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  1. So how can we trade Him if his market value is low right now. MB isn't going to get what he wants in a trade right now. His best hope is that he turns it around starts to play good. This way his market value goes up.
  2. So wouldn't you then say its the scouts fault ? We should of picked someone else or traded the pick for a NHL ready top center.
  3. This organization has miss handled galchenyuk, so I was wondering who gets the blame? Is it the fact that we over valued him at 3 and should of traded the pick for a center? If the guy can't play center why did we draft him to play center?Or does the blame fall on the development department in this organization?
  4. Man I thought I would use reverse psychology and be hard on this team thinking they would in then play good........ But man oh man are we in trouble. This 90's style D can't hold up against the speed of today's game. Who's the top pick in this years draft?????
  5. ? I am going to try reverse psychology this year.... Think nothing but bad thoughts so go happens.
  6. Hey we won guess what the max goals that we scored was.... 3 guess I am a gypsy
  7. Has nothing to do about losing to the leafs. In today's NHL its all about speed. From what I see from our Dcore just scares me, they look slow and I just feel guys are just going to blow right by them. Also like I said in the post I hope I am wrong with what I am saying but I just see this team giving up a lot of breakaways.
  8. Our D core looks slow and I got a feeling that they are going to give up a lot of breakaways. If price isn't at his best every night its going to get ugly. If this team gets behind by 4 goals I just don't see them coming back into games. I don't see this team scoring more then 3 goals in a game, and I don't see any blowout wins by the habs this year. Man I hope I am wrong, but wow I just have this feeling that its going to go bad.
  9. Man I have a bad feeling we are going to give up a lot of breakaways this year with our slow dcore.
  10. For a sports fan August is the worst month of the year. Which is why sometimes you will see t-s-n show sports movies around that time. All you have is baseball going on.
  11. In order to pull off a trade for a top line star you need to give up a top prospect, and top young roster player and picks. As I see it we only have picks to give up and a roster player (Gallagher and/or galchenyuk). We don't have any prospects that teams would line up to try and get. I don't see MD as a up grade over galchenyuk to be honest. The difference is MD has more games played.
  12. The thing about this team is we have no depth when it comes to star players or younger guys. If we lose Price, Weber, drouin, pacioretty or Gallagher for a long period of time we are done for. Or if anyone of these guys go cold for a long stretch of time we are done for. The difference between cup teams and us is the depth in which roll players and younger players step up when star players go down or go cold. We have never had that here and that's why every year we have those stretches were we lose and can't score or do anything right. It always comes when our star players go cold or when we lose a star player. Our roll guys and/or our younger guys aren't good enough to play bigger rolls.
  13. I would call up the leafs and try and get brown from them. I think he could be a good pick up for us. He could be the odd man out there with all the talent they have. He played on there 3 Rd line and had a good rookie year. Those numbers should go up if put on the top line.
  14. I NEED HABS NEWS, I will take anything. Can't stand this quietness
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