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  1. I have one problem that keeps niggling at the back of my mind, can this team pay Carey 10-10.5 mill per year and get the players it needs? Believe me I am a price fan boy ( for those of you who remember that term). He is the most technically sound goalie I have ever seen. But do we need the greatest goalie in history, or do we need goal scoring? Is it possible to have both in a flat salary cap world. Should we be looking at more balanced attack? Better scoring and defence with less spectacular goal keeping. Detroit did that for years. Now if Carey were to sign for 8 mill for 8 years, I couldn't turn that down. More than that would cause me to think.
  2. So who is going to blow the core up? The Gm who put it together? Isn't that the definition of insanity? When the core needs to go, 1st guy fired is the GM. No? This guy has had 5 years to and accomplished basically nothing. You would like him to start over? I don't get it.
  3. he seems to have had a real breakout year, the other 3 he was nothing special. Where was he before the Q? Is this a one off year or is he for real?
  4. I don't really understand the title to this thread. It indicates that the team players are at fault. Hmmmm are they trading drafting etc for each other? If it is the team do we fire 22 guys? I think if the team has a lack of talent that would be the GM's fault or the coach's fault for mishandling them. The current GM has been here for 5 years, the previous coach (le genius) was here for almost 5 years. How long do you give them before you realise they don't have the answers? This is a results based business, we have seen poor results. Now let's be honest Mark down ain't going anywhere, still has a long and I mean long contract, so he is ok for at least another 2 to 3 years. We are dealing with a Molson here not a Pegula.
  5. I don't know where this belongs, and you are welcome to move it but I have a question: HOW MANY DEFENCEMEN DO WE NEED? Jakub Jerabek Shea Weber Andrei Markov Jeff Petry Alexei Emelin Jordie Benn Nathan Beaulieu Brandon Davidson Nikita Nesterov Zach Redmond Mikhail Sergachev Brett Lernout Noah Juulsen Could we trade some of these guys for some offence? I know that there are no #1 centers available, cause mark down Mark said so. But are there maybe some left and right wingers who can score available? If the top 3 lines were loaded with guys who could score, how important is the scoring center? We need offence and I for one do not care where it comes from. Left Right Center who cares? Let's get rid of the plumbers and get some scoring. Just my opinion.
  6. Don't worry we can find more. At least he is not in the foxhole with Barber Bill.
  7. How did that work out? Oh yeah it is golf season. Anybody think Tiger will ever come back?
  8. The forward will be written by Rejean Houle and Mario Tremblay. Can't miss bestseller with those experts. The last guys who got rid of an all world goalie. hmmm.
  9. Until he got injured he was doing really good. Is that cherry picking? After he got back he had trouble and after Barber Bill came it got worse. But he wasn't playing centre then.
  10. I think we should go to new Jersey and get Kovalchuck. I don't know who we give up but can you imagine kovy/chucky/rads. The russian rockets. I love it.
  11. Actually I think Benn and Ott are keepers, it is the other boneheads he picked up that I don't understand.
  12. Well at his interview this morning, he said he wanted to come back to Montreal, (loves it) and believes they are able to get the pieces to build a cup winner. Was not ambivalent at all.
  13. I remember the last time we traded an all star hall of fame goaltender, that went well. For the avalanche.
  14. I agree, I have said this before but I don't care about his defenive capabilities due to the fact that when he is playing game, and is in the right spot (1st line) he has the puck all the time. That is the best defense, if they don't have the puck, how they gonna score? Let the kid play his game.
  15. well guys, that is it for this year. Molson will not fire Mark down Markie cause he is still under contract for another 5 years.
  16. We are the best 3rd period team in the NHL, let's get 2 this period, 3? even better.
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