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  1. Yes JC i am young , I am 19, and ever since i started watching hockey, around 6 years old, Koivu was my guy, I dont care what people say about him. Just imagine your fav player leaving its not always easy. Koivu may not be the most talented guy but man he gave his heart and soul to the city, and i respect him for that. I think for us Canadian boys we want to see passion, grit, heart, and the desire to win and i think Saku had those components. God Bless.
  2. Nilan! well said Good Luck Saku, my fav player of all time! You deserve better from this province! We will miss the Finnish Flash Saku Koivu!...A true Canadien :hlogo:
  3. FK BOB FK KOMI! THIS IS BULLSHIT! 4.5! only wtf!
  4. Cammalleri anyone? Maybe as a plan B or C.
  5. HAHA Eklund is playing this rumour down like he doesn't make mistakes! One story he doesnt cover syays its false LMAO whatta noob. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Eklund/Misi...ces-say/1/21821 EKLUND= LOSER
  6. Is it possible to see our own results?
  7. How can Kovalev be a first liner on every NHL team when he clearly can't even make the fourth line of his Country? Very Over-rated!
  8. Will there be tickets available for purchase? Where can i buy them?
  9. I might as well put this in the rumor page since it is a rumor, Francois Gagnon states on Team 990 that Yemelin will stay in Russia. Take it for what it's worth.
  10. Alexstream Quote: The reason I put those coaches at the bottom Alexstream was because they have a small about of games coached (and Gretzky just sucks) and Terry Murray led the Washington Capitals in 1989-90 season, to the conference finals and led the Philadelphia Flyers to the Stanley Cup Final in 1996-97. He played in the NHL and coached in the AHL before becoming coach and he hias over 800 games under his belt. Just because he is with LA doesn't mean he sucks lol. Pat Quinn did lead Canada to Gold medals so hes in that place because of experience not because of Toronto. Tortorella is an effective coach, he has a cup after all.
  11. List of MY top 10 current NHL Coaches: (Base on experience and term) Mike Babcock (Detroit Red Wings) Lindy Ruff (Buffalo Sabres) Brent Sutter (New Jersey Devils) Ron Wilson (Toronto Maple Leafs) Joel Quenneville (Chicago Blackhawks) Andy Murray (St. Louis Blues) John Tortorella (New York Rangers) Pat Quinn (Edmonton Oilers) Terry Murray (Los Angeles Kings) Dave Tippet (Dallas Stars) Jacques Martin (Montreal Canadiens) Claude Julien (Boston Bruins) Alain Vigneault (Vancouver Canucks) Ken Hitchcock (Columbus Blue Jackets) Paul Maurice (Carolina Hurricanes) Barry Trotz (Nashville Predators) John Stevens (Philadelphia Flyers) Bruce Boudreau (Washinton Capitals) Randy Carlyle (Anaheim Ducks) Dan Bylsma (Pittsburgh Penguins) Todd McLellan (San Jose Sharks) Peter DeBoer (Florida Panthers) Cory Clouston (Ottawa Senators) Rick Tocchet (Tampa Bay Lighting) Wayne Gretzky (Phoenix Coyotes) John Anderson (Atlanta Thrashers) Scott Gordon (New York Islanders) (This is a quick list, feel free to criticize and give your opinion)
  12. If this is the case i am never watching hockey, ever again!
  13. Just a Quick Question: Is the memorial cup between the two best teams from The QMJHL and The OHL? Can someone explain to me the process please?
  14. Please no more imports!! We need North American players AKA Cammelleri, Lecavalier, Bouwmeester. These players know what the stanley cup is. No disrespect to euro's but NA players want it more! End of stroy. No Gaboriks etc..
  15. WHAT PRICE IS IN NETS!!?? FK U GAINEY, FK U PRICE, GAINEY SHOULD BE HIT BY A BUS!! FK THIS PANSY TEAM! GO HAWKS GO ps. cataclaw we will go 0-4 with ur game threads, but i hope im wrong pss. go habs go (but its a secret)
  16. Positives: - Kept up with the B's - Out hit them - Quality scoring chances - Penalty Kill Negatives: - Giving up the puck - Not first on the puck - Plekanec - Brisebois - Stupid Penalties - Power Play - Scared to get hit Time to regroup and show the same energy in game 2 boys!
  17. GO HABS GO Here is a good video to rise the intensity level http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mknrYTxm3aQ
  18. I was just saying no offence to you rafikz it because maybe im so used to spideys threads im sorry i offended you. But since when are we judged by our posts?? I have been on this site since 05 and just because i don't post much doesn't give me less credibility...
  19. Im sorry i don't like how this game thread was done. I would rather have Spider-Man NL or Cataclaw do the game threads. Random people dont work especially if you just put random pictures and start the thread a week beofre the playoffs. You should get permission to do game threads...end of story. Btw Cataclaw did you do it on purpose to write Boston Ruins?
  20. Heard on MIX96 (or Virgin Radio) Sports this morning at 7:30am that there are up to 10 bidders including Serge Savard and the owners of the Montreal Impact The Saputos.
  21. Welcome Back SPIDEY!! The master is back at work nice thread! :hlogo: GO HABS GO :hlogo:
  22. Yea French canadians seem to have problems with Saku, no matter what he does he's not good enough. But any French Canadian who puts on the CH is never bothered. Anyways im not going to get into a political debate so you Koivu haters can shove it!
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