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  1. What a farce!! Both from a marketing standpoint and a team building one. That roster leaves a ton to be desired.
  2. hahahahahhaha That would be such a troll move..
  3. Been waiting all weekend for the forum to go live again. That being said, Bergevin sure as hell has a big pair of cohones…
  4. Gallagher went down in a heap towards the end of the game as he was driving to the Tampa net. He fell awkwardly and was favoring his hand. Bet you it’s fractured.
  5. I still have nightmares of my epic meltdown after the loss to Calgary in 89’ (and I was 13!!!)
  6. I think by tomorrow we will be hearing that half the team was playing very hurt
  7. As much as I am proud of the team and their run and am even more proud of my 8yr old for not crying…
  8. They have to kill the rest of this power play off. Then they have to hold Tampa off and tie the game with less than 3 minutes left. Any more time on the clock and they will go full turtle.
  9. I appreciate your scientific assessment professor Trizzak..
  10. Have to get out of the period only down by one. And for the love of Christ Eric staal wake the f$&k up!!
  11. I haven’t posted since game one since it’s been a rough week for us here. We lost my father in law yesterday. He fought a tough 2yr battle against lung cancer. He was a first generation Greek immigrant who loved sports (and gambling). Biggest Red Sox fan I ever knew. The only condition he laid out when I asked for his daughters hand in marriage was that I root for the Sox’s. Told him that was a small price to pay. Although he wasn’t a die hard hockey fan, he always supported the bruins. Until his grandson became a die hard Habs fan that is. We went to several Montreal Boston games over the years and he started to have a soft spot for Montreal, especially since my son loved them so much. He loved Suzuki from the first day he saw him play. All day long I’ve been thinking about how the greatest joy he ever had was when the Red Sox’s came back from 0-3 to beat the Yankees in 2004 to crush the bambino curse. And all I can think of is that he if he was around he would have laid money on Montreal to come back and beat Tampa. He could never turn down a bet like that. If we manage to come back and win the cup it will be because he had his hand in it. Consider it his gift for his 8 yr old die hard grandson who’s celebrating his birthday this coming Monday July 12th. Miss you so much already. Hope you’re watching with us from above ❤️
  12. Oddly enough, under the circumstances, I like how this has gone. Kids needed to be reminded that there are no free rides. If you wanna succeed you gotta stick to what got you there in the first place. No free rides. This is what separates the men from the boys.
  13. Win or lose they have to start playing with more confidence through the 3rd. That would be something to build off of.
  14. All in all I’m very satisfied how the game has gone so far. This is a team that is built different. But rest assured they will adjust. One thing I did notice is that they are purposely trying the extra pass. It seems that they want to beat Vasilefsky by catching him going the wrong way.
  15. This made my 45yr old ass cry. Legit cry. JUST DO IT BOYS https://www.instagram.com/tv/CQrdNFMrxx4/?utm_medium=copy_link
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