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  1. Chill guys I actually agree with him, and it sounds like you didn't really listen to him. Subliminal racism is him point. I'm guilty of it in a stupid kind of way, I've realized I can go overboard freindly with other cultures just to ensure they know I'm NOT racist, which is in itself treating someone different. But yes, cucumber I agree, if subban was white he would not be thought of as much as this bad dressing room trouble guy by the media or anyone, he would be gold in the dressing room because of his character. It's not blatant "He can't be on the team cause he's black." (For that matter I think he will make the team) it's that racism is unconsciously there on a lower level. Just picking up for cucumber because I think what he's sayin has truth to it, even if us here would rather think we live in a world without stereotypes, sorry we do. I still think he'll make the team.
  2. I actually reeeaaally like this forward lineup when it's healthy. I'm actually thinking Bournival might be better than Briere right now anyway. He's impressing a lot. Also really happy about what I read about Leblanc. Said he had his confidence back. Reminds me of how Eller got his confidence and took off. Imagine is Leblanc could even take off half as much as Eller did. Can't wait to see what this healthy team can do.
  3. I feel like a win tonight would do a lot for team morale. Difference between 5-5 and 6-4 feels significant even if it isn't too Different in
  4. No I agree no one expects a Gallagher, and I agree you have to play a player to their strengths. It's just neither option is desirable. I guess you could play him in the top nine an still limit his minutes fairly well. But like I said, he isn't up because he's ready to be in the top 9, it's cause someone has to fill in.
  5. Know what the problem here is? Holland isn't actually ready to be up. Management didn't call up Holland because he showed them it was his time. It was because an injury decimated lineup forced management's hand into calling up the "most nhl ready" player. I think we can agree that on the farm club not many are really performing the way we'd hope (Although I'm starting to wonder if Sylvian Lefebvre is at fault for half the underperformances). Both the sides of what you guys are saying have a point to them, yes I'd like to see Holland playing with people who don't have hands of stone, but I'm also pretty damn happy Holland isn't in our top 9, because he simply isn't ready. Work with what we got is all we can do. Hopefully there'll be some pleasant surprises, but I'm bracing for quite a painful November.
  6. Historically hitting the panic button just does not work, like when the Gauthier panicked and traded Spacek for Kaberle. Imagine, we'd have a buy out for Desharnais or Briere if not for that!...oh wait Bergevin signed those himself. -.- I do think Bergevin is at least patient enough NOT to sign anyone at a time like this, and he seems to like to work from within the organization. As has been said above I could see Blunden/Tarnasky up. I also don't see him making a trade from a position of weakness like this. None of these injuries are loooong term, within a month out roster will likely be back to square one. Patience.
  7. It's dumb that for all of the depth at defence it seemed Bergevin had signed to start the season, we're now stuck in a position where either Beaulieu or Tinordi has to be up. I'm dying for Emelin to get back, and praying he plays as the #4 he was at. Call me crazy but I feel like he had what we used to call "the Markov effect" on Markov himself. He allowed Markov to play his game and look pretty damn good. No doubt they had good chemistry. I feel like Tinordi actually needs the time in the minors more than Beaulieu if he is ever to reach his full potential ( a top 3 or 4 minute eating physical shutdown defenceman). Tinordi needs to learn how to adapt to those minutes and he'll only get them in the minors. Beaulieu on the other hand I feel like because he just has so much skill, that with good coaching from Therrien, he will get him there anyway. He'll see his power play time, and offensive starts here, that's his role already.
  8. I'm exited for plex to have some skill on his line. Davey should hypothetically be a good back checker with his new speed oriented style (where he actually dropped some weight). With some bigger bodies creating space for him you never know how that could work out for him either. (Worked in 2011-2012)
  9. I'm exited for plex to have some skill on his line. Davey should hypothetically be a good back checker with his new speed oriented style (where he actually dropped some weight). With some bigger bodies creating space for him you never know how that could work out for him either. (Worked in 2011-2012)
  10. Please. Please score a damned power play goal. Something please.
  11. I feel like if they can just put one in they might be able to get the ball rollin. This game is making me see that even though the Habs have a lot of good pieces, they've got a nice few players they have to improve on and a ways to go if they want to be a powerhouse team.
  12. Overrated: Markov - He's a great offensive talent, but I actually think he's a defensive liability now. I've seen him turn the puck over with a reckless pass quite a few times, and he just doesn't have the speed to recover anymore. I believe Bozak burned him in the first game. Desharnais - like mentioned above, not by us but by the coaching staff. Can't believe he was the too used forward against t.o. Gorges: I love him, want him on the team and think he's great but he is top 4 at best often being paired top 2. Subban makes him look pretty damn good though, and they have chemistry. Underrated: Eller - I don't think he'll be underrated for long the way he's going. I'm not really sure how the trade scene really works but I can't help but feel there's an opportunity to trade for one of edmontons young wingers. They need a centre man badly. I'd like to unload Desharnais along with a first round pick and a prospect or two (say dietz/Colberg) for Eberle or Yakupov
  13. Dd Gio 1st pick and thrower for yakupov. Done
  14. OH GOD parros. Smashed his face a la Eller.. Kind of had a decent fight too. He's concussed bad.
  15. Eller. Wow. Montreal really does have 3 scoring lines
  16. 46-28-5-3 for 100 pts. 3rd Atlantic 9th in the league 249 goals
  17. I can't argue Eller falling or losing face offs, but the "top line" wasn't actually used that much. Galchenyuk only played about 16:00 minutes, same for Eller I think. And I imagine with the lineup Montreal iced last night, that line was often subject to Otawa's top defensive pairings. It will take time for this line to develope before they can handle that, and over the regular season they should see easier competition, resulting in better play. Just my thought anyway.
  18. Holland st. Pierre and Thomas might be a surprise tonight. Load of skill there, and I expect Ottawa to home in on the Eller Gally(s) line.
  19. Not to promote online streams but I have used them when I'm not at home watching RDS. They work really well after you exit all the ads. Don't think I'm allowed to suggest specific sites on the forum though am I?
  20. I agree with what you're saying completely. It's definitely time for price to step up. Strong regular season and another step in the playoffs. I definitely still think Price has it in him. But I think you'd probably still agree that even if he doesn't live up I expectations NOW it doesn't mean he's done for as an elite goalie. Yes it's time for him to step up now, but maybe he'll hit his groove halfway through the season as he adjusts to waite's coaching style. Just in time for the playoffs
  21. Dd anyone else see Pacioretty absolutely undress someone after he came over the blue line? Huge scoring chance after
  22. I see either way, Hamilton or Montreal being fine for his developement anyway. He won't be asked to carry the team with montreal. I trust Therrien's abilities with the young guys very strongly. Tinordi seems to have a strong head on his shoulders anyway. Looking forward to seeing him up.
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