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  1. "Thanks for the good times, I'll haunt you buggers from behind the bench of the Toronto Maple Leafs in a couple of years......ahahahahahahaha hoooooooooooooo hahahahahahaha hooooooooohaaaaaaaaaa.........What's that?......................See ya!!!!!!!!!!!"
  2. I don't know, he just has too many weak spots. Like if it doesn't hit him, once he makes his move, Done. Nhl shooters have figured him out. I have. Hopefully he'll get better in time but I don't see it. Gainey should trade him this summer. He's big, He spreads out real, real good....but that's about it.
  3. If the leaders are leading then there is only Koivu left........the winner maybe?
  4. What a stupid game. The hockey gods have our back a little tonight
  5. Laps is one guy who has not had a shit year ......at all
  6. When do we play the retro game with those cool blue jerseys? Or stress? and getting their game on? I'm starting mine tonight too. our pk rules
  7. We really started playing great last year after the comeback. That was magical. If we win tonight which seems like it will go to the wire, will pay equal dividends I think. Good game so far. There are play-off beards already going I've noticed.
  8. GUys are looking better. Not great but a fire is starting to burn. We need this win,it would be huge for the rest of the year.
  9. CLAAAAAAAAAANG!!!!!! to us Higgins will get the winner
  10. Well, maybe he and the other punk will both make the NHL and BGL can have a heavy weight To play with while protecting yemelin. Oh ya sorry I forgot BGL will do shite while blogging From the bench or IR.
  11. Our record at home is the same as Boston's , and.....??????????? Regardless of our record he needs to do more. He didn't get benched/sent home for nothing. I'm not sure what your point is, except that you wanted to let us know you are a fanboy. In that case, ummmmmmmmm, right on!
  12. Doesn't mean he's going to be good right off the bat where we can count on him to be a difference maker. He's going to need time. Like I said, I've never seen him play so what do I know.
  13. Weber couldn't make this years team, upgrade? J-bo for 7mil? He doesn't want Montreal hoopla so forget about him please, He's not coming. Emelin? I've never seen him play and from all the glorified reviews we get here about other prospects that just don't pan out I'm going to assume he might, Might! be above average, but I doubt it. It's so easy to just spit out names and pretend your solving something. Pittsburgh seems loaded on paper, they are struggling just like us for some reason. So if we get rid of Kovy and Koivu and get Crosby and Malkin, lights out we win the cup? Doubt it. I'm sitting back and hoping this team catches fire at the right time just like Pleks did, because as far as I'm concerned everyone blows this season, except maybe San Jose and they might get knocked out in the first round. It's anyone on any night these days, I'm not giving up hope. Let's talk about gutting the roster when the season ends.
  14. I'm surprised Carbo hasn't spoke yet. He must have really took it hard.
  15. Camalari goes into a slump and has a 47 point season, Meester folds under Montreal pressure and media at 7 million a season,Gaborik plays 30 games and Neil gets punched out by Lucic, While Kovy has a great season in Calgary, Koivu is 5th in the west with the Wild, Komi is a force in Toronto, and we here at HW sing the same song we've been singing for years. OLE OLE OLE Ole ole oleole oh boy
  16. Yes we look bad, and yes I, like most of you feel sick to my stomach. BUT, we have a better record the past ten games then everyone in the top eight except New Jersey and Pittsbuegh. Not giving us any excuses but man everyone is having a rough ride lately. Just hang on guys it might not be as bad as we think. There are problems but Gainey will fix it. In BoB we trust?
  17. Is Kosto on New Jersey tonight.....he keeps giving them the puck
  18. These two guys will get a couple tonight.......... 3-2 HABS Higgins Kostitsyn Schnide
  19. Wow!!!! 10 bucks for one channel. I hate cable I burn so much money on it and don't even really watch TV except Habs games. The other thing that's burning me now is high speed internet. I pay for it at home and I just got an iPhone so I have to pay a mandatory 30 bucks to have an internet provider run that properly. Friggin monopoly. That's why I don't care when people figure out ways to get stuff for free online or free cable boxes. They burn the rest of us enough already. Personally, I wish that I could just order a game and watch it on a game by game basis. No black-out. You know? Like $1.99 a game, just like a movie. But NOOOOOOO!!!!! $150.00 and in your state you still get fried. You get VERSUS though don't you?
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