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  1. Desharnais is playing inspired hockey. He's basically made up for his abysmal start, IMHO.
  2. Sens fan thinks the universe is somehow against them. No, it's actually worse Sens fan. The universe doesn't even know you exist.
  3. It just get's old quickly. Constantly quoting someone. I'd prefer to read what you're thinking. Carry on. Any Hab fan is a friend of mine, even the negative ones.
  4. illWill? Give it up, makes you look bad.
  5. Watch Collberg blossom in the Islanders system.
  6. Sens are the Leafs bitch, funny how that works. They just can't help us. Ya, I realize that's not their job.
  7. Entertaining period, and that buffoon Cherry talks about some Leaf minor league player. RDS here I go.
  8. We finally traded for some offense, and didn't give up much. Now our coach says Vanek "Has to make adjustments to his game". As time goes by, I'm starting to believe Therrien isn't qualified to make that assessment. Meanwhile, D are continuously played on their wrong side.
  9. That's fair. But there's a fine line between taking a breath, and waving pom poms with Habs underpants on. I come here for intelligent talk. But I like how hab29 seems ready to throw a tv through a hotel window at any moment.
  10. MT can't even speak French properly, it's embarrassing.
  11. PJ Stock using the L'antichambre telestrator...that's right, the guy who used to put bubble gum in his gloves to chew on the bench because he never played.
  12. This stings more than usual. Van Riemsdyk didn't like that jersey/logo tug last game. Shoves it down our throat shorthanded breakaway. Totally getting over on us. Nice.
  13. It's early days, but so far I'm wrong about Jonathan Bernier. When Leafs traded for him, I was thinking he'd go about 35-2 career versus Habs, with a goals against somewhere below 1. With him being from here, and all that jazz. I though he stunk last night.
  14. I firmly believe that if things get out of hand, with contract negotiations, Geoff Molson will step in. Do we want a meddling owner? No, but in this case, PK is more important than Therrien, and Bergevin ever will be.
  15. I'm happy with this. Because of our crazy taxes, we've got to over pay a little, and we all know that. I don't think Gionta can be resigned though. I'd be thrilled if PK get's signed by Christmas. A little gift for us all.
  16. I agree. Let CBC and TSN put Bernier and Reimer on the team. I really don't care.
  17. You're bang on bar. I saw the comments, they made me cringe. Oilers came from behind, and won on the road. Get out of town and keep your mouth shut. Act like you've been there before.
  18. It's October and people are talking lottery pick? I thought this site was above that garbage.
  19. I say Neech begins an undefeated streak with his game day threads! And let's not forget Les Kuntar for awful names.
  20. I can't think of an easier player to replace than Briere. Weak, slow perimeter player. Patrick Holland can handle that job with ease.
  21. Michel Bergeron pumping PK's tires on L'antichambre, good stuff.
  22. This feels good. C-Bus missing a few key players though. But then again, so are we.
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