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  1. I don't really follow Jersey, but you might think any goalie drafted by the devils in the past decade and a half would ask for a trade before they finished saying his last name on draft day. I'm sure Halak is bummed, he was playing well and it must be frustrating having to play second fiddle to Price, who is the farthest thing from Marty these days. I don't care who's in net anymore, just win........Just friggin WIN
  2. I'd like to start that winning streak with this game, so we can forget the last 2 important games we should have won.
  3. Should this team slip into 9th or 10th I don't think they'll recover. They are too fragile. They have to prove they can win hockey games at important times. It's important right now.
  4. They really have no choice. If they lose this one considering the importance of the game it's over. There will be no hope for this year.
  5. Please insert into Carey's behind! Give it a little rub before Carey takes it guys. We need these two points really bad! Wow! The horse shoe is already working Bos 3 Rags 3
  6. That's good to hear, not that he's not feeling well, but you know what I mean. The universe is giving Price his chance. Do something! I can't help but daydream that Price has the ability to slam the door like he did in juniors. Man o man if he could finally reach that status at the NHL level a cup in the 100th celebrations may be attainable even with this sorry bunch. Please Price show us you are the real deal. Rangers winning 3-1 in the third. Must win or we get leap frogged. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!
  7. Not to start a rumor, but I just think it's weird that Halak who was winning is getting the shaft. I wonder if Gainey is putting his foot down behind the scenes. The Koivu line will rock tonight. Pleks line will follow. 4-1 Habs Tanguay Koivu Pleks Patch
  8. WAY TO MUCH LINE JUGGLING!!!!!!!! To find an identity you need to find something that works so you can stick to it and that becomes your identity. These guys are playing with someone new every night, hard to find a rhythm doing that let alone an identity. Injuries, slumps, Kovalev searching for himself, Komi getting his butt kicked by Lucic, Laraque policing with no passion, Dandy not sure what position he plays, Plex playing like a little girl, Carey Price playing like crap, fans ballot stuffing...... and the high expectations in our 100th birthday is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what caused the big downward spiral. There is no unity on the team either. That's what happens when you leave half the team unsigned. Nobody feels safe. Maybe Gainey planned it that way, that if the team wasn't the one to make a cup run by this year it would be easy to blow up. Kudos to him on that one, but I don't think he realized how much it would play into the teams heads. I think that plan blew up in Gainey's face. It makes total sense but Now what? With all that said, and all the complaining we've been doing watch us put it together last minute and win the Cup. Only the Habs would be capable of something like that.
  9. Koivu will be resigned. I don't know why everyone wants him out here. If anything, Gainey constantly wants a face-off guy on the team at all cost and Koivu still brings more then just that, so it's easy to figure that he will be given an offer to stick around. I think it's a waste of time to speak hypothetically and throw the guy a bone in your off season moves. The only reason he won't wear a Habs jersey next year will be if he walks. If he walks it won't be to The Wild either like everyone here thinks, It will be Buffalo. He is not going anywhere. Hey Koivu, If you read these forums, don't listen to these fools.
  10. Tonight is a very important night. Buffalo and Carolina can jump up into a tie with us and Florida can actually leap frog us. Let's cheer them on to a loss for all!!!!!!!! GO HABS GO!!!!!!
  11. I hope that line works sooooooooo bad. Kosto and Tangs should rejuvenate our worn out little Captain. Since we are talking about body mass, Andrei is pretty friggin big too. He looks a lot bigger then Komi when they stand next to each other even though Komi has 4 inches and 40 pounds on him. I bet Boullion is thick, but I always thought they called him the Cube because of the Knorr Beef Boullion Cubes. Well I'm sure it's a bit of both.
  12. You know what's funny, I've heard Carbo using words in interviews that I've read throughout the day on boards. Can't remember any off the top of my head but it happens often, stuff he doesn't usually say too. I saw the Atlanta game a row back from the home team corner. I have to say Saku looked good in real life. He is a little bull. Compared to even Komi and O.B, Saku's legs and calves are huge!!!!! I couldn't believe it. Amazing in the face off circle, my eyes couldn't even see what he was doing to win all the time. So much finesse once the puck bounces up. Anyways, I hear you Kozed on how you think he looks worn, but the whole team is dry and lifeless. I think he's got juice left in the tank and he'll come out of it once we get rolling. If we get rolling. He doesn't have a very heavy shot that's for sure, but he looked really good up close. Kovalchuk? Wow.......if we could get him somehow? He dances when he skates with the puck at top speed. It's actually kind of freaky. Kovalev has giant leaps on everyone too. But even in warm-ups all he did was hit posts. I like these new lines. I just wish we had that bonafide C that everyone could follow production wise. Our boys just aren't naturals at putting the puck in the net.
  13. Wow, posted an hour before me. Maybe I refresh the thread next time before making my post?
  14. Are you Carbo? According to RDS this is what Carbo has going on today and I must say I like it. Tanguay-Koivu-A.Kostitsyn Pacioretty-Plekanec-Kovalev Higgins-Lapierre-Kostopoulos Stewart-Metro-D'Agostini PER RDS
  15. Let's hook up for a beer. I'm online with my phone so I'll check back k
  16. Like I've said a million times before. Gainey, Muller, and Carbo........ all captains of the Montreal Canadiens. You would think they know how to identify a leader. Big #4 in the stands has never questioned it, hell, even Guy Lafleur hasn't painted this as one of the problems in his rants. Even if he did, it would fly over everyones heads because his word doesn't mean much unless your cooking fries or talking about old times. It's funny how when we are winning Saku is the man and when we're losing he needs to be stripped of the C. OH BROTHER!!!!!!! All coming from a guy who needs to simply go down the street and make a collect call and everything would be fine. Maybe you should hold yourself accountable. ........... quit whining about nothing....... and just MAKE THE CALL.
  17. Lang was doing well no doubt. But any team, I don't care who it is, if Lang is your top scorer or go to guy you have a problem. My point is he was supposed to help not save. Now he's gone and Pleks and Koivu have to show up. Koivu will in the play-offs and if Pleks follows ....awesome. We still need someone to surprise and if that happens we could make a drive out of this 100th birthday. It will be a defensive drive but guys like AK, Latendresse, Komi, and Laps are going to have to take things into there own hands. I hope they do because they are all talented enough. And then it will be as simple as goaltending. I know I've been up and down with Halak and Price. Whatever your favourite is I don't care, but one of them has to stand on their head and shut that ######in door. Frustrate the nuts of the other team so we can win 3-2,2-1, 1-0. That my friends is the only way we are going to win the cup with this team. Now with Carbo, Muller and Jarvis behind the bench if the players listen THEY WILL. They're just not listening right now. They don't get it. But it's hard to teach effort and pride.
  18. I'll be there boys. So friggin excited! This will be the first time in two years I get to see the Habs. What stinks is Price will be on the bench, I'd really like to see live what he is all about. I'll personally welcome Tangs back for YA'LL though. He's playing right?
  19. There was that Washington game where he policed Sauer or something like that too, where I was pretty proud. I think a lot of you just want to see him have a little bit more of a mean streak which wasn't there. It is almost like he was making fun of his role on the team because nobody wanted to fight him, and unfortunately seemed like he wasn't into playing hockey at all. I wish Carbo could give him a role he could flourish at. In the corners and behind the net he was hard to get off the puck, Why not give him a few minutes a night with Kovy and AK in front of the net, or put him in front of the net for a powerplay here and there. Instead Carbo let him rot on the bench, and put stone hands Kosto on the PP which I will never understand. The time I got really pissed at BGL though was when he fell asleep on the bench and missed his shift. The other team scored because it made us shorthanded for a second. I guess Carbo never forgave him for that and I don't blame him. Laraque is depressed like Kovalev, most of the team actually. I wouldn't go canning him just yet we'll need him in the play-offs if we make it. I hope Carbo can figure out how to use him and get the best out of him. He's still useful if he's happy.
  20. Hit link if you feel you need encouragement! STAY POSITIVE MY FRIEND!!!!!
  21. Maybe Hamilton would do the trick, maybe not. I think he needs to stay put behind Halak and his time will come again. He doesn't need to be praised in a lesser league. He knows he can dominate there. When Gainey stepped over Carbo and brought Price in for good Carbo said his one concern was that Carey never went through a bad period. His path to the NHL was filled with success and it was only normal for there to be a pitfall. Here it is! Carey needs to find a way to dominate the NHL. He can only do that in the NHL. People just need to ease off and take "The Jesus Price our saviour" off his back. Let these kids develop. It might take a while and I'm willing to wait. Maybe Gainey should have grabbed Kolzig, Maybe Halak will be our Jesus the saviour for now. Maybe we should trade Carey while there is still somewhat of a "franchise goalie " attached to his name. There is no right or wrong here. Make him comfortable, and let him grow. May be hard to do in Montreal.
  22. O.k Ever since I was a little kid, every time I would venture to Buffalo we lost. It didn't matter if we were in first or last. A powerhouse or missing the play-offs. So that's all last night was, another one of those nights. Let's get back to it. Bring on Atlanta!!!!!!
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