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  1. Stop apologizing Gord, most of us including me are being facetious when we get mad
  2. I agree that Subban should ride some pine. It's arguable that he (not single handedly - he had help) had a lot to do with the loss of the extra point when he made the blind pass against the Pens that resulted in Jeffrey's tap in goal. I wouldn't worry - he'll be back in the 3rd
  3. Bob McKenzie & the panel must be scrambling to rewrite their 2nd intermission "prepped" game assessment. Either that or liquid paper over "Detroit" and rewrite "Montreal" and vice versa lol
  4. lafrous10, you're either the biggest glass empty fans who goes through 1 TV a month because you want results or you're a troll. Please explain.
  5. Poor Leafers, did we piss in your sunday cornflakes? Ha ha
  6. "Oh, I Just Spilled Hot Coffee On My Legs, Those Are My Legs" ...Jim Hughson EA Sports NHL in game quote! Nice goal Diaz
  7. Monsieur Milbury defends Ference for the hit on McDonagh. McDonagh hit a rut
  8. Gomez, letting Gardiner get the chance on Carey and being a spectator wasn't cool. Gomez floated back rather slowly in the defensive situation and he's the center who should be backchecking. I hope he scores so I can eat some crow or something.
  9. Bourque, Moen and Eller. More line juggling. Nice big line though. Bourque was a nice pest in front of Gustavson on the last play. I'n not sure what Gomez is doing tonight. I've noticed Desharnais more than him.
  10. Sigh, my roomate asked me what would happen and I said whichever team scores first the other will answer in 30 seconds. Typical, ol' Leaf-Habs matchup. 29 secs. Sigh
  11. The forward and D line changes coupled with the line juggling has be nervous about chnages...there was another one
  12. Nice to see Emelin out there but not shocked since they are going with 11-7. Gomez double shifted - 1st and 4th
  13. Like I mentioned on last nights' game thread - hopefully we can spoil it for the Leafs and return the favor they extended to us in 2007. If the Habs are unable to accomplish anything beneficial this season, it'd be nice to hurt them. In case some fail to recall, that was Souray's last game where we failed to get into OT.
  14. I hope the Habs can at least be spoilers and cost the Leafs all points they could get against us and miss the post season. They did it to us in 2007. If this team can't do anything else at least grant the fans something.
  15. The broken stick on that penalty shot could be the cover shot of the book about this glorious season. On the back of the book could feature Kaberle's shootout gaffe. We can call it Shootout Losers. Pass the pepto. Going to any Leaf versus Habs viewing parties really sucks now. The night will begin as they laugh about tonight's flat tire.
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