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  1. The last game against Ottawa, I believe.
  2. Gally (flu-like symptons) and Shaw (personal reasons) are day-to-day as well.
  3. Ok thanks. I wondered if that was what he meant, but then saw that Petry's salary goes down another $1M for the final 2 years of his contract, and... well it doesn't take much to confuse me.
  4. I never liked Carcillo as a player, but for him to be so open and honest has really changed my opinion of him. Mad respect for showing how awful hockey cultures can be.
  5. Ok, so Patrik Laine actually singlehandedly outscored the entire Canadiens team with 11 goals last week. What a beast.
  6. Oh absolutely, but I caught at least 3 really well timed and effective hits in the 3rd alone. But this is something I've seen time often this year. Hudon gets back into the line-up and has a positive effect on the team. I then wonder how it was possible that he was a healthy scratch for about 3 or 4 games....and then I resume cringeing at his defensive blunders until he's a scratch again. Rinse and repeat.
  7. Seems unfair that Boston's first line gets to have 4 skaters. Hoping to sit Reilly draw back in and Schlemko sit. It'd be nice to see Kulak have another decent game.
  8. Tbh, I hope Patch gets a goal and a good reception; he did so much for this team, and it'd be nice to see some recognition for that. That being said, I hope it's 6-1 for the good guys.
  9. Well, I'm glad he got to his 1000th game with us, but it's too bad that his NHL career had to end so abruptly. Nevertheless, he'll remain one of my favourite Habs from this era.
  10. It's no longer included on phone contracts. I had signed up with Rogers in June specifically for the NHL LIVE package, and after months of getting various answers, the NHL rep said it's no longer included. I argued for literally an hour and a half; in that time they tried to tell me that 1) it was never offered, 2) it was initially offered but since I didn't pay for it, they had no obligation to deliver it, and 3) that I had chosen Spotify over it (nope). Finally, they offered me $20 off... which is actually the early bird pricing. I got a wee bit agitated at that point, as you can imagine, and it finally ended up with them agreeing to credit me the cost of a year's subscription if I signed up right then. That all being said, I now see that 52/82 Habs games are blacked out in my region. So like BCHabnut said, check that out before subscribing. I think TSN Go carries the bulk of games, so I might try that out. Anyone use that?
  11. I'm trying Rogers NHL Live this year. Last night was the first chance I had to give it a whirl, and it was pretty good. There were a few odd glitches (i.e., didn't work on Chrome, and the XB1 log-in was buggy). 2 games didn't have streams, but I was able to watch all of the other games no problem.
  12. Well, obviously he'd be acquired to play center.
  13. Why will I watch? Because I believe in karma and feel I deserve this somehow lol
  14. Gotta be pretty awful D and G to fit those forwards under the cap... but would really matter?
  15. I think the only person that might find this exciting is my wife, because she thinks DLR is dreamy.
  16. I hear ya. I'm pretty much decided that I'm not paying for tickets until there's actually NHL caliber hockey being played in Montreal.
  17. Buffalo can trade ROR before midnight and get out of paying him the bonus.
  18. It'll be weird seeing Halak in Boston
  19. Cuz he plays like the bastard child of Crosby and McDavid whenever he plays the Habs? The longest 30 minute bus ride I ever had was after the Heritage Classic last year, with half the bus chanting "Pageau" instead of "Ole" non-stop.
  20. Gotta wonder if he got fired in GM mode...
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