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  1. Every player should take in a game in Montreal, feel the passion of the fans, a successful player in Montreal receives God-like admiration, thats something that should count when considering signing with a team.
  2. Looking at the available d-me,, I think it is highly unlikely we get a top 4 guy better than our existing options via free agency. The best we can hope for is a reliable 3rd pairing guy who can occasionally step up into top 4. Thats not what we all want to hear, but I think its the reality. Again, we could go the trade route for that, but it will cost us.
  3. Agreed, it sure would be nice to have a centre who could reliably win faceoffs, it makes a huge impact when you start with the puck, especially in your own end.
  4. Call him what you want, the guy knows how to put the puck in the net, and is a much better player than Pouliot.
  5. More new/old blood for the habs, I think he also may have played when Therrien was here?
  6. I like this signing, its about the best contract you can hope for for an experienced, capable 3rd-4th liner. Can't wait to see whats next.
  7. We can now officially add Moen, I like him on the third line with Leblanc and Eller at the moment.
  8. Thought it would be interesting, with free agency beginning Sunday (I will be out on motorcycle all day weather permitting, so cell phone updates will have to do for the free agent frenzy day) to take a look at who we actually have in the lineup, and how that will change with free agency/trades during the summer. So, here goes for the forwards: Patches-Desharnes-Cole Gionta-Plekanics-Bourque Leblanc-Eller-Palushaj White-Gomez/Nokalinen-Geoffrion Not overly intimidating yet, and a lot of work to be done. I could see us potentially trading one or more of the top 6, and adding a couple of bodies to the bottom 6 via free agency. We all hope Gomez isn't there by the start of the season, and ou could potentially put Galy there as well, but we will have to wait and see for that. Feel free to suggest and speculate upcoming moves.
  9. Just read a blurb in Spectors Hockey indicating that Latendresse would be "very receptive" to signing in Montreal, I guess we'll see sometime after Sunday.
  10. 6-7 years is decent. I'd almost prefer the longer term type deal, they will certainly be no more after the new CBA. Not a fan for vets, but young players like Subban and Price, long term/lower cap hit seems the way to go. Rumor is that Subban is about to sign as well.
  11. Its not a shocker, simply a depth guy who is decent in faceoffs, despite his one-way contract, if need be, they won't hesitate to demote him.
  12. The way I see it, there are a few ways this could go down. One, and I think the most likely one, is a trade for a top 6 foreward. I'm not going to speculate who it will be, but I think thats where Bergevin will go. We may have to lose an important asset, as far as I'm concerned, there are 4 guys who are absolutely untouchable, Subban, Price, Patches, and Gally. Does Bergevin feel the same? Who knows, but he knows this team has to improve on paper before it can improve on the ice. The second option is the free agency route, and I see only a few guys out there who would be top 6 forewards, that being Doan and Parise. I have a feeling that one or both will resign with their current teams, leaving just one. Unless the habs are willing to fork out roughly 8 to 10 million per season (which I hope they do not), I can't see this happening. The last option is to pick up a couple of solid 2nd teir forewards via free agency, a free agent defenseman or 2, and go into the season hoping our better players all stay healthy.
  13. I know this isn't supposed to be about Therrien, and I obviously don't know his plans for this year, or how he's going to do, but I would like to point out a few obvious things which come to mind when we call him a defensive coach. First, when he last coached in Montreal, we had a horrendous team, I'm sure everyone would agree that the team he is taking over is a much better team, talent wise. He had no choice to install a tight defensive system, there were not a lot of scoring threats on the team at the time, so they had to play defense and hope that Jose would save the day, most games (and he did, quite often). Second, when he took over the Penguins, they were a young team which was capable of scoring, but were absolutely terrible at the defensive side of the game. Therrien again tried to install a tight defensive system, and the team improved quickly. Finally, a look at the playoffs this year, and the teams which were most successful, clearly illustrates the fact that teams need to play tight defense to win championships. So again, lets give the guy a chance before we all start crapping on him, Bergevin seems like he has made good choices for the most part so far, perhaps he's made a good coaching choice too?
  14. I think Allen would be great, but I really hope we resign Moen, as well. As for 2nd line right wing, I can't think of anyone off hand either, I think that might have to be filled via trade.
  15. Just a few words on a few things being talked about here. (1) I believe that a hockey player should have to play with the team that drafts him. I look at Eric Lindros as an example, great hockey player, massive talent, but terrible attitude (and some bad advice from his family, no doubt). But thats a whole new topic, so lets leave it at that.It is a privilege to be able to earn a living as a pro hockey player, the NHL needs to close this loophole as soon as possible. One look at the baseball draft and it should be apparent why this needs to be fixed, you cannot have players choosing which team to play with on the entry level, that would be terrible for league parity. If Danny Kristo chooses this same path, perhaps he won't have so many people coming to his defense here. (2) I think Rome was unfairly suspended, he hit a player who had his head down, from what I seen, there have been several similar hits which go unpunished. Even if you accept that he should have been suspended, one game would have been enough. I think he would be an excellent pickup on this team, as we'd have 3 defensemen capable of knocking unsuspecting forwards on their asses, and he seems to be a capable d-man.
  16. After reading the above article, sounds like he would be a good signing, however, I would question his character, is he going to be a prima donna who wants everything just his way? Is he going to whine and complain when he gets benched following a bad play? I'm sure he won't be getting an offer from Bergevin unless he gets a sit down with the kid first, as Bergevin has repeatedly stated the value he places on a players character.
  17. I would not buy him out unless there is another amnesty claus, it just doesn't make sense to do so. If there is no amnesty period, then a trip to the minors (if the cap rule for such moves doesn't change in the new CBA) is the only logical move. As it stands, a buyout would still have a rather large cap hit on the books for 2 more seasons, then 2 more at a lesser rate, and still cost the habs a ton of money.
  18. Actually, if you read my suggestion, its giving him a choice, which is not at all treating him like crap. The man knows he has been terrible the last two seasons, and that his time here is done.
  19. Anybody else thinking that Tambilini is a joke? I mean, his team finishes last to second last every year for 3 years running now, He makes no deals to improve or add the pieces that he needs. How long can ownership there stand by him? He just stands there grinning like an idiot, I'm sure Edmonton fans would like something other than the first overall pick at the draft to cheer about?
  20. I think Tambellini is a baffoon.
  21. Don't know much about this guy, but media making a big deal over him. Is he worth signing, ie, is he ready to log minutes as an NHL defenseman? Previous free agents, suck as "the Monster", and Fabian Brunstrom (I think thats his name) were massively over hyped, and didn't really pan out.
  22. I know it doesn't mean anything yet, but sure is nice to hear the rave reviews from the draft already. Seems like we have a chance of repeating the 07 draft year, at least.
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