhogin, Higgins or Kostitsyn who had gone? We've also just shed salary. Making our "wiggle room" that much better. I guarantee if Latendresse is signed before 5 PM EST on Monday this will be forgotten. I trust in Gainey. Go HABS Go.
  16. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?ID=13...222&hubName=nhl
  17. Here it is. If you have polderbits or a realtime recordeit will work to make an mp3. Polderbits.com allows a 14 day trial on their recorder. http://www.loreille.com/special3.html I'm e-mailing the Habs myself. I agree - BRING IT BACK.
  18. Agreed! http://tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?ID=114580&hubName=nhl
  19. That's OK. I am new here. I have read many posts and I'm not surprised that the harsh criticism came from Beckham. I mean, why should he alter his form? I hope he's not in charge of building moral for the Habs.
  20. Nope, not Reggies fault. I am going to criticize Montreal’s Harold Ballard (IMO) - Ronald Corey. Many of the pundits in this forum have painted the recent demise of the Canadiens in the late 90’s to be the result of Rejean Houle & some of his moves. The firing of Serge Savard & Jacques Demers was a dark day for Montreal. Some may claim the firings were justified but the solution was truly goofy. First off, let’s go back to where this all began, the hiring of Houle & Tremblay. Ultimately this led to the loss of Patrick Roy. Followed quickly by Mike Keane being part of the package which landed Thibault, Kovalenko & Rucinsky. Another very questionable move was dumping Turner Stevenson because 2 million was too expensive in Houle’s eyes. Then he acquires Jim Campbell for 1.6??? Odelein for Richer??? The trade of Recchi for Zubrus??? Carbonneau to St. Louis in exchange for Jim Montgomery??? Pat Jablonski for Jean-Jacques Daigneault??? Pierre Turgeon, Craig Conroy and Rory Fitzpatrick for Shayne Corson and Murray Baron??? Jocelyn Thibeault and Dave Manson for Jeff Hackett and Eric Weinrich??? UFA’s PJ Stock, Barry Richter, Darryl Shannon, Enrico Ciccone & Eric Bertrand??? Let’s face it, all of these moves when mentioned collectively do paint Houle as a buffoon. But, that isn’t entirely fair. Houle was not the main architect of what happened to Montreal. Ronald Corey is the true navigator of mediocrity. Why? Simple. The reason Houle made silly trades was because of Molson. The Molson Centre (Now Bell) created a financial deficit that caused Molson to ponder their involvement with the team. They chose to shore up the losses by freezing the salary at 32 million US until a buyer could be found. Now, I don’t care how dumb a GM is, when you have a payroll frozen in this manner, it is difficult to maneuver decently. It wasn’t Houle’s fault that he was handcuffed. It was Ronald Corey’s for creating this financial nightmare which still haunts the team today with the tax burden. I still ask to this day what the emergency was to close the Forum. Yeah, we needed a new building but instead of exercizing options and negotiating with the city they went full steam ahead. If indeed it was about obtaining revenue than why create a situation where you are paying 11 million a year in taxes to the province & the city? What could Houle have done with that money? How about retain Recchi for starters. Damphousse could have stayed as well but once again, this was a money shortfall. This has got to be blamed on Corey. Let us remember that Ward, Ryder, Ribeiro, Hainsey & Markov were drafted under Houle’s regime. Also, to trade Malakov & get Souray in return was significant. These positives don’t outweigh the negatives but when the subject of Houle comes up, these acquisitions seem to be unappreciated or not mentioned. Now, getting back to giving Houle the benefit of the doubt & laying the blame on Corey I call your attention to the Roy trade. It was Corey who stubbornly sat right by the bench. We’ll never know the answer to this but had he not been sitting there...? Plus, if it was Tremblay’s fault – well, who hired him? And who hired the guy who hired him? How about the loss of Mike Keane? The big mess about him being unable to speak French. Where was the President then? Why didn’t he defend him? It’s clear Boivin would have. He came out to support Theodore 2 years ago. Perhaps history will show that dumping Serge was a good move. There were many who abored the Dionne, LeClair & Desjardins for Recchi & Lamb trade. That was a foolish move. However, nature abores a vacuum & Corey did everything that an idiot could do to create this mess. So, go ahead & blame Houle for building a shaky house. But remember the building supplier sold him rotten wood. I'm not saying Reggie is totally innocent but rememebr some of these facts. Please respond with your opinions. GO HABS GO :hlogo:
  21. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/stat...stics-index.htm TEAM BY TEAM LINKS
  22. Please sign the petition. BTW: Leafs, tonight you're in our barn! GO HABS!
  23. Here it is. If you have polderbits or a realtime recordeit will work to make an mp3. Polderbits.com allows a 14 day trial on their recorder. http://www.loreille.com/special3.html I'm e-mailing the Habs myself. I agree - BRING IT BACK.
  24. I hit post reply by mistake. I wasn't finished (sorry) Continued>I'm not saying we don't have a chance to win this year or the next. If we have a birth by the deadline locked up, certain non-contending teams will address cap issues for 2007. Maybe there will be a marquee defenceman available. Anything is possible. Trust in GAINey23.
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