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  1. Just saw Dark Knight.. Finally. And my review "stands" as is, it was quite possibly the best thing my eyes have seen since the Departed. :hlogo:
  2. Im going to guess that O'Byrne will get about 900K a year, what does that leave us under the cap for you know who? :hlogo:
  3. How many games into the season did it take before the Kostitsyn-Plex-Kovalev line really got going? 20-25? Lets hope they got the same chemistry right off the bat and come flying outta the gates. It could be good for the other twos point totals as well. :hlogo:
  4. Something I just realized about Plekanec. Over his first 3 years his have been raising is almost steady increments. Example: Year 1: G 9, A 20, Pts. 29 +4 Year 2: G 20, A 27, Pts. 47 +10 (Goals go up around 10, Assists go up around 20, +/- goes up around 5) Year 3: G 29, A 40, Pts. 69 +15 (Repeats the same pattern) So with that reasoning Im figuring that... Year 4: G 38, A 49, Pts. 87 +21 (Can we only hope it will be this way again??) Anyways, just me playing around and hoping. :hlogo:
  5. The only time Kovy played bad was when he was stuck to Sucksonov for a year. :hlogo:
  6. I believe im entitled to a Colbertesque DING DING DIGN!!!! I CALLED IT!!!! moment. And there it was. :hlogo:
  7. The whole Sundin thing has me pissed off. So if Bob cant pull a Jagr or Selanne outta his butt then Id be happy if we traded for Schneider and signed Laroque then if we have money left over we could get a guy like to centre the third line, my preferance is Morrison. :hlogo:
  8. Free Agents Re-signed Andrei Kostitsyn: 9.75 million over 3 years (cap hit of 3.25 million) Jaroslav Halak: 1.55 million over 2 years (cap hit of .775 million) Maxim Lapierre: 1.375 million over 2 years (cap hit of .6875 million) Ryan O'Byrne: 2.825 million over 3 years (cap hit of .942 million) Cedrick Desjardins: Unknown two-way contract Greg Pateryn (acquired in Toronto trade): Unknown two-way contract Free Agents Signed Georges Laraque: 4.5 million over 3 years (cap hit of 1.5 million) Marc Denis: Unknown two-way contract Alex Henry: Unknown two-way contract Ryan Flinn: Unknown two-way contract
  9. Maybe Mats just wants to give MLSE the final FU by signing with the Habs AFTER noon tomorrow, that way the Leafs will get absolutely nothing for him. :hlogo:
  10. Dreger just said on SC that if Mats doesnt commit by July 1st its on to Hossa for Bob. :hlogo:
  11. Just looking at him rubs me the wrong way. :hlogo:
  12. As opposed to prime players like Crosby and Malkin? :hlogo:
  13. If he doesn't sign then you just shrug and look on to Hossa. :hlogo:
  14. Ludzik on the Spin last night said again that Mats was Montreal bound. :hlogo:
  15. Gainey: I promise I'll never hurt you. I only need you for a little while anyway and then when reach that special moment together that you've been waiting so long for we can talk about doing it again. :hlogo:
  16. Gainey: Aww, but I'll make you the happiest girl in town if you'd just come over! :hlogo:
  17. www.habsinsideout.com has a hilarious song by the guy who I think wrote the Souray song a couple of years ago. :hlogo:
  18. Hopefully we can "give" them Dandenault too. :hlogo:
  19. I was just posting what I read. I couldnt remember the exact details.. who knows, maybe Bobs got something completly different up his sleeve and is just using the Sundin thing to keep us on our toes. :hlogo:
  20. From what I gathered from a TSN article that I read on my phone during church this morning is that the Sharks have given Ottawa, the Rags and the Habs the right to speak with Campbells agent just to make inquiries but not offers. If Bob were to add Sundin and Campbell now you can count on a trade or two happening as well, (Bouillon, Dandy, Begin??) :hlogo:
  21. Perhaps this is all just compensation for us shipping Gilmour back to them for a game a few years ago. :hlogo:
  22. I just had a very chilling thought along these lines. What did Bob promise to give Cliff if Mats does sign with us. I think its something fairly good for Cliff to send him over to enemy numero uno. :hlogo:
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