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  1. If we lose today I blame it on Prime Minister Koivu....
  2. What is Tatar thinking? He’s in a all star game with that attempt, that was a must score and a very low percentage decision to score like that. Very disappointing
  3. Just watched the game once again this morning. Three things standout, 1) Danault had a great all around game 14:48 min - 7/12 58%- +3 - 2pts. But most important his aggressive forecheck caused numerous turnovers and two great elite passes that ended up as goals. 2) all 6 Ds had a great solid almost flawless game. Weber was 6th in ice time with 18:21min which is perfect for long term success and Kulak 20:56/Romo20:36 paring lead with most ice minutes, a result of the coach’s confidence in the two. 3) Price had a very good solid game, did not have to make high wheel saves which indicates to me he was always in position, square to the puck and most important very confident. Great all around game effort from the boys! a little taste once again on what we’re capable of and what we where like on the first 10 games of the season.
  4. Price looks good with speed on his Lateral side to side movement
  5. It’s all good boys Price not wearing the red pads. 👍
  6. Let’s keep the love coming.. Tony Granato on Caufield - "I may never coach another player with his gift - his touch."
  7. Another goal by our boy Cauliflower, bar down from a difficult angle what a goal... This kid is hot and full of confidence right now. Can he be our next Cammalleri? Size and true coal scorer!
  8. Price always warms up mid season and finishes strong at end season carry over into playoffs, That’s where we’re at now. I’m also expecting a solid game tonight and moving forward from Price. I’m sure he’s feeling a little guilt on Waite’s firing and will take this to heart.
  9. I’m assuming Dom is stuck for now on how well the D looked for the first 10 games this season. There was buzzing talk around the league on how Montreal was in the running for top 3-5 D core in the league. If we can get the forwards back on track with a fast tempo, aggressive offence, good solid goaltending from both price/Allen the D will follow suite. Just thinking there not ready to give up on current d parings.
  10. Line up for tonight’s game Tatar-Danault-Gallagher Drouin-Suzuki-Armia Toffoli-Kotkaniemi-Anderson Lehkonen-Evans-Perry Chiarot-Weber Edmundson-Petry Kulak-Romanov not to thrill about Armia on that line.
  11. Looks like we will see Toffoli- KK - Anderson .. tonight for the very first time. at some point would like to see this... Toffoli - Suzuki - Anderson Drouin- Kotkaniemi -Gallagher Tatar - Danault - Armia Byron -Evans-Perry
  12. Sounds like we’ll see Anderson tonight! Toffoli - KK - Anderson, by the sounds of things. Anderson will be a big confidence boost to the team.
  13. I don’t look at it as Dom undermining or throwing anyone under the bus. More of Dom relating a serious conversation with his boss. And like I mentioned this could of been between goalie and coach.. berg is taking the so called bullet here.. just a thought... there has to be more here with the timing during the season and the timing during the game..
  14. I was surprised but do like the move. Price has not been a great goalie for past 3 years now ( besides bubble playoff mini run). This is a so called fresh start and perhaps new messages for price (retooling his game again). Sean Burke is one of the best in this business. I’m thinking when Dom took over as head coach he had a heart to heart chat with Carey and perhaps in that conversation both realized the relationship between Carey and Waite was no longer on the same page and a change was due. This was a final decision made between Dom and Berg!
  15. “Joey Daccord starts for the #Sens tonight. 2nd career NHL start”... my god! if we don’t win this game in regulation tonight I’m going to go nuts.
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a group decision with Dom, Price and Waite.
  17. I would of chosen Allen tonight but I do understand going with price. He is the biggest part of this team for success now, moving forward and we need to get him dial in sooner then later. Him sitting on the bench to long will add to his lack of confidence and ramp up this circus with media negatively to another level.. Absolutely a must win tonight. Lol
  18. It’s time to put Toffoli with Suzy and Anderson. Have a elite 1st line who can score at anytime on any game.
  19. One big positive tonight is the team overall is at 57% on the faceoffs and all 4 centres are 50% or higher.
  20. Nothing is worst then the barber pole 💈... I might not have a problem with it happening tonight, it adds a special older classic look perhaps for the milestone.
  21. I agree with the taxi squad needing ice BUT the problem ahead of us short term is we only have 5 games in the next 16 days for the regular roster. Too much time off at risk of slowing momentum...
  22. If any changes to lineup tomorrow I will adjust. Tried to make things pretty with team logos but no cigar.. sorry
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