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  1. Yes it’s interesting for those who test poorly. Could suggest they have untapped potential (or a poor work ethic). or just not capable of handling the physicality at the NHL level
  2. The combine is less than a week away. Do you guys expect it to have much impact on the draft? Typically I’ve found most of the results don’t do a whole lot for project, but no doubt they add a layer of information. I haven’t paid it a ton of attention in the past, but it could be an opportunity to spot a diamond in the rough, or contextualize a player’s success (or lack thereof). I feel like Shane Wright might excel at some of this stuff. It’ll be interesting to follow
  3. As long as he doesn’t trade up for another Jared Tinordi 😅
  4. Sometimes, then again Aatu Raty fell last year and the. Had an excellent draft +1.
  5. Yea, I’m not advocating for picking well above average rank that’s for sure. More so advocating for people who slip because they have some question marks (but high upside). Reaching would be disappointing to me on draft day. But I’m the end I dont care what they do as long as it works out!
  6. I wonder if any of these risky and/or underrated guys will just slip to our Calgary pick? Lambert, Mirischenko, Mateychuk etc. I’m just scared we’ll go with boring picks with low ceilings and high floors when we can afford to take some risks with all the picks we have. And I wonder what the HuGo approach will be considering it’s their first draft with the canadiens. Keeping my fingers crossed
  7. If Brad Lambert slips to 20 would he be worth trading up for? He’s another swing for the fences guy. He was regarded as a top 5 pick in this draft a year or so ago. After a relative guarantee in Wright as a top 6 Center, I personally would take those risks for the biggest payoffs.
  8. Mateychuk Mateychuk Mateychuk Love that prospect
  9. Ok awesome, that does provide some context
  10. There have been some concerns for ver Shane Wright’s playoff performance. Apparently he was in the ice for something like 25 goals against? It’s this BS or is there a context to make it more understandable. Certainly was hoping we’d see him up his game.
  11. Also what kind of ceiling/future do you think Durzi has?
  12. Damn, I wonder what they’d be looking for
  13. If we trade Petry, there’s a player I would LOVE to see the Habs trade for. This guy is Sean Durzi of the LA kings. This year he got a lot of opportunity because Drew Doughty was down. But even before that, he was playing so well they couldn’t keep him off the roster. 27 points in 64 games as a rookie d man, he stepped straight into a top 4 role, as well as top PP and never looked back, this guy is also an excellent shot blocker, and has a little bit of a mean streak. Why would LA trade a 23 year old d man like this? Well their was only much room for him because Doughty went down. With him back, we have him, Troy Stecher, Matt Roy, and top prospect Brandt Clarke all vying for time on the right side. There’s simply no room. Plus, Durzi is an RFA and will need a new contract. If Petry goes, I think there is an amazing fit here as MTL will have a glaring hole on the right. we also have an embarrassment of draft picks to sweeten a deal, and enough left defence prospects to make it work. I do think Durzi has some value now so it wouldn’t be a freebie here. Poehling, Norlinder and a second for Durzi.
  14. Personally I didn’t see a swollen head. It didn’t come across as cocky to me, just confident. He’s going to need that swagger with the pressure cooker of Montreal. Also I don’t think it’s been all ass kissing for him. This year, and even the exact question he’s responding to is about how people are doubting him. He handled the question by showing he’s sure of himself, he is laser focused. He knows what he wants and he’s getting it. I want that guy on the team. I loved the way he handled it if I’m honest, but each to his own.
  15. Perhaps a better description of who I’d like to see drafted, is the player who has the most upside. You see guys like Jason Robertson slip due to skating. He improved, but is still not elite at skating. He’s tearing up the league due to his other elite qualities. Guys like point and Debrincat likely fell due to their size. Years ago Jamie Benn slipped all the way to round 5, and if my memory serves correctly it was because he was stuck between choosing hockey or baseball. All of them showed top upside, and oozed raw talent. Those are the guys I want in my prospect pool. I’ll take 1 Brayden point and two busts over 3 de la rose’s
  16. Can someone enlighten me on why it EVERY pick shouldn’t be a swing for the fences? What I’d prefer personally is at every single pick taking the guy with the highest ceiling (within reason/still looking at the complete player). imo you can sign depth players, you don’t need to draft them per se. I’m not sure why any draft pick should be a “safe pick”. Keep swinging, eventually you will find your gems. Drafting Josh Roy or Sean Farrel are prime examples of doing this. But maybe I’m missing something as to why this is a bad idea
  17. Looking at the raw stats im surprised he isn’t ranked higher. Poor defensive game or something? With limited knowledge on the guy he looks like a great pick at 25-32 in the Calgary range
  18. I like Cooley too, woulda been happy if we dropped and ended up with him. I just think Wright’s a no brainer
  19. This is sadly very true too. I remember beyond way overhyped when Chris Higgins and Kyle Chipchura were coming through. In fact Poehling is startlingly similar to Chipchura lol. Still, I’m very high on Wright. To be clear though, I view him as a 70-80 point guy in the future. I just think his complete game will make him very well regarded
  20. On top of this already being true, there are just so many other factors that make me bullish about Wright. 1) He missed an entire year of development last year and still performed at this level. 2) I read a quote from his coach that to start the year (perhaps 10-15 games) he played with younger guys getting their feet wet, like Matthew Soto and Paul Ludwinski. This contributed to his slow start, but he was also a great sport about it and “put his work boots on”. 3) He ended the year strong once he got his feet under him after a full year off. 4) His focus on the defensive game likely won his team a lot of games, but it also might have hindered his production by 10ish points. Instead of being greedy, he played the (ahem) Wright way. I’ve said it before, but I think Wright will prove the doubters wrong quickly
  21. I just envision New Jersey believing they are 2 pieces away from being a dark horse contender (along with progression from Hischier, J. Hughes, and Holtz. Petry probably isn’t the best fit for them as mentioned above though. id love for something along these lines to work though
  22. I thought Petry after his second half resurgence wasn’t seen as a cap issue anymore, figured he had some reasonable value. Maybe that’s where my evaluation is most off.
  23. The first pick is not included in the trade proposal hahah
  24. Yeeeea probably. Now that we got 1st OA my greedy ass is scheming up ways to pick twice in the top 3 hahaha
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